BOMBSHELL: Podesta Received $35 Million From RUSSIA While Advising Clinton And Obama (Video)


John Podesta, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 national campaign chairman, may have violated federal law by failing to disclose the receipt of 75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company when he joined the Obama White House in 2014, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

Joule Unlimited Technologies — financed in part by a Russian firm — originally awarded Podesta 100,000 shares of stock options when in 2010 he joined that board along with its Dutch-based entities: Joule Global Holdings, BV and the Stichting Joule Global Foundation, EU Times reports.

When Podesta announced his departure from the Joule board in January 2014 to become President Obama’s special counselor, the company officially issued him 75,000 common shares of stock.

The Schedule B section of the federal government’s form 278 which — requires financial disclosures for government officials — required Podesta to “report any purchase, sale or exchange by you, your spouse, or dependent children…of any property, stocks, bonds, commodity futures and other securities when the amount of the transaction exceeded $1,000.”

The same year Podesta joined Joule, the company agreed to accept 1-Billion-Rubles — or $35 million — from Rusnano, a state-run and financed Russian company with close ties to President Vladimir Putin.

Anatoly Chubais, the company CEO and two other top Russian banking executives worked together with Podesta on the Joule boards. The board met six times a year.

Ron Hosko, a former FBI assistant director said because of the Kremlin backing, it was essential Podesta disclose the financial benefits he received from the company.

Trump seemed to have prior knowledge of this as he urged his Twitter followers to watch the show about Podesta’s exposure.

Of course, mainstream media is not reporting this and continues to cover for Hillary Clinton and spin the fake news rhetoric about President Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election from Clinton.

If anything, there is ample proof of Clinton-Russia ties, all of which may be exposed when former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who was assigned as a special counsel charged with investigating the alleged Trump-Russia ties delves into the rabbit hole.

John Podesta is arguably the most important Democratic operative of the past three decades. He was White House chief of staff under Bill Clinton, an official counselor to Obama, and then campaign chairman to Hillary Clinton. Podesta not only has a lot to hide, he has a lot to lose.

Chances are, Mueller will decide to keep the Clintons’ out of the press and he will reveal the truth, that President Trump did not ask Comey to stop the Flynn investigation, he did not collude with Russia, and they did not influence the election, this has all been nothing more then the Left and Dems attempt to derail Trump.

Source: EU Times


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