BOMBSHELL: Mayor Of Bomb-Clock Kid’s Town Reveals Shocking Truth About Ahmed Mohamed’s Family [Video]


The most famous Muslim clock maker in America is a fraud, and this entire charade nothing more than a staged PR event. In recent days, the story went viral of young, innocent Ahmed Mohamed being handcuffed and arrested after his clock was mistaken for a possible bomb. 


In an appearance on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV last night, Mayor Beth Van Duyne of Irving, Texas, where Ahmed Mohamed went to school said that the Mohamed family avoids contact with her and other officials and seemed more interested in talking with the Muslim terrorist organization, CAIR and other Muslim groups.

Van Duyne noted how reporting on the interaction between Mohamed and police has been remarkably one-sided because the Mohamed family has refused to release any records.

“As a juvenile, they cannot release those records. The school district, a number of times, has asked the family, to release the records, so that you can have the balanced story out there. The family is ignoring the request from the ISD.”

Kyle Shideler at reports:

Van Duyne told Beck it would “help to describe why it progressed as it did” if the records were available. “Nobody is going to walk in and say, ‘oh you’re a 14-year old child, you’re totally cooperating, we have all the answers we need, let’s arrest you,’” Van Duyne added.

A spokesperson for the Irving Police Department has said there have been multiple open records requests for the full police reporting, but that those requests remained in the hands of the city’s legal advisor. The available police report describes the event only as, “…Arrestee being in possession of a hoax bomb at MacArthur High School.”

Van Duyne said that according to the information she had seen, Mohamed had been “non-responsive” and “passive aggressive” in response to questions from police officers.

The Mayor also says that the family appeared to be more interested in seeking press than actually resolving the issue.

“We had tried to reach out to the family a number of times; this was before it ever even hit the papers on Wednesday,” Van Duyne said. “At the exact same time they were supposed to be meeting with us, they were on their front lawn with a press conference.”

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne appeared with TV host Glenn Beck Tuesday to discuss whether 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed intentionally caused a scare at his school as part of a larger Islamist plot.

Conservative Tribune adds:

Van Duyne also slammed President Barack Obama for jumping the gun on Ahmed Mohamed’s case.

“We never even got a call from anybody at the White House asking to verify any of that information,” Van Duyne said. “I don’t think the picture of the hoax bomb was even released before he tweeted ‘cool clock kid.’”


Van Duyne, adding that Irving officials were receiving death threats because of the case, said that the “teacher was reacting to the device, not the student.”

“If something had happened, and nobody had spoken up, people would be livid,” Van Duyne said. “Can you imagine if you were a parent at ISD and no one said anything?”

According to Western Journalism, “[Judge Andrew] Napolitano said that if Mohamed’s parents knew that it was a hoax and went along with it, there is a potential fraud case because of the thousands of dollars that have been donated to Mohamed’s scholarship fund and a legal fund for the boy.”

On the Liberal side, we have Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and thousands of others showing unmitigated support for Ahmed.

Clinton tweeted that “assumptions don’t keep us safe” and urged the teenager to “keep building.”


“Cool clock, Ahmed,” Obama tweeted. “Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”


Obama invited the fraud clock/bomb builder to join him and other scientists next month for the White House’s annual Astronomy Night, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday, CNN reported. 

Of course, Ahmed said he was going to the White House.

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