Black Supporter Goes Off At Trump Rally – BLASTS Obama [Video]


African-American Trump Supporter Hoke Johnson, broken hearted and unable to care for his daughter goes on epic rant outside a Trump Rally in Georgia on Saturday.


News Ninja Reports:

Here is an African-American supporter of Donald Trump speaking up outside a Trump rally in Georgia on Saturday.

He shouted it is time to “Take Back America” from the disastrous policies of Barack Obama.

“Obama has failed us, it is time for someone to make a stand.”

You can hear the genuine pain in this man’s voice as he talks about not being able to find a decent job to support his family – that so many of the jobs have gone to foreigners – illegals.

Photo:  Bing


  1. It’s baffling and sickening to me that we are taking care of the world while our own people are suffering. Get rid of Washington!


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