BOOM: Teen Shot And Killed During Home Invasion (Video)

Teenager Shot And Killed While Attempting To Break Into Columbus Home
Teenager Shot And Killed While Attempting To Break Into Columbus Home

Teenager shot and killed while attempting to break into a Columbus home.  A shooting ended the life of a teenager on Dec 29th and police are questioning the alleged gunman.  It happened the 40 block of Rodgers Avenue, north of West Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio, this past Monday at about 2:30 p.m.


Police responded to shooting and found 18 year old Amir Kirby dead inside the home, who later died at the scene.

The homeowner, who was questioned by police, was questioned by detectives and faces no charges.  The homeowner told police he was defending himself when he was forced to shoot Kirby, the alleged home invader.

Police said Amir Kirby, 18, tried to rob someone inside their home when he was shot and killed by the man living there.

“I heard a pop and then I heard a lot more,” said Shannan Triplett who lives a few doors down. “I counted and when I look out the curtain I see someone running down the street and I thought, ‘that’s weird’.”


Neighbors said the violence in the neighborhood has been getting worse. They said there was another shooting on the same block last week.

“I walk outside and the police and the ambulance is out here and I’m like, ‘again?'” she said. “The place across the street just got shot up a week ago. I’m afraid to walk down the street with my daughter. I’m even scared to leave my house with my niece and my nephew. I have two one-year-olds and a five-year-old in my house and it scares me to death every day.”

The homeowner has not yet been identified and no other details about the home invasion were released.




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