BOMBSHELL: Look Who’s Funding Jeb Bush’s Campaign… We Never Expected This


Jeb Bush’s two main contributions to his presidential campaign are immigrants from Cuba and Iran. The two main donors are products of immensely corrupt and oppressive regimes which were propped up by the US government. Then add Hillary Clinton and the places from which her money comes from, neither one is what America needs in the White House, Right Wing Tribune reported. 


The Guardian reports:

Émigrés from Iran and Cuba are at the top of Jeb Bush’s record-breaking presidential fundraising haul, according to campaign finance disclosures that paint the former Florida governor’s opposition to Barack Obama’s twin foreign policy priorities in stark new light.

Mike Fernandez, a Florida-based private equity billionaire who moved from Cuba in the 1960s, appears to be the largest single donor – giving just over $3m in three contributions to the Bush-supporting Right to Rise group since March.

Hushang Ansary, Iran’s ambassador to the US before the revolution who is now based in Texas, is joint second on the list – contributing $2m together with his wife, Shahla Ansary.

Only US citizens or green-card holders can make contributions to political campaigns. Both men have lived in the US for decades.

Nineteen families or corporations have given more than $1m, according to the filings made available on Friday.

Please tell me that, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you can’t see the utter corruption that is Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Tell me that out of 300 million people we have to resort to another Clinton or Bush as our choices for president. Haven’t we had enough of both? Isn’t it time that we elect someone who isn’t a lifetime politician, or that comes from an entire family of them? These two candidates offer nothing more than corrupt views of multi millionaires running the country.

I say the people who lead in the donation race are the least likely to be what America needs in office. The very fact that the most wealthy of people donate these obscene amounts of money tells us that they will expect something in return. And that from the start guarantees that the people of the U.S. will not be the ones getting represented.

HT Right Wing Tribune


  1. This is one of the reasons why I no longer contribute to any political campaigns – never was a big contributor to begin with given these people abuse the heck out of my tax dollars and then they call my house at the most inconvenient times to ask me for money – and now this?

  2. Jeb carries wayyyyyyy to much baggage and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Research him to find out why he should NEVER be elected to another office in the United States government. Also research his wife, Columba, and each of his children.


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