Booker campaign warns no “legitimate long-term path forward” without fundraising surge


Sen. Cory Booker may be the next Democratic presidential candidate to drop out of the race.

Booker must raise $1.7 million in the next 10 days or the presidential candidate has no “legitimate long-term path forward,” according to a memo to staff from the campaign manager obtained by NBC News.

“We can do it,” Booker tweeted Saturday. “But if we don’t, we don’t see a legitimate long-term path forward.”

“Without a fundraising surge to close out this quarter, we do not see a legitimate long-term path forward,” Addisu Demissie, Booker’s campaign manager wrote in the Saturday memo to staff and supporters. “The next 10 days will determine whether Cory Booker can stay in this race.”

Demissie said the campaign has enough money to keep going for now, but not enough to expand operations before voting starts early next year and that Booker doesn’t want stay in the race if he doesn’t think he can win.

“If our campaign is not in a financial position to grow, he’s not going to continue to consume resources and attention that can be used to focus on beating Donald Trump, which needs to be everyone’s first priority,” Demissie wrote.

“I want to be clear: This isn’t an end-of-quarter stunt or another one of those memos from a campaign trying to spin the press,” he wrote. “This is a real, unvarnished look under the hood of our operation at a level of transparency unprecedented in modern presidential campaigns.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday became the latest candidate to quit the race after realizing he had no chance of making the October debate stage.