Black Woman Says All White Men Are Terrorists And Calls For A Race War At The Scene Of The Charleston Church Massacre [Video]


This woman is calling for a “n*gga against cracka” race war after the Charleston church shooting. She said all white men are terrorists, and a race war is needed. 


During an interview Breitbart news conducted with people gathered outside the Mother Emmanuel American Methodist Church in Charleston, where Wednesday’s deadly shooting left nine black churchgoers dead, a woman called for a “race war” and discussed black anger.

Breitbart Texas editor Brandon Darby drew a heated reaction by asking, “What do you think the chances are that the guy who did this horrible thing was mentally ill?”

Sista Solove, offscreen, immediately responds, “Hell, no… Are all crackers mentally ill?”

“He (alleged killer Roof) was sent. He was sent. The KKK ain’t nothing but the police with badges now. That’s all they are. They took their hoods off and they’re police. It was an inside job.”

Sista Solove continued, “Everyone says it was a hate crime. No, he was a terrorist. The white man is a terrorist to black people. Period, point blank.”

The conversation is a snapshot of race relations in the Obama era, which has seen racial tension reach a boiling point unseen in America for decades.

Read the full story at Breitbart


  1. Two words: Bring. It.

    I’m guessing it’ll be the shortest war in history, seeing as the bruthas can’t hit the broad side of a barn with their “gotta-be-holdin’-da-gun-sideways-to-look-gangsta” method of shooting.

    • Nancy, I am willing to bet that you couldn’t hit the side of your face with a book (since you probably don’t have one in the house), but prove me wrong. That was a awesomely ignorant (but slightly comical) statement. The ‘side ways ‘ act of holding a gun offers control advantages that you wouldn’t understand because of your limited fox news exposure to the world. Many experts in the military know this option to be effective. Its called ‘building the castle’. READ up on it. Reading always makes you look smarter.

      • You have no idea what you are talking about and should shut up before you make yourself sound even dumber or get someone hurt with your ignorance. “Building the Castle” refers to aligning the iron sights on top of the weapon, not aiming down the side of the pistol. That is called “Flash Sighting” and is OKAY for quick target acquisition but does nothing to provide for adequate accuracy or control. It may be “effective”, but that doesn’t make it proper. Wiping your butt with your hand is effective too. Her comment was in fact multitudes more accurate than your excuse for word drivel. But it is to be expected from the likes of a leftist liberal troll like you. Your Fox bash gave you away.

        • Fine. I’ll accept your answer. This just proves that white guys DO know more about gun play than black guys. 🙂

      • Nobody will win if their is ever a race war. Just huge body counts and acts of barbarism from both sides. I am a white man and proud of it, but that doesn’t make me a racist. I had to many brothers of all colors in the service for me to hold any kind of hatred for anyone over the color of their skin.But I am truly afraid that we are heading down that path as long as the haters on both sides keep fanning the flames. And if it comes I will defend me and mine with a full clip and a heavy heart, but defend them I will.

  2. I am game for the race war, BUT, before we go off on each other, there is some food for thought. The black population makes up about 15% of the total US population. Of that I would suspect maybe 50% would be what she calls n*ggas willing to fight. So just by shear numbers alone who you think would win a race war. I think it is time to put the racial divide to bed and stop listening the the race baiters and ignorant news media (msnbc etc….) and put this country back together. People of ALL faiths, ethnicities, orientations and sexes have fought and died to make this the greatest country in the world. If you don’t like it….LEAVE

    • Well Ron, I don’t know where you got your stats and I don’t care.. they’re quite frankly, stupid. This idea of a race war is a dumb plot made up by the KKK to get real access to killing people indiscriminately and it will never happen, no matter how they join the police forces and try to start them. You’re right about the rest of what you wrote, about stopping racial divide but tell me, how can that happen when even ONE of the few people on a blog like this that talks about diffusing tensions continues on with “If you don’t like it, LEAVE”? You do remember it was a white kid who just killed several innocent black churchgoers right? How can you have such a short memory? Or is it that you really fundamentally don’t give a damn and are just saying things to make yourself feel like a big shot? Real change will come from people not SECRETLY walking around talking shit like this to each other that leads to a messed up bowl cut fool taking a gun to other human beings because he thought it would fly. Where does he get ideas like that? From right here.

    • 1-There is a way to defeat who is bigger ,or larger than another.2-People have a right to feel how they like and still remain in the particular place,,,you ,obviously, do not understand,as evident by your statements.

    • Thank you Ron, for phrasing that so well.
      I agree.
      If you don’t like the circumstances in your life – do something positive to change it.
      If you don’t like this country – Leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

      • My guess Robt C is that you are one of those who do not like Onama and his policies. Guess what? There are dozens of airlines WAITING to sell you a ticket anywhere. What time is YOUR flight?

  3. Her statements make her no better than Dylann Roof. She is just much a terrorist, hate monger and murderer. This is what is wrong with this country. I have raised 2 White men to love all people regardless of race. They are not privileged and certainly are not terrorist. I can tell you, I want us all to come together as children of God but, make no mistake, come at my family. I will protect them.

    • I agree with most of what you said there Wendy, but there is no way this woman is as much of a ‘murderer’ as Roof. Remember, she is a woman who is responding to an absolutely horrific act that came out of the blue. She is mad, mad because she see her people, people like her, cut down in the streets and the parks every week without any real justice. Police, community volunteers, everybody seems to get a clear slate of accountability when black folks are killed. I am not saying in anyway that she was justified to say some of the things she said. But they are pale in comparison to the real event that just took place.

    • Yeah asshole. We ALL hate everyone and spend all of OUR time shooting each other. Nobody else in the world does that do they? Oh right, remind me just WHO were involved in the major wars fought in this world or even the ones fought in the U.S.? You dick.

      • Kojo first off crack kills so put down the pipe, second I’ve been in the military for 12 years, you don’t have a fkn clue. 81% of this country is White your monkey ass makes up less than 12% you want a fukn war it will last less than 48 hrs problem solved, I wasn’t racist 6 months ago now I’m proud to be a racist if it means taking you ignorant uks out.

  4. This is the problem with these negros they can be as racist as they want then claim whit privilegeis to blame yet they have their own colleges NAACP and many other things that are for them yet what are for whites nothing besides guit that we are tought if they would progress instead of regress and stop blaming their stupidity on others maybe they wouldn’t live in ghettos that they made for themselves I mean when will they realize selling drugs on a corner isn’t a job and I’m sure you liberal assclowns will say I’m racist for saying this but wake the fuck up this is America if they was a race war isn’t that being terrorist ifnthey want to say their niggas we’re crackers well its time for the crackers to wake up and crack that whip again

    • I have to ssk you if you REALLY think there is ‘NOTHING’ for you as a white person out there? You really want to go to a ‘black college’ that badly? You feel left out of the few programmes that are put in place to give blacks a chance to compete and survive in a world built for whites? And what? There is no such thing as white drug dealers? Only blacks sell drugs? You are obviously one of their customers then because if anyone is STUPID its you. Go on telling yourself these things as your father and his father did and deny that there is SYSTEMIC racism. Only an assclown like you could say such stupid things after one of YOUR OWN walks into a church and guns down 9 innocent non drug selling, non ghetto living individuals. I guess you must be a gun totting cracker lunatic too just because your skin is the same colour as his. Think for a change.

  5. I was raised to believe that all men and women were created equal. The crap spewing out of that persons mouth (she isn’t a woman nor a lady at all) makes her a piece of trash, no matter the color, just TRASH. I’ve raised my kids the way I was raised but I will NOT stand by while some trash starts a race war against those that I love. I’m a damn good shot and will protect my family against trash like her. That trash needs to be taken to the dump!!!

    • You were off to a good start there Summer but you lost it along the way. As trashy as she appears, she is more or less just venting her anger over a completely understandably angry situation. I don’t condone her words and the labels she used were ignorant, her message doesn’t help right now but I ask everyone responding to this blog to hear the part she said about if it were a black man who went into a white church in Carolina, what would your reaction be? Its the opposite and everyone on hear is freaking out in the most hideously racist ways, attacking blacks as a whole and not just this one individual. The part about your family and being a crack shot, that’s all erroneous. You are not going to have to take up arms against anybody. Find your humanity and just don’t listen to hateful speaking idiots. Most people on here are here because they want to hate. They could have ignored this piece of o called ‘news’ and stayed out of the ‘fight’. Your family deserves better than this.

  6. Stupidity. Plain and simple. There will always be a huge racial divide when people like her are around. Instead of teaching peace, respect and acceptance to their children they continue to teach hatred and chaos.

    • I agree with you Jenna, but she didn’t start this. She didn’t murder a church full of people. She is just angry nd is tired of ” talking nicely” about the amount of her people being killed every week. But you’re right, her speech is not helping.

  7. be careful you idiots cuz will be against you especially cuz you’re listening to that stupid ass Obama do you work for him or something is he paying you to start a race war that’s what he wants so he can take our guns away you idiots I bet you freaking imbeciles would still blame a white man if obamo stole your wallet or purse right in front of your face

    • And you win the internet prize for the most ignorant ass of the year award. Congratulations. Really? Obama wants to START a RACE WAR so he can take away OUR guns? Wow, that’s makes so much sense. Start a war to TAKE AWAY guns. Let me help you there Cletus.. how many crayons do you need to colour your colouring book I just gave you? You can count the pink ones. Try going to school or watching something other then Faux Snooze (Fox News), learn how to type sentence structure, learn how to think for yourself, and please, please STAY AWAY from any discussions involving adults! You are a big part of the problem.

  8. I’ve taught my children love and respect all…but I also taught them how to shoot, I teach the military tactics and self defense ,disarming and taking a post, military family….got bullet proof and making riot shields, we do preliminary practice at paint ball arenas….we are ready….and we got a gang of things… power will prevail….sick of white privilege.

    • The last thing we need is a race war, Black folks. There are many many millions of white people out there who are on the side of peace, and fairness. The race war is the product of thinking by KKK and other supremacist organisations who believe it will be their excuse to kill Blacks indiscriminately and like any war they will not play by any rules. A race war is the dumbest idea anyone has ever come up and any self respecting person would disavow such a ridiculous premise. No one would win.

    • Really you know what overwhelming force is then you ignorant fukn monkey, white 82% black 12% figure it out dumb ass not to mention we got all the god dam guns and bullets.

    • Actually, like any warrior, you don’t give yourself the moniker “king or princess” but you use words like ‘grunt’ and jarhead”. No, she is angry and rightly so. Her words are ignorant and I don’t stand behind them but she is pissed and so are a lot of people. The fact that you can’t hear her point about how the society at large has made this kind of act commonplace and you would rather pick her apart for her delivery of her message is making her case.

  9. she can always go to Africa. I have a feeling she would think that life in the good old USA wasn’t so bad after all. I mean some folks over there still suck blood from the neck of a goat! And white folks are terrorists, huh?

    • Europe is calling you. Hop your ass right on that boat and sail back into the cave to live with some chickens. Lol apparently you haven’t read your history.

    • Dave , which country is it that we should send YOU to even though this one is your home? Nice assumption that she should go to Africa just because she’s black. Way to make her point dumbass.

  10. Well,they are very dum,the can’t fight,they can’t shoot,they can’t talk right,they can’t dress right,and they hate it if white folks call them niggers,but they call there self niggers,,hahaha go figure

    • You are such a bad excuse for walking waste product that you don’t even deserve to be taught about why you are such a piece of walking excrement. YOU ARE the PROBLEM.

  11. So that n*gga is calling for a race war? Bring it!!! You won’t last 5 secs with a Marine Vet!! We outnumber you by far….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

    • What is enough Maribelle? What have YOU gone through that is SO tough that you have had enough? And if you are ready to participate in a race war, how about putting your money where your mouth is and get up off your ass and go find someone down in the ‘bad side of town’ and challenge them in an alley? Let’s see how ready for this war you are. YOU are part of the PROBLEM.

    • Really? How do you KNOW that? Did you see something other than her skin colour that led you to that conclusion? You are part of the problem.

  12. I’m sorry did she say that when “Holmes” shot up the people in the movie theater?
    Did she say HE was a racist? terrorist? it’s ok when whites shoot up whites? FKN wacko!!!

  13. I am white and my heart bleeds for these people. This guy needs to be hung by his balls!
    She needs to be out there parading around with that fat pig Sharpton.

    • Actually, Sharpton is no longer ‘fat’. He has lost a LOT of weight over the past decade or so. Where have you been? She should march with Sharpton (If he still does that) because she is angry, angry like the rest of us out here who can’t believe there are people like you folks on this blog who still believe in these antiquated ideas and stereotypes about Black people and when someone does something and horrific as murder several people while they are praying in church, you choose to spend your time complaining that someone is angry enough to sound so militant. Have any of you taken time to post anywhere else about how disgusted you are with Roof and his actions? I seriously doubt it.

  14. We’re already in a race war. We’ve been under attack at every angle for how many years now? The white man and woman have been attacking us. But you all are mad that she’s saying that? Smh. White supremacy will fall. Death to white supremacy.

    • And this black supremacy crap is so much better? And don’t try giving me that “said nothing about black supremacy” line of craps either because I’ve seen it in your other posts.

      • There is NO supremacy, or at least there shouldn’t be any. Blacks were brought to this country against their will and forced into servitude that included beatings, rape, torture and mutilations. This country OWES blacks a reasonably fair playing field when it comes to justice and equality. Owes in perpetuity. Your forefathers provided the situation and you bear its results. Blacks do not claim superiority, we claim God-given equality. Equality that most of you know is right but many whites are afraid to allow. That is the fight. That is the injustice.

  15. She said that she has been told to only drink from the black water fountain…they have not existed since the early 60’s. She is not old enough to even know what she is talking about and the things she says are long ago gone from this country…besides, she needs to get a clue on who the KKK were….they were ALL leftist Democrats… They brought all of this hatred and they continue to hold down these folks yet they continue to support their oppressors? I just don’t get it? If she is so upset by what she calls “white priviledge” why does she support the left Democrats so strongly? We don’t need a race war, we need a peace revival…its easy to fall into the skin color hate…

    • Okay obviously you are not ‘old enough’ to know that the ‘democrats’ you speak of was the name of the opposition party back some 100 years ago but was in fact the Nation Republican party that now goes under the name GOP. The ‘liberal democratic party does not have one policy in its agenda that supports racial discrimination. It supports policies that help people who are not as able to make it due to the overwhelming power of the class that runs the industrial complex and keeps minorities down. It the Democratic party that champions programmes to help those without and its the GOP that want to return to the ‘good ol’ days’ when whites had everything (mostly handed to them” and minorities pick crops in the fields or whatever they did to get by because hey, who the hell cared what they did? Read a little and you’ll find out that you’re talking out of your ass. But you’re right about one thing.. we don’t need a race war.

    • Judi, the KKK were leftist democrats? Where were you educated? The KKK are conservative white men, many were democrats, but quickly moved to the Republican party when Johnson pushed through the civil rights bill. I am available for tutoring if you and friends want to learn history and civics

  16. Targets dont shot back and neither do wild life. I’m a black Us Marine vet. Im game for a race war, and it a million plus others feeling just like me.

    • How the hell can you call yourself a Marine and advocate for a race war? I call stolen valor! No self respecting Marine would ever dare to suggest such a stupid thing. You MAY have put the uniform on for a couple of years, though I doubt it, but that doesn’t automatically make you one.

  17. Okay. I suppose I can understand why so many people who have commented on this column have taken to speak against the woman and what/how she said. But you DO realise that a white guy went and posted much of the same kind of rhetoric and WORSE on a website and THEN took a gun a killed innocent people don’t you? You expect her to have a harmonious happy tone and to speak of brotherhood and peace when something like this continues to happy in her community every week? Look at the overwhelming responses on this blog and tell me that white racism isn’t alive and thriving vigorously in our society. You can attack her for her words but you can’t deny their truth. The use of “Niggas and crackas” is ignorant and obscures the point but most of you are ready to call out a race war and as some of you posted, you think you’d win hands down because of stupid things like “sideways holding of guns” and other stereotypical ideas like that. The answer is not to let anyones hateful ideas or speech spur you on to believe its right and just to think those thoughts and believe crap about people like that. Yet in almost every post, you get shots in on blacks like we’re animals broke out of a cage. THINK about it. Stop giving real animals like this Roof asshole a licence to be the devil.

  18. I have addressed each one of you on your lazy thinking comments on this blog. I invite you to respond to me an d let me know if you think you can defend your deplorable statements. If you have nothing to contribute but insults, I suggest you say them to yourselves, preferably while looking at yourself in the mirror.

  19. She is angry but she is right. Brietbart News is intentionally misrepresenting what she said. She stated she believed a race wars is coming. If it does, news organizations like this one will bear responsibility. This organization like Breitbart himself has no integrity. Why he did not go to jail when he wiretapped a senator’s telephone I do not know, but God did take him away from here just like Mr. Root will be taken away. Interesting that the reporter could not respond to any of her questions. Does he know what a cracker is? It’s not a racist term.

  20. Judi, the KKK were leftist democrats? Where were you educated? The KKK are conservative white men, many were democrats, but quickly moved to the Republican party when Johnson pushed throught the civil rights bill. I am available for tutoring if you and friends want to learn history and civics

  21. bitch stfu, you know nothing about shit except the bullcrap spoon fed to you from the media. if he was black and killed crackers he would be dead. BULLSHIT bitch. Google Lee Boyd Malvo stupid cunt

  22. Please,black and white people don’t let your anger consume you, as a black person trying to exist in a society designed to not allow you to live, you begin to strike out horizontally at the people in the same battle as you, venting, when we chose to direct the years of anger up at the oppressor who has his foot on your neck you are dealt with very strong so it won’t catch on from other blacks.

  23. The stats are not stupid, you are however. It is facts that you idiots llike to gloss over or just plain ignore, like the fact (FBI Crime stats) blacks kill more whites than whites kill blacks, blacks kill more police than police kill blacks. So shut your ignorant rant up

  24. All of the whites that’s rooting foe the race war are racist. We have never been treated as equals in this country that WE built. I’m not for a race war but change is needed. Don’t think that all blacks can’t shoot, I go to the range on a regular. Yall say we can’t shoot but everytime you turn around we kill someone not praising that just imagine if the bodies were whites how many of yall would be fucked up. Its a shame we can’t get fair treatment damn near anywhere here in America

  25. Heavenly Father, my heart hurts at the loss of these beautiful saints of God. Father God, I ask you to comfort those families who have lost their children to hate. All of those people are somebody’s moms, or dad’s, cousins, or uncles, or aunties brothers, or sisters. Father my soul cries for you to return God, and stop the violence. Your word says that precious in your eyes is the death of your saints. I know you can turn what that lying devil means for bad to good. Father I thank you that they were received to glory, and that they are beyond sickness, and death, and suffering, but we are left to deal with the fallout. Father forgive those who made this an issue of race. Father please let us be praying for those who are hurting. Father I’m tired of seeing blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, jews, and native americans dying by violence. Please take us home Lord. We’re tired, and this world is so wicked. Bless those beautiful black families who are mourning. Give them beauty for ashes, in Jesus’s name, amen.

  26. I’m from South Africa and I have read each and every comment made here. The sad part is that people spew hatred when incidents like this happen. Years ago the same thing happed at a church called St James in Cape Town. Yes it was black men who walked in with AK47 and killed many people while they were praying. Those that survived were in shock and broken inside. But not once did one of those people turn it into a game of see who hates who more. Instead they prayed for those that carried out the killing. Even those who had lost family members stood in court and faced them with a “I forgive you”. The only person here who really had something constructive to say was Alex with the Prayer. Thank you for that. I too pray for those that lost loved ones. The world has become a very sick place. Humanity is being lost. Do not let hatred rule but let peace fill each one.

    • That is encouraging, Cheryl. You are right. Every incident that happens allows us to get more hateful and spit venom on the internet. A tool that is suppose to bring information into our lives is constantly being used to demonstrate our ignorance. It is surprising to hear that such controlled response came from South Africa after such an act. Sounds like America can take some serious lessons from South Africa on how to ‘evolve’.

  27. 13% what about my buddies from ISIS Iran Africa and the rest of the middle east white America has made to many enemies to have a race war it is not just the blacks that say most of you are racist hell the red and brown man is also living under your boot you think they will help you right LMAO
    also at one time there were more red man than white here and England had more troops and both lost

  28. Reading all of this makes me wonder if any of us as adults are thinking if the future and what we teach our childerenwe all do wrong by each other white black brown red crime doesnt know a color how we all start to think about the future of our childeren if we dont soon there will be no future Why does it have to be about race why do we have to be against each other we should teach our childeren to work together to make this a better place for them and their childeren instead of fighting and pointing fingers if they want to fight then let Al sharpton jessie jackson the kkk and any of the rest u want a war then get YOUR ass on the battle field instead of hiding behind others and yes some if us are way to far gone to change the way they live or believe but i DONT believe that its to late for our childeren suck it up buttercup the bullshit keeps on going because we as people let it ITS TIME TO STOP THE BULLSHIT and start thinking about how to change this before its way to late


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