BOMBSHELL: Leaked Copy Of Obama’s Iran Deal EXPOSED… This Is Much Worse Than We Imagined


A 159-page PDF of Obama’s Iran nuke ‘deal’ was leaked online and you won’t believe what’s in it! The deal, which is great for Iran, is much worse than we thought!


Dean James, American Freedom Fighters reported:

Paragraph 36 is the most chilling. In essence it says that IRAN CAN END THE DEAL WITH A 35 DAY NOTICE! Are you fricking kidding me?

Under Paragraph 36, Iran can claim that any of the P5+1 is “not meeting its commitments” under the agreement. That triggers a 35-day set of meetings. Once that clock runs, Iran can claim the issue “has not been resolved to [its] satisfaction” and that it “deems” that the issue “constitutes significant non-performance.” Iran can then “cease performing its commitments under this JCPOA in whole or in part.” The agreement is done.

Once Iran has received its $150 billion and locked in long-term business contracts with the West, this quick exit could be an attractive option. So, too, could Iran bolt later on, removing the restrictions that remain after years ten and fifteen, or it could bolt under some scenario hard to foresee now. (H/T The Hill)


There is some good news in this however. The next president can choose to bail from this deal as well. But by that time, Iran will have their money and will be building NUKES! So, it becomes clear why Iran went along with this- for the MONEY! They have no intentions of obeying the deal.

But, in Obama’s world this all makes sense. They get their money and America gets screwed. Unbelievable…




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