Black Panthers Call For Killing Police In Texas: ‘The Only Good Pig Is A Pig That’s Dead’ [Video]

Black Panthers Call For Killing Police In Texas: ‘The Only Good Pig Is A Pig That’s Dead’ [Video]

Black Panthers marching in downtown Austin, TX during SXSW chanting slogans supporting killing cops: “A pig is a pig that’s what I said, the only good pig is a pig that’s dead”. “Oink! Oink! Bang! Bang!”


McKinney, Texas, the latest area to be hit with racially motivated civil unrest, is now the scene of increasingly intimidating protests after the reported arrival of New Black Panther Party members. The city’s police department has been under nationwide scrutiny after a video surfaced of one officer handling a teenage suspect at the scene of a public disturbance.

A number of people reported on social media that members of the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam have arrived in McKinney, Texas, to participate in protests against the police.

Twitchy said that protests are heating up in the community after video surfaced showing a white police officer slamming a black teenage girl to the ground at a pool party that turned into what one person claiming to be a witness called “a large, aggressive crowd.”


The officer, Corporal Eric Casebolt, has been placed on administrative leave and is now in hiding with his family due to threats. Nevertheless, Twitchy said, that did not stop protesters from blocking streets and targeting the police department.

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