BOMBSHELL : “Russia Excuse” Hatched By Clinton Within 24 Hours Of Her Loss


When Hillary Clinton lost a presidential election that was literally hers to win, you might have thought that was because she insisted on putting her State Department emails through a private server that endangered national security; that she gave paid speeches to Wall Street and tried to hide the contents from the voters; that she called half of Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorables”.

How about that she was a widely disliked establishment candidate in an anti-establishment year, or that she was shoved down the throats of progressive Democrats by a Democratic Party hierarchy that made her nomination “inevitable” via the undemocratic use of unelected “super-delegates”.

No, than consider that some of her State Department emails were found on the laptop of suspected sex offender Anthony Weiner (the husband of Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin); and that the laptop discovery caused FBI Director James Comey to briefly reopen the investigation of Clinton’s private email server in the last days of the campaign.

Did you notice that the “Russia excuse” for Hillary losing only truly started gaining steam AFTER her loss? Truth Feed reports.

That is because according to the new book “Shattered,” which gathers its information from Clinton campaign insiders, the “Russia excuse” was hatched 24 hours after Hillary’s humiliating loss, Zero Hedge reported.

According to the bombshell book, Hillary, John Podesta and Robby Mook made a conscious choice to:

  1. Blame Russia
  2. Blame the Media

Considering almost all of the mainstream media was completely in the tank for Hillary, it may seem shocking she would actually have the audacity to blame THEM of all people.

However, as she has proven time and time again, NOTHING is “too low” for Hillary.

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