BOMBSHELL COMEY ADMISSION: FBI Found Email Indicating Lynch Would Do EVERYTHING To Protect Hillary From Criminal Charges (Video)


After the release of tell-all book “Shattered” that excoriated and exposed Hillary Clinton and her failed campaign, she emerged from hiding in an attempt to set the record straight (History according to Hillary), One Hundred Percent Fed Up reports.

Hillary explained to the audience that had it not been for FBI Director James Comey re-opening the investigation into her email scandal, that she would have been the President today. Watch:

But FBI Director James Comey finally came clean today about what he found in the emails that were hacked by the Russians and there appears to be more to the story than we were told during the election and it involves Barack Obama’s second corrupt AG, Loretta Lynch

From the Right Scoop – Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge says this is one of the biggest headlines out of the hearing today with the FBI director, pointing out that the FBI had found an email was obtained by Russian hackers that indicated that former DOJ hack Loretta Lynch would do everything she could to protect Hillary from prosecution:

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Of course Comey wouldn’t reveal who sent the email and to whom it was sent. But it sounds like it was sent from someone who worked closely with Lynch, and sent to someone who was very worried about Clinton going down in flames, probably someone very close to Clinton.

At the end of the segment, Herridge pointed out that Comey suggested he was boxed in by Lynch and here is what she’s talking about:




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