Blackwater on the Ground in Ukraine!


Blackwater, the notorious U.S. mercenaries have been seen on the streets of flash point city as Russia claims 300 hired guns have arrived in country.

There was speculation growing last night that American mercenaries had been deployed to Donetsk after videos emerged of unidentified armed men in the streets of the eastern Ukrainian city.  At least two videos published on YouTube this week show burly, heavily armed soldiers with no insignia which has been gripped by pro-Moscow protests.

In one of the videos people can be heard shouting ‘Blackwater! Blackwater!’ as the armed men, who wear no insignia, jog through the streets.


  • Unidentified armed men seen on the streets of Donetsk in east Ukraine
  • Russian diplomat claims 300 mercenaries had arrived in Kiev this week
  • Mercenaries in the region could give Putin pretext for military action
  • Donetsk has been the scene of big pro-Russian demonstrations this week

By: Rebel Rebellion III%




  1. Of course the US is already boots-on-ground in Ukraine. (Without citizen consent, mind you). If anyone thinks we are so ignorant as to think our crooked government hasn’t acted already, they are mistaken. They think it is okay to do whatever they want so long as they can hide it till it doesn’t matter. And sadly the US citizen population is so wrapped up in their daily lives, paying for their overpriced cheaply built wooden boxes on a scrap of land that they will never own only permitted to reside. If anyone can’t tell I’m disgusted with my government.


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