Black Trump Supporter Slams Maxine Waters At Her DC Office, ‘She Only Cares About Illegal Criminals, Not African Americans’ (Video)

Black Trump Supporter Slams Maxine Waters At Her DC Office, ‘She Only Cares About Illegal Criminals, Not African Americans’ (Video)

Chanell Temple of We the People Rising, a Trump supporter from California, slammed “Gasoline” Rep. Maxine Waters, calling her “corrupt” and “racist,” further saying that she “has done nothing to help the black community, but does everything to help illegal aliens!”

Temple recorded herself standing outside Waters Washington, D.C., office, saying that the California representative refused to see her, and worse yet, she said no one in Waters office was available to speak with her.

“I went inside trying to make connections, trying to get an appointment, and as usual, no connection. No one was available and this is what happens in California. We go to her office, we try to make connections, we call her office. They don’t have time for us, but she has time to represent illegal criminals. This is a 24-7 job for her. Here I am at her Washington office, it’s the same thing here and no-one is available.” 

She added:

This woman is being paid with taxpayers’ money and she’s not representing American citizens. The black community has been destroyed by racist illegal immigration with her help. And it’s got to stop. Not only the black community, it has spilled over to white America, brown America, American citizens period are not being represented by this lady, and here she is laid up in the lap of luxury in Washington, the lap of luxury in California – with her $4.3 million house in Hanc**k Park. No representation for American citizens. No representation for the taxpayers who pay her salary.

“We have had enough,” she further said. “She needs to go. She needs to resign or we need a special election. We need to get her out. She needs to be recalled. We want her out. She’s not representing her constituents. She’s not representing the people. She’s not representing American citizens in the state of California, she’s got to go.”

Chanell goes on to say:

She’s getting paid to wipe out the black community and we are tired of it. We have no representation. The black community has been destroyed by corrupt politicians like Maxine Waters. She’s not representing American citizens, she’s representing illegal criminals. We are paying taxpayer money to be murdered. We are paying taxpayer money to be assassinated. She’s out of her mind if she thinks she’s going to take taxpayers’ money and turn and use it against us.

She has sold out the black community, that’s what she’s done. People are terrorizing blacks, driving around in black tint colored windows terrorizing, shooting up blacks while she gets paid with taxpayers’ money. Again, I made an attempt to try to make an appointment with Maxine Waters and there’s no such thing. She thinks she above and beyond representing her constituents in the state of California while she’s raising money and living in her $4.3 million house in Hanc**k Park.”

Watch her in action:

 Video posted by activist Arthur Christopher Schaper


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