Boston University Professor ‘Your White Ancestors Were Land Thieves, And Slave Owners – Nothing More’

Boston University

Boston University Professor Saida Grundy, a feminist sociologist of race and ethnicity listed as an incoming assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at B.U., has come under fire for her Tweets that essentially argued that white people were the worst people, and biggest slave owners in history.


Boston University Professor Saida Grundy (Boston University)

I could not have said this any better than Turtleboy:

So let me get this straight. Saida Grundy is going to be teaching a whole bunch of white boys at BU in the near future. And she’s going into her job while publicly stating that “white college males” are a “problem population.” Not just SOME white college males, like the Oklahoma frat boys from the racist video. ALL white college males. They are all a “problem population.” I’m sure white dudes will definitely get a fair shake in her class next year. Definitely.


What better way to honor a man who “had a dream” and said that one day he hoped that “little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers,” than by boycott small businesses because the owners of the store happen to be white.

Sure, if she’s boycotting a pizza shop or a restaurant, it’s almost guaranteed that the owner’s ancestors lived in Europe when MLK made this speech, and thus had ZERO to do with oppression. But you should never let the truth get in the way of some good ol’ fashioned race-baiting.


Yea NPR, how dare you interview black neighborhood residents who don’t like their neighborhoods being burned to the ground by rioters. You should be ENCOURAGING the Baltimore rioters like Saida Grundy is. LOL. We said it before and we’ll say it again. Anyone who DOES NOT have to live in that neighborhood in Baltimore and is encouraging rioting and looting on social media, hates black people. It’s the only explanation for this racist behavior.

You’re sitting there in a perfectly safe enviornment, far-removed from the madness, and you’re encouraging rioters to destroy the only store that black people have to buy groceries and medicine. Only a racist would do somethingl ike that. Saida Grundy is a certifiable racist.




My ancestors are European, as are many people’s, my ancestors did not have slaves, they were slaves!



Justifying looting…

Free speech advocates say that Grundy should have a right to her free speech, however, they also say the university speech policy is hypocritical because it allows the university to censor offensive or bigoted speech if it wanted to. What would the ramifications be if a student posted such racist 


Virginia Sapiro, dean of BU’s College of Arts and Sciences, said she hired Grundy for the tenure-track position, along with 17 other assistant professors who will start this fall, because of her impressive credentials.

“Universities are not opposed to controversy,” Sapiro said. “Education requires that people be able to communicate with each other and listen and tolerate people communicating.

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    • Sue for what? The TRUTH? Indigenous people were on these lands now called America. They were ripoffed, raped, murdered, their lands pilfered and carted off to reservations after almost being annihilated. Then get this the Europeans who were using African slaves in their country decide to continue and expand the slave trade to the New ripoffed shores. So the kidnapping, raping, working from sun up to sun down for no type of compensation for well over 400 years became common place. GIMME A BREAK!! This is WHAT REALLY HAPPENDED. The industrial revolution was funded off the backs of slaves.

      • Wow. it is all about perspective. First of all the “indigenous” people migrated here. They didnt just spontaneously form. 2nd There was not kidnapping. You are viewing history though today’s eyes. Third. 400 years? How old is the USA? Your schooling has failed you. 4th. Yes the industrial revolution was made possible, in part, due to the slavery.

      • Tell it to em straight! The truth does hurt! This country owes its American Africans a lot more than they are willing to admit!

        • Who is arguing that African Americans didn’t contribute to this nation, unless it is African Americans that feel that way. Seems that there is a lot of self hatred that is being put on whites for things that are in the past and can’t be changed. If the African American community wants respect, it must come from within first. No matter how much a specific white person respects a specific black person, if the black person doesn’t respect themselves, they will never be able to see the respect from the white person(or anyone else for that matter!).

          • Don’t flatter urself Juli Adcock, who really wants ur people’s respect? Yet that word is significant isn’t it? Are you talking about respect in that we want whites to acknowledge that we are a great people just like whites constantly promote their greatness and expect all to acknowledge and agree with that? Furthermore, is it an intense desire for whites to become close to us personally, like becoming friends and they view us as their brothers and sisters? That would be nice and I am not saying all Blacks are not close to whites but deep down, many of us don’t care Who are you/ or your kind; compare to us? Aren’t we all equal duh! That is inconsequential to the majority of Black folks believe it or not – Adcock.

            We are more concerned about the evil that is constantly directed towards black people; globally and I think it is the ignorance of many whites that leave comments without doing their research that also p….. Blacks off more than the obvious ignorance and hatred of certain racist whites comments that are deliberately directed towards us.
            I tell you what we don’t like, if you hate or are jealous or intimidated by us? That seems to be the motives in my view – Fine, go ahead with those evil thoughts but when a white dude/s; weather they are based in the government, police, school, social workforce systems, the media etc etc; So hate us, we don’t care, but do not use that hate to try and destroy us. That won’t be tolerated without backlash.

            We are aware by experience that they can use their hatred to bring about evil to the Black race; they have done many evils in the past and are still doing evil today. This is in order to keep us at a certain level. Yes, there are blacks that have progressed but shit is still happening. Many Blacks have been unlawfully murdered or imprisoned in the US. There was a British undercover documentary that exposed racism in the housing public and private sector in the UK. A British Minister condemned the outcome. Undercover reporters, 1 black and 1 white, acted like potential tenants and found out that over 99% of landlords do not want West Indians and Africans tenants and those letting agents was laughing when they denied the Black undercover man a flat that they pretended was already let – yet the flat was still advertised. minutes later, When the white undercover man came to get the same property, they were relived and immediately gave him the keys to view it In the UK, that is unlawful and just the tip of the ice-burg so when you say Miss Adcock that “Seems that there is a lot of self hatred that is being put on whites for things that are in the past and can’t be changed,” is silly. We are not dumb, we are aware of that and we don’t blame the future generation of whites for slavery and other evil stuff like lynching etc.

            We are not blaming every whites, it is the racist thugs that do evil to Blacks because we are Black – simple. We are opening our mouths to bring about justice not to cause trouble; that’s because we too have rights OK?

          • But you ARE blaming ALL whites and given the arrogance and simmering hatred in what you just wrote, if that is what those landlords you speak of experienced when dealing with “your people” is there any wonder they didn’t want to rent to “your people”. Interestingly enough it probably has absolutely nothing to do with color and everything to do with a hateful attitude and behavior.
            Individuals who cannot move past being victims, including, perhaps especially the rage, they will always see the victimization side of life. This holds true whether it is about racism, sexual violence, or any other victimization. Reacting to every instance of injustice perceived or real as if it happened to that person individually is part of that victimization mindset. It causes an inability to be rational and assess each instance on the merits of each case. This is why we see a rush to judgment and the trashing of a city over a LIE! “Your people” DO have rights, with those rights come responsibility to live within the rules of civil society that have been established and to understand that when those laws are broken, consequences occur.

          • You make me laugh, justifying evil, what does that make you? At least you’re showing ur true colours and now is angry because I put you in ur place. Then again, that has been the traits of the like of your kind of warped minds. You think you can diss out garbage and expect no stern response. You may not know a truth or a lie if it hits you in the head and don’t talk to me about responsibility, Ur kind never was and most probably never will be. So go and tell that to the bunch of over bloated egocentric bunch of white dudes in the media, including chief of police, social workers, MPs that have used their position of power to sexually abused sick, dying and healthy children and then had other whites In authority had the balls to cover it all up and now it has been exposed. They are not the only dudes either and 99% of them – WHITES Then again, their forefathers were probably the ones that raped black women during slavery, yet you call it a civilised society? They got rich of the back of blacks and Asian people, through pure evil.

            People like you make me laugh. To cover up truths and guilt or shame, you lot always like to twist it around back on Black folks; coming out with statements such as, why don’t you lot try harder, why don’t you act more appropriate and stop being a victim etc. If you get a good education, you can make it like we have, that’s a load of crap and you know it. We already did great things. I’ll give you two of the thousands of things Blacks have done to be proud of, The invention of blood transfusion, stopping many deaths, the building of the House of Commons, which attracts thousands of UK tourist. Would they ever mention it? Hell no!

            There is a lot more I could say but why bother. Ill say this thou, don’t get it twisted, and equate speaking the truth with being a victim. I will leave you to your thoughts now, Respond all you like but I am done with response as I cannot reason thou I try with ermmmm, STUPID. I HOPE YOUR RAGE SIMMERS BECAUSE YOUR COMMENTS TO PEOPLE ON HERE HAS BEEN DISGUSTING!

      • Indians were rapists, land thieves and slave owners themselves. Every tribe lived on land they took by force from another, and they bred themselves on the female captives they took by force from other tribes. They took slaves and made human sacrifices. They burned forests to clear them out to grow corn..They were not peaceful hippies. Indians were backward, savages and the white settlers recognized them for exactly who and what they were.

      • Since when did fact based statements become racist? Did whites not own slaves in this country or are you ignorant of this fact?

        • Yes and Africans were slave owners of opposing tribes and constantly massacred opposing tribes.
          Her kind of logic is fatally flawed and irrational racist, twisted libtard, politically motivated reasoning is the problem with the joke that is modern academia.

          • out of context, clearly not the same….and using words like “massacre” suggests your attempting a persuasive argument….I suggest you read up on pre-colonial African history…

      • Why should whites sue when she is right…but please sue do that all of this crab will come out. Persona
        Ly I am sick of you people hiding behind this ancestor crap.

        • I would hate to be black . You guys have been just steamrolled haven’t ya ? All the history books are lies . Black people made this country . They trained white people to speak properly and invented everything as we stole the inventions and yet somehow , strangely enough , white people know how to walk around with their pants up , white people know how to actually speak English AND words that end in er such as swagger and holler and nigger and such . It is funny because if I type in the ebonic words they dont define . I am sure they are working on an ebonics dictionary most definitely but the problem is that wouldn’t be historic , that would be the future . Maybe you can help me understand how a small group of people – the black race – has regressed in it’s communication and abilities over the years as it seems that nowadays all of the ” fake backbone ” that blacks comically claim themselves to be have regressed to a state of stupor , lack of discipline , topping charts in welfare and crime . Look up death row sites and tell me how many blacks in comparison to any other race are on death row for murder , rape and such . Proof is allllll there in the REALITY of what history really was and is being written today . Not some imagined black history where you cant even speak properly today . By the way , the word is ASK not AXED ….I mean that one word just proves how moronic black society is . Heck I could have just typed AXED and that would have proven everything . 🙂

          • Sean Patrick, I am black, and although I can’t speak for all blacks, we would hate to have you as one of us. You have opinions, to be sure, but you lack knowledge–they are not the same thing. You first pick on grammar–any and every dialect is valid. Some may be more socially preferred than others, but even socially preferred speech is a dialect. While you may not like all of Grundy’s comments (and I have trouble with a few of them) you cannot dispute that American blacks have not reaped the benefit of the centuries of free labor we, unwillingly, provided this nation. No, not every white “American” owned slaves, but every white “American” benefits from not being black. Statistics of incarceration rates–hmm, could they possibly be the result of economic and justice systems that favor others and demonize you? Is it a result of the fact of blacks being stopped by police AT 22 TIMES the rate of blacks? Sometimes for walking! American ancestors, Pioneers, Pilgrims, Explorers, what have you, were, in fact, land thieves. They came from a continent far away, and in the name of some sovereign the indigenous people didn’t know and in a language they didn’t understand, “claimed” the land for themselves. Grundy is right. That’s theft. You can call it “discovering,” you can call it “

          • …you can call it “settling,” you can call it “pioneering,” but it’s still theft. Pioneers received land grants for “free,” i.e., Native lands, if they were willing to farm it. Slaves were certainly not eligible for this; and neither were former slaves. Whites need to admit the many benefits they have received over the centuries and the preference for white skin that has kept other people less developed economically. You, and others like you, need to put some of that vehemence to work reading your history rather than resorting to automatic anger because someone told an uncomfortable truth you prefer not to hear.

          • Sean,

            Maybe if you understood how it feels to be confined to inner city crime ridden neighborhoods patrolled by racist police that protect an institution of systematic racism you could understand the plight of Black people. But since you have the privilege of being white you are not a victim of such oppressive institutional behavior. Sorry that you don’t have that luxury. It is very easy for you to sit on your condescending pedestal and down people that you have no connection to in your superior role. You sir, are a major part of the problem with your attitude, behavior and belief system. You are protected from failure and have a system of support, none of which are available to Black people. So please take a seat and learn something about a group of people that you know nothing about.

          • LOL another fool lacks understanding to their inner self your’re an idiot…read and research and know about your murderous history, then you may answer some of your own pathetic questions yoursef and from your comments. Those who know better do better, so i you get to know the know

          • You can start to educate yourself on youtube ”hidden colours” as a start oh yes am sure all black people would hate to be white.

          • all I can say is, I am white. I have been poor as shit forever, and I am cool as f**k. Don’t hate on me and I won’t hate on you. I didn’t do shit. Im out. *crowd goes f**king nuts.

          • ARREEEE dude, feeling bitter are we? How did you become so dumb, You don’t even know the basics of history. I don’t know… may be I should leave you to ur twisted fake version of history because one who is clued up, cannot argue, reason, debate with errrrrm…. stupid. Word of advice. please get some knowledge because you are an embarrassment to ur race, (shaking head).

    • She got her degree through studying. The same way racist Europeans get their degrees and uphold White supremacist history and dominance through education

    • yes , we have to help the little people ya know . Gotta pass out a few diplomas just to keep it real . Tee hee .

  1. My “white” ancestors married into the Cherokee Nation and were also part of the “underground railroad”. Bitch needs to check historical fact.

    The FIRST RECORDED SLAVE OWNER was: Anthony Johnson, a BLACK MAN. The story is as follows:
    According to colonial records, the first slave owner in the United States was a black man.

    Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured servants. All masters were required to free their servants after their time was up. Seven years was the limit that an indentured servant could be held. Upon their release they were granted50 acres of land. This included any Negro purchased from slave traders. Negros were also granted 50 acres upon their release.

    Anthony Johnson was a Negro from modern-day Angola. He was brought to the US to work on a tobacco farm in 1619. In 1622 he was almost killed when Powhatan Indians attacked the farm. 52 out of 57 people on the farm perished in the attack. He married a female black servant while working on the farm.

    When Anthony was released he was legally recognized as a “free Negro” and ran a successful farm. In 1651 he held 250 acres and five black indentured servants. In 1654, it was time for Anthony to release John Casor, a black indentured servant. Instead Anthony told Casor he was extending his time. Casor left and became employed by the free white man Robert Parker.

    Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654. In 1655, the court ruled that Anthony Johnson could hold John Casor indefinitely. The court gave judicial sanction for blacksto own slave of their own race. Thus Casor became the first permanent slave and Johnson the first slave owner.

    Whites still could not legally hold a black servant as an indefinite slave until 1670. In that year, the colonial assembly passed legislation permitting free whites, blacks, and Indians the right to own blacks as slaves.

    By 1699, the number of free blacks prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. This was the first effort to gently repatriate free blacks back to Africa. The modern nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia both originated as colonies of repatriated former black slaves.

    However, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States.

    By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone.

    • you people are all scumbags, i feel the same way she feels, you havent earned anything in this country, even your degrees and positions were given to you because you are white, in baltimore i would head out to burn the suburbs, not the inner city, and i wouldnt spend a dime with white store owners, savages you all are..we dont need affirmative actions, we need a level playing feel, which there will never be cause white would disappear from power you fucking aliens..

      • Lol nigger you wish..even with a level playing field we would still have to dumb shit down for you retards..blacks are def not smart enough to be in poweranyways..ever heard of detroit..or how bout your shitty african fuckin monkeys

    • The only problem with this is..who documented this as the first slave owners? In addition, it says Johnson was brought to the US to work on the tobacco fields. Then it says when Johnson was RELEASED..IF he wasnt a slave then what was he released from. If he was already free, why wasnt he already recognized as a free Negro.. This whole article or so called piece of history is all bullshit. Just like Christopher Columbus discorving america…lol Yea some of your anncestors may have been part of the underground railroad. But I highly doubt all of your ancestors were for the cause. Everything she said was true wether people like it or not.

    • the casor case was predated by the sentencing of john punch to a lifetime of servitude to hugh gwyn. thus making gwyn, a white man, the first slave owner. punch fled his indentured servitude with two other european indentured servants – upon their capture the european servants were given longer sentences and punch was given a life sentence.

      while there were incidence of black slave owners history shows that the vast majority of those were freed black people that bought other black people in order to keep them from white masters. since, the very birth into black skin equaled a life of slavery the only option was to be bought by someone or granted freedom and even if you were granted freedom – some nice white gentlemen might decide to take you and revoke that freedom and then make a movie about it.

      if you knew your history then you would know where you’re coming from . . .

      • Though Casor was the first person declared a slave in a civil case, there were both black and white indentured servants sentenced to lifetime servitude before him. Many historians describe indentured servant John Punch as the first documented slave in America, as he was sentenced to life in servitude as punishment for escaping in 1640.[17][18] The Punch case was significant because it established the disparity between his sentence as a negro and that of the two European indentured servants who escaped with him (one described as Dutch and one as a Scotchman). It is the first documented case in Virginia of an African sentenced to lifetime servitude. It is considered one of the first legal cases to make a racial distinction between black and white indentured servants.[19][20]

    • He was “brought” from Angola to work on a tobacco farm…Not “He emigrated from Angola to work on a tobacco farm”. Interesting choice of words… Brought..

    • That little factual tidbit (and I use the term factual loosely,ver loosely.) Has actually been debunked. He may have owned the first slave declared in a civil court of law but he was far from the first slave owner. Even if he was the first slave owner do you honestly believe that this somehow negates the fact that the most brutal, insidious, destructive and demeaning form of slavery ever devised was invented, enforced and perpetuated by white people? Yes a very, very small number of blacks owned and sold slaves we all know that. We also know the the WORST perpetrators during and after slavery of mistreatment of blacks were white people. Please spare us your little “factual” revelations, it only reveals your true racist mindset.

    • Black slave owners bought there own family to keep them together and save them a life time of brutality from their white ‘masters’

    • Pure bullshit, but thanks for posting your racist smokescreen on the internet. I allowed me the opportunity to read more about that case from the other, actually sane commentors, so thank you guys for that.

      Funny how this little “slice of history” shows up on Facebook after Mike Brown was executed but never once found mentioned before as a counter-argument to commonly held understandings about European colonialism. Goes to show you how these SNAKES operate.

      Only served to blow holes in the reverse-racism “movement” these salty c^nts absolutely are a part of and contribute to. MLK Jr. was 100% correct about the problematic nature of the ‘White Moderate’.

    • Yeah and those blacks that owned slaves usually were people who bought their family member’s freedom. So get your facts right. By the way, there is no such thing as reverse racism when a group of people who suffered from it and their descendants continue to endure institutionalized remnants of it. The fact that your ancestors had risk their lives to help contribute to the operation of the Underground Railroad to liberate a group of people who were essentially kidnapped for free labor is riveting given the fact that you as descendant, sir, now refer to their people as “snakes”. I’m sure they must be proud.

  2. XX ‘Your White Ancestors Were Land Thieves, And Slave Owners – Nothing More’ XX

    The answer I would give?

    “Aye. So what?”

    • See , this is a perfect response . One of the few that get it . Exactly . My thoughts too . So what ? Wanna piss off a whiny black sore to society ? Tell them you dont care about their struggles . lol . Ironically you will never hear a black person express any other person’s struggle aside from their own . I second that ….Aye , So what ? 🙂

      • Ha not very popular are you no one is really liking your commments. And what are your struggles,,,,struggling to understand your dark sided history and the shame of it…I love my country errrr not America…

      • Now Furor and Sean Patrick, we already know that your response is “so what.” We LIVE your “so what.” Your “so what” is what keeps blacks and people of other hues and languages poor, exploited, and criminalized. Your “so whats” are why people make excuses for their racism and adhere to sites like this one and the blowhards on Faux News. Your response is always “so what,” yet your offense goes completely out of bounds when someone–black, white, or other, tells the truth about United States history and you are implicated. Are you praying people? If so, then pray for your own sakes that you don’t become some culture’s “so what.” History is an ever-turning circle. It could happen. (“So what?”)

      • Sean Patrick or whatever your name is, you are one ignorant sob! I respect your comments though because you are a big boy and can hide behind this little commentary. I personally get sick of all of this. I am commenting because you truly don’t deserve a reply because sir you are a racist bigot! It is evident that you clearly hate blacks but all blacks are not ignorant, murderous, uneducated nobody’s. Affirmative action my behind! Clearly whites have been helped by it as well and still benefit from it. There are idiots in every race of people so want to do some fact checking go on, knock yourself out! Literally please! What does it prove? I don’t understand what the fear of blacks is with your race. Is it truly the fact that we are smart, creative, and naturally athletic among other things. That we are trendsetters, inventors, game changers? Sagging pants; in case you haven’t noticed, whites do it too. In case you haven’t noticed, whites are murderous, rapists, drug traffickers and dealers, bank robbers, liars, etc. They live under bridges, in cars, on the streets, on welfare, in low income housing, gang bang, collect food stamps, live in trailer parks and the like. What is the big f’ing deal! We can speak correctly, carry on an intelligent conversation, hold a job and get one without mommy and daddy’s help. We know hard work and will do it to support our families…oh did I say there are white prostitutes, pimps, ok I think my point has been made. Every black person’s name is not Keisha or Mercedes, Hennessy, or Devante and even if it was what is in a name? The name is not your mouthpiece. I get so sick of stereotypical a’holes who think they know everything and think they are so above another race of people. Peel back your skin and you’ll find it is all the same color. We all bleed red smartass. God forgive me, but this is why this country will never get any better and the world around us is crumbling. Last time I fact checked whites are sitting in corporate positions collecting millions and laughing all the way to the bank because of your stupid asses thinking someone is looking out for you. You are the reason we are in the shape we are in now..You’re money hungry, power tripping, lazy, racist, the list goes on and on…Everyone (white) is not like you thank God! I just wish folks would really wake up and truly see this for what it is. I do not like this country for what is has become. Jesus is on His way back and I feel sorry for some of yall cause heaven won’t be your home. Majority of you will have a nice fiery bed in hell!!!

    • Why should every white sue her and the school when it’s the truth. I don’t know why she didn’t add murderers and rapist. She should have said, ‘Your Christian White Ancestors Were Land Thieves, Rapist, Murderers And Slave Owners – Nothing More’ –

      • see now that is where you lose anyone’s attention to your whining J Adams . I mean you of all people are calling white people murderers . LOL . Have you checked Texas death row website ? All black for the most part ….or any other death row website ….rapists , the highest population of rapists are black ( by far too I might add ) ….anyway though , check out death row where all your buddies are at . Oh but I forgot , they are all innocent . Giggle . 🙂

      • p.s. I will not deny the slave owner thing though . Technically we still own you guys as slaves . In your minds anyway . Dont ya love living rent free upstairs in someone’s mind ? Just picture me with a whip . Hiyaa !! Get ta moving there negro , we have fields to tend to .

      • thank you the land was stolen from the indians and them all there were all kinds of slave not just black ones people read your real history

      • bahahaha , I love it when black people try to size themselves up like they are tough . Brutal intellect . Actually what I predict to happen is black people will continue to get worse killing each other at the highest percentage in the country , looting and burning their own people’s businesses that have worked hard to come out of the state of oppression that the wimpy portion of black society puts themselves in . They will just continue to degrade themselves and get mad at the white man . I think it is funny !! Im glad I live in your head rent free little buddy . Stoney , going out on a limb but do you by any chance spend my tax dollars on weed man ? Welfare recipients rise and take over this nation …..BAHAHAHAHA . Im funny today .

        • Sean Patrick, I have read many of the comments and yours until this point. I kept going thinking I would log off and keep my comments to myself, but I keep noticing that you mention that black people are letting whites control them mentally. Well, from the number of comments that you have put on here, blacks maintain a great portion of your thought and time. Many Blacks do worry so about hearing whites use negative terms to describe us. I say let you all use them, then it let’s me know just who you all are. I can’t control anyone else but myself. If I don’t like a person’s behavior I don’t waste much of my time. The truth is hard to accept. White folks have issues like everyone else. Everything in this country is under white donmination, so why wouldn’t your race look to be “the best”. Just looking at US history should prove enough to everyone. This country was set up under violent means. At this point in my life, so what? I have to make one day to another, and if you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you. Race is starting to mean less to me because no man can beat death.We all come to the same end. There is nothing so great about any of us. We all hate, we all lie, steal, kill, etc. None of us a really worth that much! As my grandmother used to say, “If you are not there to help, get out of the way so that those who are there to help can get the job done.” Aren’t you folks tired of spewing so much anger, hate, and downright unhappiness? Look at the state of OUR country, yes, it belongs to US now!! It is going to Hell in a basket with no handle and no bottom! But, you and others keep throwing out your angry, worthless racist jibberjabber and see how much better it makes the USA! I bet it doesn’t help!

          • Amazing reply. I am a white vet, I think that I see it more than most having been in a place and given an authority over the people over seas. We interrupted their daily lives, caused them to be killed in the crossfires. It caused more pain then it ever did any good, So I can understand to the best degree that I can what those of Darker hues go through. I’ve read the articles, hell i live 3 minutes from Ferguson. I felt terrible for what happened, even worse when there was no reprimand for an excessive use of force and over execution of power in a lot of the cases that Ive read about in the past few months. I dont deny the control, the hate, Ive seen it with my own eyes, Ive watched white people revert to terrible things when confronted about racism. I take one thing away from all of this, that there is a lack of understanding one another, truly understand each person. Again I dont claim to fully understand, I didnt grow up with that kind of hatred around me, I didnt grow up hearing things like some of you have. I dont blame anyone carrying resentment for such an oppressive culture. But I do hope that it can be levied, the hatred can be relieved in some way. Im not looking to justify my ancestors either, they were wrong and there is no need to justify their actions or my own. Like reader said, I go day by day and try to leave people well enough alone. There is far to much hate in the world and I dont seek to add to it.

            This kind of hatred does nothing but bring us all down, whites and blacks, and people of every color, to the level of those that did indeed own slaves. we are fighting a feud that should have died long ago, and I hope it does, for all our sakes, my children, and all of yours.

        • You are the most vile person I have ever come across on any sites. Your heart is so full of hate you cannot possibly love yourself. America is built up on hate from the likes of people like youself. Do you know that the world looks at America and laughs. We know that America is a theiving country that built it’s land from blood, sweat and murder of those less fortunate and kidnapped. Then you want to call black people retards N…..s whatever you use and make out they are savages, your words and actions are savage you are a disgrace to white people who have a good heart you are the scum of the sea. God will soon rid the world of people like you. If you knew how you sound you’d bury your head. You are uneducated, pathetic without any means to back up your foul mouth. Remember this although you do not hear it the world is watching and know how America or hating greedy nation and wanna be control masters. You too are a puppet and don’t even know it. Learn to love yourself then perhaps you can learn to love others. Peace

  3. These stupid monkeys WANT to believe we “stole everything”, because it hurts their little feelings to know they could NEVER achieve on their own what we have achieved D-E-S-P-I-T-E the Jewish parasite stunting our growth (to put it mildly).

    Deep down inside they KNOW they are incapable of even maintaining that which the White man created, and they don’t truly want to be anywhere other than where we are (where the getting is good). They just want the “free” ride to continue and they want to feel better about themselves, so they embrace every Jew-told lie that serves their interests and/or feeds their egos.

    Their envy and denial are buried under an unjust hostility towards Whites, over crimes neither us nor our ancestors committed.

    They will continue to blame us for their failures for so long as the Jew is able to control the narrative and for so long as we continue to care more about their feelings than we do about our children (our-survival). That much is clear.

    They will never-stop-hating-us or blaming us for their own shortcomings and failures. I cannot stress that enough. So to hell with them, their feelings, their labels (yeah, whatever, I am a “racist”), and all of Jew-written anti-White propaganda they parrot.

    PS – the Black man whines endlessly about how “tough it is to be Black”, but without the White man to blame he’s left only to be angry at Mother Nature for selling him so-very-short in the gene-pool lottery (I agree, poor you, you lost out and came up well short). So don’t take your complaints up with the White man, take it up with god. And really, that’s all you can do is complain, because you are nowhere near as capable, cultured, or civilized as the Jews have made you out to be.

    However, you are absolutely right about ONE thing, you useless-black-parasite (this applies to every black moron who actually believes the Jewish narrative and blames Whites for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g), I most certainly am lucky I am not Black (this applies to e-v-e-r-y useless eater, as I don’t envy a single-one of them). For all the welfare (and favors from the Jews) in the world would never have me envious of who you are or what you are capable of doing. Which (beyond running fast and jumping high) is pretty much nothing. Well, I take that back, as you are quite proficient at raping, robbing, and destroying everything in your path (which is what the Jew brought you here to do).

    • Funny you say that. Who do you think taught Europeans how to read and write? Who do you think taught white people how to farm? Read up on the Moors. White people didn’t have traits back then. By the way, there is a picture of George Washington with black people standing off to the side of him. People think that they were slaves but they weren’t. They were part of the Moors and at the time was teaching George Washington how to read.

      • how to reeeeeeeead what ? Were books written in ebonics back then ? Or did the black race just digress down to what it is today with ebonics . So what you are saying is before the white man learned proper English , the black slaves were teaching the white man how to read proper English ? So you just lost intellect as a race I guess . Pants sagging . Swagger , ending words that should end in er changed to end in the letter a ….like swagga , or nigga or lets not forget my favorite ….the word MASSA MASSA dont beat me !!! ….of sorts . Yes , this is believable . LOL ! I thought I heard it all …

    • you scumbag aliens, you didnt achieve anything, it was all given to you free loaders, racist savages, all you do is kill and thieve, what have you earn punk? what have you earn? if it was a level playing field you fuckers would suffer, you are more government dependent that anyone race on this continent, without the government white people would perish, we know this now, and we ready for all that kkk shit today boy..

      • hahahahaha ….oh dear dear boy , lol , check death row websites and get back to me with what color dominates death row cells . Murderers , rapists , child molesters , serial killers ….mostly all niggas . Dirty , rotten , smelly niggers . Yep , check the death row websites . Welfare – black population slightly edges white population in percentages getting welfare ….problem is , white population heavily outweighs the sore to society we call black folks . Again though , you wont check death row sites , you wont check government sites , you will heavily rely upon the wisdom you share with your nigglet friends over a nice puff off of the light bulb you broke for a homemade pipe because yall cant even afford to buy a crack pipe . lulz .

          • Cassandra , calling someone a white devil evil soul —your a pig for saying that . Racist pig . What does evil have to do with any color ? If I say black devil , or Irish devil , what would that sound like to you ….here is one for you in English …..Dumbass Cassandra tries to speak Irish off of google . 🙂 Get on with it . You have impressed no one racist pig .

          • One of those mentally annoying chicks that apparently have annoyed even the people she is supporting on this page . Lol . I especially like the comment above where the guy slapped you down for supporting him . hahaha . Anyhow , next time you use the words white devil while hating someone for being racist , please understand your intellect is a little messy – I will be nice and put it that way . ” Hi , my name is Cassandra and I hate white racists so I will call them white devils ” . ( rolls eyes with a smile ) . Have a good day google Irish speaker . tee hee .

        • Is that all you have Sean Patrick..”check the death row sites, check the death row sites.” Get a life! You’re an idiot! I think you want to be us! I believe that is it! You are so angry you are white! You tan to be darker, oh and you raped our women did you not? The beginning of mixed-race children in America. Not good enough for you but good enough to rape! Not just once but over and over and over and over again…Sally just didn’t cut it huh…see you need to shut the hell up! Yep, Hell is waiting on you…sad and one more thing for you and your other racist cronies on this commentary, I don’t need your race to do anything for me and you haven’t given me anything. I work for mine. Half of stuff you use was probably made by one of us. I laugh at you ignorant bastards!

    • And what did yall acheive? if it wasnt for us useless balck parasites as you call us you would not have have the shit you use on a daily basis. So just to school your dumb ass. Here is a list of shit that blacks invented.
      air conditioning unit Frederick M. Jones July 12, 1949
      almanac Benjamin Banneker Approx 1791
      auto cut-off switch Granville T. Woods January 1, 1839
      auto fishing devise G. Cook May 30, 1899
      automatic gear shift Richard Spikes February 28, 1932
      baby buggy W.H. Richardson June 18, 1899
      bicycle frame L.R. Johnson October 10, 1899
      biscuit cutter A.P. Ashbourne November 30, 1875
      blood plasma bag Charles Drew Approx. 1945
      cellular phone Henry T. Sampson July 6, 1971
      chamber commode T. Elkins January 3, 1897
      clothes dryer G. T. Sampson June 6, 1862
      curtain rod S. R. Scratton November 30, 1889
      curtain rod support William S. Grant August 4, 1896
      door knob O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
      door stop O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
      dust pan Lawrence P. Ray August 3, 1897
      egg beater Willie Johnson February 5, 1884
      electric lampbulb Lewis Latimer March 21, 1882
      elevator Alexander Miles October 11, 1867
      eye protector P. Johnson November 2, 1880
      fire escape ladder J. W. Winters May 7, 1878
      fire extinguisher T. Marshall October 26, 1872
      folding bed L. C. Bailey July 18, 1899
      folding chair Brody & Surgwar June 11, 1889
      fountain pen W. B. Purvis January 7, 1890
      furniture caster O. A. Fisher 1878
      gas mask Garrett Morgan October 13, 1914
      golf tee T. Grant December 12, 1899
      guitar Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886
      hair brush Lydia O. Newman November 15, 18–
      hand stamp Walter B. Purvis February 27 1883
      horse shoe J. Ricks March 30, 1885
      ice cream scooper A. L. Cralle February 2, 1897
      improv. sugar making Norbet Rillieux December 10, 1846
      insect-destroyer gun A. C. Richard February 28, 1899
      ironing board Sarah Boone December 30, 1887
      key chain F. J. Loudin January 9, 1894
      lantern Michael C. Harvey August 19, 1884
      lawn mower L. A. Burr May 19, 1889
      lawn sprinkler J. W. Smith May 4, 1897
      lemon squeezer J. Thomas White December 8, 1893
      lock W. A. Martin July 23, 18–
      lubricating cup Ellijah McCoy November 15, 1895
      lunch pail James Robinson 1887
      mail box Paul L. Downing October 27, 1891
      mop Thomas W. Stewart June 11, 1893
      motor Frederick M. Jones June 27, 1939
      peanut butter George Washington Carver 1896
      pencil sharpener J. L. Love November 23, 1897
      phone transmitter Granville T. Woods December 2, 1884
      record player arm Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819
      refrigerator J. Standard June 14, 1891
      riding saddles W. D. Davis October 6, 1895
      rolling pin John W. Reed 1864
      shampoo headrest C. O. Bailiff October 11, 1898
      spark plug Edmond Berger February 2, 1839
      stethoscope Imhotep Ancient Egypt
      stove T. A. Carrington July 25, 1876
      straightening comb Madam C. J. Walker Approx 1905
      street sweeper Charles B. Brooks March 17, 1890
      thermostat control Frederick M. Jones February 23, 1960
      traffic light Garrett Morgan November 20, 1923
      tricycle M. A. Cherry May 6, 1886
      typewriter Burridge & Marshman April 7, 1885

      So it seems to me, with out us blacks, people like you would be still living in a cave shitting in a whole in the ground. You should really do your reasearch, and appreciate that if it wasnt for us your life would be alot harder. Now what are you doing to improve the way of life. lol From your post above im willing to bet your nothing more than a cancer to society, who is part of the problem and part of the solution.

      • Many of these are lies…..or myths. BS passed down without research. Just look at the second one, Benj. Bannecker…the “Almanac” 1791. How could he invednt the almanac when Benk Franklin was printing almanacs in Phila. in the 1730’s???? I see a bunch of others too.
        Too bad you are so insecure that you have to claim what isn’t yours…..just like Obama grabbing the Nobel Peace Prize which he did NOTHING to earn.

        • Your a ding dong…..Banneker also designed the Nations Capitol….That’s right…..Washington DC was designed by a black man….Ding Bat..

    • You are certifiably crazy! I’m talking bat-shit, psych ward committable, need to take meds daily kind of crazy. Everything you said was ridiculous. Have a seat in the “I’m proud to be a hateful racist”, corner please and don’t open your mouth! You have showed how stupid you really are.

    • Just shaking my head. You sound like a damn fool. Stop your whining and belly aching. You’ve called us a lot of stereotypical names. But you know what you backward cave dwelling hillbilly, I’d rather be that than, “Christian White Ancestors who are Land Thieves, Rapist, Murderers And Slave Owners. And yes you foolish cave dwelling hillbilly. You just described yourself in the last two paragraph of your ranting. And now your dumb ass is saying that black folks were the first one to own slaves in America? Bullshit. How did the black man get here? And unless the black man who own so called “owned the first slave” wrote that he owned a slave, I will not believe nothing that your ancestors wrote.

      • I love pissing off black people . They are so easy to get keyed up . It is like going up to a monkey’s cage and making funny faces to hear oooo oooo aaaaa aaaaa and all that . lulz . IF in fact black people were half as useful as you say they were , if they really did have the backbone of success and DISCIPLINE , they would also succeed as a free man as well . You guys still speak as cave men almost ….pants sag as if you dont have belts , ebonics ending words like master as massa , or playa , or holla , or dolla and on and on . I mean black people are the dumb ass of society . They kill themselves at such a high rate it is ridiculous , they steal from people at the highest rate in AMerica , they rape people at the highest rate in America , they collect welfare as high as the white race in which we outnumber the pathetic black race by a landslide . IF what I am saying is false , go check out stats , go check out death row websites as proof , how many black people are in death row versus any other color ? Oh yes but lets not forget , they are innocent . I mean , the denial even goes down to death row . They are all innocent . bahahahaha . Entertainment at it’s finest . Im watching some black entertainment television right now without the television . 🙂

    • Many of you are a bigoted idiots. If you read a book not made up of lies you would know black people brought the white man civilization twice. We brought the faggot ass Greeks civilization whom you all still give praise too, and secondly after the fall of the Roman empire when Moors crossed into Spain and ushered in what would eventually become the enlightenment and renaissance periods. The ignorance white people show when you discuss race shows the lack of knowledge and white supremacist world we live in today. Y’all tired of us? Good we tired of you, so why don’t yall leave us alone? Stop stealing our music, stop stealing our culture, stop whitening historical black figures. You guys can’t because you know you don’t have shit on your own. And to the cherokee-white guy who said the first slave owner was black find a better book to read. The Spanish and Portuguese had African slaves in central and south america and the carribean almost 100 years before your Anthony Johnson story. So do I believe any man should pay for the sins of his father, no. But he should be aware of his fathers sins so he can be a better man than the one he comes from. The ones who choose not to are the problem, and we will off them plain and simple.

      • I am a white person of Spanish decent and very proud of my Moor heritage. I cannot believe that other white folks are so ignorant as to not know their own European background. Had it not been for the Moors, as someone stated previously, Europe would not have come out of the dark ages. I just want to know what makes anyone think they are superior to another human being.

      • I tell you these behaviors are natural . When a race is widely known as being a sore to society it is only natural to develop a defense both historically or in the now . Bottom line is this – do me a favor if you want to do some ” research ” . Pick ANY state with the death penalty and look at the page of death row inmates . Mostly all black in every one of them …now look up government pages or local police pages for stats on rape , murder , child molestation ….it is funny because black people like to try to manipulate truth but the bottom line is you cant argue with who is currently incarcerated now can you ? The only defense at that point that you can come up with is that our country is wrongfully arresting black citizens for horrendous crimes . Anyhow , aside from history let’s talk about the now , the making of history is today – the present . Who is in jail now , who is committing the majority of crimes now , who is collecting the largest percentage of welfare now , who is complaining the most now , who is raising their kids up to hate ….then end up getting shot by police because they cant as most people do just turn around , shut up and let the police handcuff you ? Long question I know but as I see it , black people have access to everything that any other color today has . Do you think it is just racism that black society complains about ? Have you ever been in the ghetto ? I most definitely have . You will hear the most ridiculous bitching about everything under the sun that has to do with any inconvenience in life . Dont believe me ? Get out of your comfort zone and go hang out in the nearest ghetto , go make some friends there . Watch how life goes day by day as I have . There are so many injustices complained about EVEN when they have flat out broke the law ….they are still bitching . On drugs , will bitch , framing people for being baby’s daddy , lotta bitchin there . There is a TON of scumbag crap that happens in the rotten ghettos and you bet , aside from a racial division conversation most any black complainer will bitch about the ghetto plenty for you , just not in this context due to the racism topic ….BUT the strange thing is , it just takes working 40 hours a week for a couple of months to move into a nice apartment outside of the ghetto . As easy as that . Tell me I am wrong . Nope .

        • also one thing I forgot to mention if you want to see a race that hates black people the most – again visit the ghetto …you will hear THE most black hating going on in the ghetto . Calling each other disgusting nigger , cheating ass nigger , women describing black men as pathetic niggers that cheat on their man and such . Its always nigger though , they always call each other nigger with some hateful word to back it up . Dont believe me ? Go see for yourself . On the flip side – when was the last time you heard a white man say , that disgusting ass cracker ? Or that cracker cheating worthless man ? Using cracker or any white reference to describe a white man’s actions , not to say it does not exist at all but you just dont hear it much at all if any . Black people hate black people . Why ? Go live there …you will know within days . I promise .

        • Are you ignorant or just acting foolishly on purpose? There are more white inmates than anyone else in jail so the fact that you are harping on a list of death row inmates means nothing. On top of that you named Texas of all places. How many black men in the last 2 years alone have had life and death row sentences overturned due to DNA evidence and misconduct on the part of the police and prosecutor? Go research that. And if you want to be technical when you refer to a race being a problem, white people have killed indigenous populations all around the world because they couldn’t survive solely off of the resources on your shitty little content of Europe. Native Americans in the America’s and the carribean, aboriginal australians, tazmanians, africans, the list goes on. How many white people are conducting mass killings in America? I really do not understand what point you are trying to make. You are part of the problem. Educate yourself on things more than what you want to see and hear

          • No I am not ignorant . By far the blacks dominate the jails population nationwide . You are kidding me . By the way , not just Texas ….any state as I had mentioned . Look up death row websites . Instead of arguing with me out of your ass as most of your comments seem to come from some fairy tale . Actually look up death row inmates and p.s. leave out the bullshit he was innocent crap manipulation . No one wants to hear your DNA exoneration talk . Yes that is true for all races but most everyone on death row is guilty …and we know this so drop the bullshit reach stuff and go actually look something up ….then get back to me with links showing me death row sites and how I am wrong …..or just talk out of your ass as you have done in many comments .

        • Sean, do you ever read what you write? You probably would sound more intelligent, even if you marginally, kept your mouth, (opinions) shut. God…… you sound so dumb lol. I actually feel sorry for you. May Jesus Christ save you. You really need him bad.

    • Hey Scott your Moron….Keep believing your own hype. I guess that’s why their’s a black family in your precious white house…..running sh*t.

    • What exactly has the white man created, except chaos, that wasn’t already created and firmly established by peoples of color? I’ll wait…

      • Charlene, you’ve spent entirely too much time in the classroom and not enough time actually interacting with all people, not just whites. Your statement is certainly your opinion but it has no basis in fact or reality.

    • You speak as though you are well educated, but please don’t make me laugh because if you was you wouldn’t speak such ill informed BS. Maybe you should reeducate yourself in sociology read the real history about yourselves, then maybe you can get a real understanding and find the answers to the questions you are asking. Here this I can answer your question in three words White Supremacy Priviledges. But please do your reading and don’t rely on propaganda reasearch. America makes me laugh how so many white people can hate a race they kidnapped and enslaved. White Americans you really bewild me that you cannot understand what you have done You are all basically in denial and the good thing for you is that ignorance is bliss, because the whole world looks on you as narcacists against another race absolute ignorance then you all comment on what is truths and facts what she spoke which in toll was not racist but facts and truths. God help America to turn them away from their hateful ways. Am so glad England does not rank in hatred as your country. Please i must state not all white people but those haters especailly on here…oh am white. Another thing double standards here, for America to go into another mans country and kill and maime and remove dictators when you can’t clean up your hatred for mankind. Shame on you not all but most of you.

    • Don’t know you, but from the brief evidence you’ve supplied here, you are crazed by hatred. Can’t waste time on you.

  4. True, Michael Gallo. That’s a little known fact. I’m black and this woman is ignorant. Of history mostly and biased against an entire people as a whole. Smh.

    • be careful sir , you might get death threats speaking out against your own people . I am sure you get called Uncle Tom alot . It is good however to see you are aware of truth .

    • you aint black man, you need to be slapped, michael gallo will be the first of the savages to lynch a good house nigger like you,,tell him mike, you just dont like the professor, you hate all niggers, right michael, lol, you stupid fuck. look at all these race people calling that woman all kinds of names..and you talking about you black and she ignorant, get his ass michael Gallo, lynch his ass..

      • Why does it matter if white people hate niggers Shawn ? What is wrong with that may I ask ? I mean if you hate white people then how wrong is it to hate a nigger ? I mean just saying . Sounds like you want to be cradled and complain about niggers being hated when you hate white people . Stop being a wuss.

  5. Prove her wrong. This whole article was littered with a bunch of whinning and did not begin to address the statements that she made. I guess the truth hurts and in this case cannot be disproven. Typical of white folks to always quote the likes of MLK when it’s convenien, yet they disregard it totally when it conflicts with their privilege and entitlements. They disregard the words of MLK by not speaking up and speaking out about injustices. Give me a break and spare me the phony outrage.

    • I dont think it is necessary to prove her wrong . Who cares what she thinks . Who cares what any whiny ( it is not spelled whinning by the way – education sir ) black person wants to try to gain attention with . An unruly irresponsible small group of race at that trying to do anything and everything to create controversy . All this will die down , black folks will go back to their well deserved ghettos and start killing themselves again and nothing will change . Why ? Because when black people complain about injustice , they are not truly interested in their race . It is an act . They are interested in themselves and freebies they can get . College , jobs , money ….ask any responsible black person how easily available that was to them and is today . It is a matter of weighing down society with complaints and again , which will die down and eventually that step child anger black folks have that just cant seemed to get resolved will be directed at each other once again and we can all get a good laugh at the crimes they commit to one another . Have a great day 🙂

    • Well, her ancestors (and maybe yours) were kidnappers and slavers themselves. The slave traders didn’t raid the villages and steal the people; it was their black “neighbors” who did that. Also, it was the Muslim Arabs who were the most active slavers; white Europeans were pikers by comparison. Do the research and spare us the phony outrage.

      But what if she’s right? So what? None of us owns slaves. If it’s fair to saddle the injustices of prior generations on the present one, let’s not restrict it to white folks.

      • Arabs were the first but you do not see 36 million Africans in Saudi Arabia
        Or Syria. You see that in America because European enslavement was the most devastating. So while you are correct we should focus on what shaped the world we live in today as Americans. When you try to equivocate the actions of one group with anothers it could. One across as you making a lesser of two evils so to say. And if we shouldn’t limit the saddling of past generations injustices on the current solely to white people, who do you suggest we include and why

        • i seriously hate to correct you again because i am more on your side than not but — there are still black slaves in the arab world today.

        • “. . . you do not see 36 million Africans in Saudi Arabia
          Or Syria.”

          That’s because MOST OF THEM DIED IN THE SAHARA DESERT! There are more blacks in North America today because their ancestors weren’t starved and worked to death. Sheesh! They reproduced to the point that in some state they outnumbered the whites.

          • In honesty only roughly 600,000 of us were brought here by the English. The Spanish and the Portuguese are the master slave traders but as I stated we are focusing on America. And the fact that these people do no exercise their human rights and uprise against oppression is an injustice because as I stated they are living in contradiction of their religion. What I am saying is this is a problem we’ve been stuck with in America for centuries. Let’s work on black and white before everybody wants to divert attention and ‘distract’ everyone with black and brown issues

      • You are referring to some arab countries in North Africa are you not? I am aware of this, and those are my people ask well however as I stated we Need to.focus on American institutions for the purpose that we are Americans. Just because that occurs over there today it doesn’t forgive what occured for 300 years over here. Undoubtedly if given the platform I would push for the liberation of my north African brothers, becUse their enslavement as Muslims is a contradiction of the religion. But please know I am aware of that as well as modern slavery off the coast of chkna wherewal-mart and other major corps pay poor Chinese workers nothing to kill themselves fishing for seafood all day long. My focus is on black Americans. People may have it worse around the world but nobody has it worse here

        • ” . . . their enslavement as Muslims is a contradiction of the religion”.

          Huh? Slavery is a contradiction of Islam? Are you serious? Perhaps I misunderstood you.

          Anyway, I am not seeking your forgiveness (or anyone else’s) for sins I did not commit. If you are going down that road, why stop at 300 years? That’s arbitrary. Perhaps your ancestors enslaved Al Sharpton’s. Or vice versa. Or both! There is simply no way to sort out the injustices of history — of which there are plenty — today. Where do we start? How do we measure? We have enough to do if we just want to address today’s injustices.

          • Exactly, Uncle Rick! There’s not a person alive born in America that has owned slaves nor been a slave as historically recognized. The fact that there has been and continues to be discrimination on both sides is attributable to basic human nature. The whining and victim mentality is a self made prison and the sooner this is recognized, the sooner said individual will begin to effectively shape his future(or her).

        • rYo , I dont think you are getting it . There is nothing to “work on ” . No one alive today has owned slaves . The momma syndrome so to speak is not necessary . White people do not have to care about black people’s struggles with slavery . We never have owned one once again . Nor do we care . We aren’t your momma . We don’t need to cater to your tantrums in the rioting and such . We don’t care my friend . You don’t care about other races do you ? Do you put forth any energy toward helping any other race ? The black society has demanded sensitivities for way too long. ( Trying ) to make other’s pay for something they themselves never experienced and something we as white people never did wrong . We just simply dont give a shit about your heritage and its past . Plain and simple . I know that hurts like a band aid being ripped off but it is not necessary to care now is it?

          • I am in shape or form trying to make anyone pay for anyyyyyringgggg. I merely ask you know your history and understand this is a racist system and society we live in. I do not condone rioting and destroying the community you live in,but I do understand the anger and oppression, which you would understand if you paid attention history. What you see does not materialize from thin air. History has lead man to the environment he makes decions in today,And at midnight today will become yesterday,and thus forth the recent history that will influence the decions of tomorrow. Hell no I do not go and and march and promote the civil plight and struggles aginast other peoples. Am I aware of it and and do I support a humans push for his fundamental liberties as man? Hell yea but what my own phenitypical variation of man, the original version, has to deal with is practically life threanetening on a daily basis and that is my reality it will never be yours. You want to know what I do want? I want black people to open up their own business first in their community, and then on the franshie and corporate level, and generate some black $USD. I want us to spend our money with our people in our community so we can create and economically afluent population. If you go do your research many retail stores in inner city rarely experience excess inventory periods because African Americans particularly are not frugoulous buyers. Many black people in the inner city feel as though if they cannot afford the more affluent or desirable financial fixtures in life, for example the house in the suburbs, mansion in the hills, or condo uptown, they will buy the fashionable posseions, I.e. sneakers, clothes, purses, jewelry, cars, to give the allusion they are in that situation. Take it from me, I know, I’m black and I’m from Brooklyn. I’m for us basically financially separating and building up our community. That would generate more tax dollars in our community to build up our schools, housing, and general public works. But would white america allow that? Will the police ramp up brutality when everyone black is making more than them? The fact of the matter is I don’t give a fuck. And I am for arming my people in the instance that the police force continues mass murder. And those who stand with me will rise if my model proves to be successful as it should. But when the opposition comes with bombs and troops as they did in the case of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma (look it up) we will be armed and ready because that is what the American founding fathers did when the British came seeking their pie looking to leave the 13 colonies their insignificant slice. And we will fight for what we believe in and if anyone is against us then they will be ofded nothing else we can do.

        • Also I see you dramatizing Chinese fisherman . They are killing themselves fishing . LOL !!! Wow , dream job ! If you like the water and you like fishing there is no killing yourself to do it . DRAMA , then you said at the end of your whining statement that no one has it harder as far as in America as the blacks do . Let me tell you something – there is no other race that hates black people more than black people . You guys constantly hammer each other racially in all aspects calling each other nigger this and that …I cant tell you how obsessed I have seen the black race act racially toward itself . Its comical . Most of the white people I know cant stand irresponsible whiny people . Im not sure if you understand this being inside of the whiny obsession but you do realize you are complaining in a society where jobs are available ….a.l.l..o.v.e.r….the place and high up jobs too as far as management goes . It is equal opportunity . Just because you might not get the job , ( lol I love it when they complain about this too ) does not make the company a racist ! hahaha . Bank loans ? Hey if you got credit it doesnt matter if you are the color of diarrhea , you will get the loan . Welfare ? Well we know you guys have that one mastered already . Anyway , this statement of how tough black folks have it you mentioned ….how hard is it to sit around and bitch about injustice in the world ? I worked two jobs most all of my life , served in the military , risen and fallen through many circumstances and just keep getting back up . Knocked down a TON ! Toughen up boy . Stop being such a pussy . Pardon my french but you are definitely acting like a puss .

          • For the record there are more white people than anyone on welfare. Also welfare is just another form of public assistance, which includes food stamps, loans, student loans, grants, child care, Obamacare, SSI, social security, and unemployment. So if you get any of those you are or were on some type of welfare. And we call each other NIGGA not NIGGER. Niger is what whites called us because they couldnt pronounce Niger for the Niger River, the area where they took many of us from. We turned your racial slur into a teem of endearment, for a possible distant cousin who comes from where we come from. And yea my other statement put ya whole economic whining thing to bed

          • Listen to yourself rYo , you just actually tried to convince me that niggers use the word nigga as a term of endearment . I am going to have to say that I have spent more time around the ghetto than you have by FAR . You must have been one of those black people that grew up in a rich white neighborhood . There is not a race on the face of the earth that hates niggers more than niggers . When you say more white people are on welfare than anyone ….I guess of you include college grants in there that might give it the edge but as far as just money being given out to the jobless or single parents , no blacks have the edge and the shameful thing about that is , considering the population , blacks should be no where NEAR the white percentages with welfare which brings me to another point ,why are you not considering the percentages of population in what you are looking at ? Is it not manipulative to say that if blacks and whites are in a head to head race with welfare that since black population is smaller than most races in the United States it should be no where near the numbers as whites are by far the largest population ? Are you even aware of the population ? It doesn’t sound like it . ASide from that though , college grants , I most definitely can see that the white population would dominate that section …..totally believable because white people apply themselves . Go to a college anywhere and count blacks versus whites . Grants are there for all colors equally . Non racial biased situation there . It is just that black people like welfare meaning free money much better . No any statement you have made put nothing to bed . You did make me laugh though . You still havent looked up death row sites have you . Why ? Because you dont want to be stammered at the black population on death row do ya ?

  6. Oh yeah? Her cousins in Africa STILL ARE all of the above, while some of them are cannibals to boot! I’m so sick of this $hit! My ancestors were poor uneducated folk who worked their fingers to the bone just to survive, much less stealing land and owning slaves! This Communist Jew programmed whore no doubt benefited handsomely from the predominantly White subsidised government tit in order to get her education just so she can turn around and teach our kids how wicked and unworthy we are?

    • , ‘Your Christian White Ancestors Were Land Thieves, Rapist, Murderers And Slave Owners and still are. Stop denying your ancestry. You and every white person in America are benefiting off the back of the white man who owned slaves in America. So stop denying that you are benefiting. And what has the Jews got to do with any of this? Go back and read what you wrote and see how foolish you sound.

      • What have the Jews got to do with this? Read carefully, J Adams, and I’ll try to explain it in simple terms so you might understand. The Atlantic slave trade was dominated by JEWS! They outright owned every single slave ship, ran the auctions, and the slaves were initially purchased from other Negroes in Africa with JEWISH capital (which means money in White-man’s language). As for who is more inclined towards psychopathic deviancy, Jews and Negroes are neck in neck for first place, though Jews are much more intelligent and organised as they’ve managed to program the Negroes to do most of their raping and murdering (against Whites) for them.

      • I love pissing off black people . They are so easy to get keyed up . It is like going up to a monkey’s cage and making funny faces to hear oooo oooo aaaaa aaaaa and all that . lulz . IF in fact black people were half as useful as you say they were , if they really did have the backbone of success and DISCIPLINE , they would also succeed as a free man as well . You guys still speak as cave men almost ….pants sag as if you dont have belts , ebonics ending words like master as massa , or playa , or holla , or dolla and on and on . I mean black people are the dumb ass of society . They kill themselves at such a high rate it is ridiculous , they steal from people at the highest rate in AMerica , they rape people at the highest rate in America , they collect welfare as high as the white race in which we outnumber the pathetic black race by a landslide . IF what I am saying is false , go check out stats , go check out death row websites as proof , how many black people are in death row versus any other color ? Oh yes but lets not forget , they are innocent . I mean , the denial even goes down to death row . They are all innocent . bahahahaha . Entertainment at it’s finest . Im watching some black entertainment television right now without the television . 🙂

        • Some are easy to anger because they don’t know the truth. The shouldn’t get angry over being called a monkey–they should shave the monkey. They should watch “America before Columbus”, and understand the depravity in Europe, and the orgin of ghettos. They should read “The Mating Of The Human and The Neanderthal”. They should understand there are no “black” or “white” people–that’s just a lie to hide the truth. They are Human(man with a hue), the majority in the world. Understand the calcified pineal gland and understand it steals more than land–it also steals labels. It is a thief, a liar and mentally ill.

        • Sean Patrick, there has always been more crime in the suites than in the streets. You need to learn who’s really picking your pocket, and inhabiting your brain.

      • @ J Adams. Ok. So what if my ‘Christian White Ancestors Were Land Thieves, Rapist, Murderers And Slave Owners” That is not me. I hold NO responsibility to what they did. Do I benefit from it? Yes – in the respect that this country is more advanced and more free than the rest of the planet. Do i feel Guilty? NOT ONE LITTLE BIT. Do i feel that i am owed anything? No. We are responsible for our own lives. This Professor is just spewing hate. Some 18 year old white guy is now is the target and cause of all things wrong at universities? That is BS and you know it. AND it has been mentioned many times already – if the professor was Caucasian and said those exact things about African Americans… then the professor would be fired. There would of been picketing and Al Sharpton would of made a visit.

  7. Nothing stings like the bitter truth, no chaser. If young white men, who indeed are the very bane of society and not merely “a problem population” (really, she was being nice), have a problem with this woman, let them find another school to attend. Or better yet, leave America altogether and go back to Europe.

    • well now that is funny . Comedy hour and Lucy is the greatest !! Coming from a race that burns its own businesses down to make a statement of we are tired of being treated unfairly , this is most definitely some funny stuff you said . If we took the young white men out of the country and they went back to Europe then all that would be left is a burning society or monkeys now thrashing each other ( as they do today at the highest percent ) and complaining to each other how unfair life still is . 🙂 Black people are societies suicidal tendency . Any race that can complain about there not being enough black business owners and yet in the same conversation support looters and burners in their rioting …..well , I am sure Lucy that you just wont get how hysterical that actually is . It just goes to show how generous we are as a nation that we obviously handed this women her diploma just simply because she is black because education is definitely not her strength obviously . Children ( white children ) would have greater common sense than this woman . If you support black kids burning your own people’s businesses , please dont complain that there are not enough black owned businesses . Please . lol

    • They can’t go back to Europe. Where they gonna go? They don’t have a home. They gave that up when they came over here where , ‘There Christian White Ancestors Were Land Thieves, Rapist, Murderers And Slave Owners.

      • @ J Adams – ‘Their Christian White Ancestors Were Land Thieves, Rapist, Murderers And Slave Owners” You gonna beat that drum for a while. I wonder what negative comments we cant attribute to Africans… backward? Uneducated, Tribal, warlike en-slavers … etc.. What is the point? What about Australia? A land of convicts? So they still are today? BS.. Quit dwelling in the past… let it go and advance .. You have so much opportunity here if you take responsibility for your life.

    • Lucy, you’re obviously either every bit as ignorant as this Professor Wench-Whore, or you’re a typically sadistic Jew chiming in here to support your methodically programmed human bio-weapons!

  8. How did she become a Professor? The Irish were the First Slaves here,#how Mr. Gallo forgot to add that part of it. They were Cheaper, Treated Harsher, Nad Not just one at a time but whole Family’s. when they were done with them they didnt get 50 Acres or set free, They got thrown overboard a ship or set on Fire as A Family. She REALLY needs to Educate herself when she starts talking about How bad The Black man had it when They were treated Well better than The Irish. Her Education is Sore lacking and Any University that would Employ her too teach our students BETTER think Twice CAUSE SHE IS A RACIST DOUCHE BAG!

    • Out of seeing these black folks make a total embarrassment out of themselves which I have rarely seen any care about being a sore to society , I am also Irish and our people have most definitely went through lengthy persecutions and slavery . I have to say though…. I gain much respect for the Irish community in the USA because look at us , we dont complain about unfair history . We work . We complete . We resolve . I am glad I am not black . There are many responsible mature black folks that are ashamed of the monkey society a good portion of black folks represent . Loud , complaining disasters . Our country would be better off without ghettos . They should be kicked out of the USA to be honest . If you arent working as a black person only ( not whites ) then you should be shipped off to an island to learn hot to self maintain .

    • Are you serious PR joking? The Irish didn’t show up in America until the early 19th century because y’all couldn’t grow good potatoes. And what you neglect is although many of the Irish were indentured, as an indentured servant a day of release comes as one of the terms! you were a slave you were a slave until you died or were killed! Don’t bring up the less than %15 who escaped because that would make it clear you are looking for some form of equivocation m of

    • Are you serious PR joking? The Irish didn’t show up in America until the early 19th century because y’all couldn’t grow good potatoes. And what you neglect is although many of the Irish were indentured, as an indentured servant a day of release comes as one of the terms! you were a slave you were a slave until you died or were killed! Don’t bring up the less than %15 who escaped because that would make it clear you are looking for some form of equivocation on a topic where there is none. To be honest what all other ethnic groups faced in America is their problem and something they brought on them selves trying to establish themselves in foreign land. WE WERE CAPTURED OR SOLD TO COME HERE AND BE ENSLAVED. WE NEVER ASKED TO COME HERE, YOU DID. Think about that next time you try to make a race or ethnic comment

      • i disagree with most of the white people here and they are racist but you’re wrong on all accounts about the irish. we were here before the 19th century. the english tried to kill us by taking all our crops – it was not a famine but a genocide. indentured servitude was not as bad as slavery but many people were never released from it. and prior to the the “”famine”” many irish were in fact taken here as servants because to the english there was no difference between black and irish and that was true until around 1800.

        like i said – these people are idiots but don’t also be an idiot.

        • Until around 1800 when the notion of racism and white suotemacy was created. And what happened to the Irish was on no shape or scale what happened to west Africans. The effe ts of which are still shown today. If Rory O’Neal changed his name and accent and moved to england his life would be fine. The same reality is not so for a man of color. While they may have experienced disenfranchisement and hardship the sociological system doesn’t work the same for you guys at all. You are white men complaining about the adversities of your ancestors who were minute in numbers compared to ours. Despite Irish lineage today you benefit from white supremacy. I appreciate your stance on the position and providing me with a bit of new info but please understand this

          • i absolutely do understand this. in fact, the irish got where they are by selling out to white supremacy. we bought in to those who oppressed us and gave up our culture and language to do so. we are the original “uncle ruckus.”

            there are only two reason i point it out to you – 1. at the base of white supremacy is denying someone else’s pain. don’t buy in. doesn’t mean you have to coddle or fall for anyone’s fuckery but . . and 2. because the best way to defeat these racist bastards is by being right. morally you are right. might as well have all the facts on your side too.

          • I appreciate your position friend and you are undoubtedly right. It is too easy to group together people when talking about race in America, and not pay attention to the fact everyman ces from a land with its own culture and history. I will not this mistake again and I thank you for your position on my communities issues

          • The funny thing is rYo , Cassandra , do you think anyone cares about your stupid whiny crap ? As an Irish person myself , the past is the past . Weak people weaken people. Complainers magnetize to complainers . The other choice is to be happy with what you do work wise , family , friends and stop taking history as an excuse for you to bitch about situations that were far beyond your years which is the funny part – as serious as you two are about injustice hammering people for being racists and such . So what if they are ? Shut up , go live your life and stop being a whiny pansy about everything that happened in the friggin 1800’s . This computer I am typing on – 400.00 pissing off rYo and Cassandra – priceless 🙂

    • well, considering that she is talking about the united states and the irish were largely used as servants in jamaica, barbados, montserrat . . . etc. ?

    • Why does my race matter, I did not make the racists comments, she did, and her statements are direct quotes. Had you read the article you would have seen that I clearly state that I am white.

      • Of course you are. It was rhetorical. We all know you’re white, not from direct indication but because who else would bother to write this tripe but an offended white person?

      • had you read the comment you would see the poster was being sarcastic. maybe you should fire your preparation h gun to deal with your inflamed asshole.

    • which do you have a problem with JJ . They color of the person that wrote this as far as whether or not it is true that this teacher said these things or are you just complaining to complain ? 🙂

  9. I love this Sister she is Spot on!!!! And all of the comments above bear witness to white males being a problem population Globally! Get over your Pyschopathic Denial and reexamine your Jingoistic fictious myths that you pass off as History! Kill, Conquer, and Destroy is the European way and Custom, along with lying and denying that they have a culture of evil and bloodshed! We need more Strong Black teachers like this !

  10. I love this Sister she is Spot on!!!! And all of the comments above bear witness to white males being a problem population Globally! Get over your Pyschopathic Denial and reexamine your Jingoistic fictious myths that you pass off as History! Kill, Conquer, and Destroy is the European way and Custom, along with lying and denying that they have a culture of evil and bloodshed! We need more Strong Black teachers like this !

    • you need to study your history. There have been many wars and battles.. most did not contain any “Europeans” China, Middle East.. Africa. You are limiting your ‘opinion’ to a thin slice of history. Grow up.

  11. I think the main problem is who cares really ? I know I dont . I have never been laying in bed at night thinking about how unfair life is for black people . I simply – dont care . What I do see is that is the goal that not all but alot of black people want to accomplish though . If you are paying attention and/or involved in their madness then they have already accomplished what they are setting out to accomplish . Compare it to a bratty child – perfect example . A kid that throws fits , emotionally out of control , always complaining ( we know it will never end – a good portion of black people love to complain ) and just out of control . Well you know if you pay attention to the child it will act out even louder . This is exactly what a weak whiny portion of the black race is doing . There are many mature responsible black people that also consider those people to be hideous . They are embarrassed by their own people . They are afraid to speak out though because guess what happens if they do ? Threats , they get called Uncle Tom , mocked , ganged up on ( since the majority of black people complain ) so they are outnumbered . They even mock MLK . They are a poison to society and they feed their kids minds with hate while their children go out and riot to bring them home toilet paper and potato chips and such . This joke of a teacher above says it is getting harder and harder to buy from black owned businesses on MLK week . LOL !!!! PERFECT EXAMPLE of the brat I am talking about . Black people have molotov cocktailed black business owners across the nation and now she wants to support black business owners only while in the same paragraph justifying what these kids are doing rioting . If YOU were a black business owner , would that just make you confused ? Again I say , they are spoiled brats . Dont pay attention to them and they will eventually go back to their “cribs” and get back to killing each other which they are the best at nationwide . 🙂 Have a great day folks !!

    • Yeah, and we need to send all these empty headed liberal Marxist professors teaching this victim mindedness to all of our college aged kids down to the inner cities to live. Hopefully they would be dealt with appropriately by the “misunderstood” underprivileged souls there.
      It is very simple, bad things can happen to people, life isn’t fair, but if you live as a victim, you will remain a victim!
      This does NOT mean going out and becoming a perpetrator, it means developing life skills such as self discipline, perseverance and commitment like every other successful human being, regardless of color, achieved.

  12. It’s the truth and nothing more than the truth. White people have been the cancer of this planet. The whole world would be a happy place had they never existed. No colonialization, no murdering of several hundred million people on this planet, no slavery. How one can look at the last 500 years of history and still not be conviced of that is a miracle to me.

    • Then you better get rid of the computer you are using, get rid of most of your medications, stop using the road ways, stop driving cars or using trains, stop using printed books, stop using the Bill of Rights, stop going to most of the colleges and universities and better just move to Africa or China or better yet, North Korea. White folks don’t have much influence there.

    • Probably because what you are passing off as truth is in fact merely the ideological rantings of a psychologically imbalanced professor who has spent too much time sniffing book glue instead of being a responsible adult in the real world.

  13. Nothing she said was a lie. Europeans hate it when Black people speak the obvious truth. The so-called forefathers of the USA were a bunch of land-stealing, Afrikan slave owning, Black men, women and baby raping, genocidal army on “Natives” and Afrikans who get to write their own stories/history and pretty up their demonic behavior.

    • Then stop reaping the benefits of living in the society those evil white folks fought and died to create. The very idea of free speech, individual rights and so on DID NOT EXIST in the world prior to America. By seeing whites the way you do and living under the benefits of a country whose poor people are OBESE, you are the worst kind of hypocrite.

  14. Geez. Get over yourselves. Columbus and his cronies found land that wasn’t lost, killed and enslaved its inhabitants and spread nasty disease. Period. Don’t deflect. It happened. Your ancestors owned humans. We all learned the history before it was whitewashed. It’s still happening today. It’s called gentrification peppered with mass incarceration. Accept it and move on. Why does a black person have to be a bitch or monkey or other animal when they speak the truth that the majority doesn’t like? Sad. Be careful. Your privilege is showing.

    • I really feel sorry for the poor people that buy into the “privilege drivel”. It sentences people to being hate filled and discontented with everything for the rest of their lives. All because they swallow everything their college professors drop in front of them. No critical thinking at all. Sad!

  15. And just who the fuck rounded up the slaves sold in the Americas and where did they get them and is it or is it not still happening over there. GFY.

  16. I dont see where she told any lies? The truth hurts. What she said is no more a lie than the fact that the black Amreicans are descendants of slaves. Its just the way it is.

    Whats interesting is how racist white ppl who are all in their feelings actually prove her assertions correctly but immediately going to that racist place whenever a black person challenges white supremacy. The article was jsut a bunch of whinning, no journalism at all…

  17. If white males really are such a problem population in her mind, then she needs to get rid of her computer(designed by a white man with software designed by a white man), she needs to sell her car or walk as the train system was most likely designed by a white man, she better pray she doesn’t get sick because a whole lot of modern medicine came about due to white men. I could go on, but the point has been made. As to her comment about white ancestors, I would bet good money that her ancestors were robbing, raping and pillaging other villages in Africa and her distant cousins still living there are probably involved in current atrocities being committed over there. Should we castigate her for the atrocities of her relatives? Whatever university gave her a degree should be ashamed for turning out such a crippled thinker and parents should avoid it like the plague lest their children be mind crippled too! SMH

  18. What I find even funnier is that the very university she is at was founded by a bunch of Methodist ministers AKA WHITE MALE PROTESTANTS! The very foundation of knowledge of free speech, natural rights and even the idea of individual rights having importance was because of, you got it, WHITE MALES! Women being educated is because of the efforts of you guessed it WHITE MALES who took to heart the Bible.
    Had history unfolded differently, she’d still be in Africa struggling to survive constant pregnancies, rape, droughts and either herding sheep or goats or scrabbling to find roots to eat. She whines from the comfort of her ivory tower fluffed and soothed by the parrots surrounding her. I feel sorry for this truly crippled human being who is destined for a life filled with discontent, malice and never ending emptiness.

  19. Jim Crow ended in the 1960’s,your use of this “something that happened 200 years ago…” is insensitive. I just don’t understand why white people can’t accept that we live in a country that’s unfair to minorities & poor people.

    • If you are living in the 1960’s, 70’s, 90’s and so on, you are not fulfilling your potential. What you are doing with and for your future to better yourself, improving skills and so on has more effect on your quality of life and success than focusing upon injustices whether real or perceived ever does. If someone hurt your feelings yesterday and you are still focused upon it, the only one losing is you. Get a life already!

  20. Is she feels so strongly about it then she should take her pride and her ideas about whites to an all black college! Stop using your thoughts and ideas to make black people look more racist than whites!!!!

  21. I think…in history we need to realize that some maybe right and some maybe wrong…But God is the only one who sits high and look low…God knows all…And God judges is all..the I’d you read Genesis you will under stand that the world was flooded. Then the world has Noah and his family…when you realize it we all came from God-Noah in reality you ALL CAME FROM NOAH…COLOR, GREED AND ALL. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME….SO READ THE BIBLE..SEE HOW JESUS DIED FOE US ALL…PRAY..PRAY AMD ASK GOD/JESUS RO SHOW YOU…HE’S REAL…PRAY PRAY

  22. These are such many faceted circumstances; I am always amazed by the numbers of comments made, not by the uneducated but by the dis-educated. In the 21st century, it confounds me that any people of any back ground, can rattle off such fairy tales. Any nation can claim slaves: they were & are just the people who lost. Slave holders? Those would be the people who won. Very simple. And for the record, yes, Irish history is a very sad one: between armies forcing them farther & farther west, wholesale extermination, being made to crew ships against their will & ‘transporting’ them to other countries, (primarily to Australia,) the majority of Irish did not survive. These systems existed as far back in time as we can go: Egyptians enslaved Hebrews, Greeks enslaved conquered people & Rome enslaved just about every body in the known world.

    To say that Europeans & their descendants’ enslaving Africans is just another drop in the bucket is not true because they crewed their ships & intentionally went to Africa to find indigenous people there, put them in chains & brought them to what is now the United States. There were stops in Jamaica & other ports along the way but ultimately, African people reached the colonies & then the US, bought & sold by settlers ~ almost exclusively from Europe, many from England (which had outlawed slavery within its own borders but saw no harm in participating in the lucrative business elsewhere). I can hear the naysayers now: sold out by their own countrymen & the facts do support this practice but not in many cases. This would have been the result of battles between African communities & generally it would have been the ‘losers’ who retaliated by betraying the enemy or the ‘winners,’ to traders. Yes, some did this over & over again with varying degrees of success as people got hip & moved inland & to higher ground from which they could more effectively protect themselves & their families from night raids.

    Okay, so we now have slavery being conducted on a large scale in what became the USA. By & large, they were treated in a manner befitting other possessions: kept in relatively good health (but not strong enough to put together any kind of meaningful escape) and punished with lashes, solitary confinement & certain other, carefully chosen measures, when some pride showed its recalcitrant head, as a deterrent to other slaves. If the threat was deemed unbreakable, they were killed, again as removal of a problematic person who would continue to disrupt slave quarters, in grotesque manner. This policy, again, would put down any bids for freedom. For a while.

    In my experience, when modern day people speak of group guilt, it is an attempt to raise consciousness about modern day events. When people dismiss all people of different skin colors as inferior humans with only violent aims, anyone may be able to see that this is impossible. There have been so many accomplishments, so many contributions to American society by people of color & there continue to be achievements by more & more who are medical doctors, attorneys & judges in our legal system, private business owners & chefs in high end restaurants & hotels, not to mention the huge numbers of people of color in our military services, serving & dying all over the globe.

    I only ask that, when considering these complex developments in our country & other nations around the world, people try to open their minds to the possibility that their attitudes are inherited & deserve to be reconsidered; open their hearts so that we may eliminate hatred. We should come together as Americans in dialogue, to resolve challenges through common goals: peace.

    • Peace is a laudable goal, but not at the expense of being taken to the proverbial woodshed for things done by people who are dead and gone to people who are dead and gone.
      There comes a point when individual efforts and perseverance must count for something. Constantly railing because of “unfairness” is an adolescent dream that isn’t based in reality. Life is not fair regardless of skin color. Get over it and join in the human race instead of sitting on the sidelines whining.

      • Well,I agree with her most black people do they just don’t say it because most white people cant handle the truth. Hey she will always be able to get a job especially at a black university but I am sure that she wanted to teach at this school because of the pay black colleges are not funded like white institutions.The truth I have been affected by the racism and hatred that was created by these “pioneers” and yes it pisses me off. MY friends and family are affected by it every day. Hell my brother went to Vanderbilt and is still considered just another black man. I had a white friend of mine tell me “shit I wouldnt trade places with you girl” With that being said I am happy her comment breaths such truth. If its not as bad as you say trade places with me. Yeah right! WHat i know is this she said it I hope she meant it and doesnt apologize like some white people do (I hate that) Say what you mean racism has gone underground I think I liked it better when it was in our faces. As far as MLK stop using him as a tool to defuse black people . He is not a tool he was a peaceful black man that was hunted down like a dog while being peaceful because he was seen as a threat. I more of a Malcolm X girl sorry. My mom taught me not all white people are bad just like all black people are not good however I am tired of people wanting to dismiss the deep rooted and bred truth. Hate is taught, white kids are taught to be cautious of black people , some do not have to work hard , they are just privileged. I work my ass off I fight everyday and I watch as some white people surpass me in the same career field with very little effort. Its real sorry but it is all real. I wish I didn’t see color but I do my color is the difference between a raise and minimum wage, life or death ,hired or not hired and the truth is there are people that dont look like me that do not have to worry about those things TRUTH.COM

  23. What a nasty piece of work this so called “professor” is. This is why so many universities today are frauds. They unload the clown car, and this piece of rat filth pops out. I have three ancestors that died for the Union trying to free her ancestors. And if you are all upset about what white people’s ancestors did…………did you ever ponder that your ancestors were cannibals? The fact that someone like this is even give a position to teach says much about the rot and destruction of America…that maggots like this are given a platform to rail on and on.
    In any intelligent society, this wastoid should be a chambermaid at a
    cheap motel.

  24. all of you guys are BUGGING!!!! first of all, you’re not reading what she said.
    – white college males are a problem pop. = white college males riot for no reason, create racist frats, are able to ignore their privilege, etc.
    – every mlk week, she wants to give back to the black community/businesses but everything is owned by white people
    – we’re taught that people like christopher columbus and etc are pioneers and great peoples that didn’t commit genocide of brown peoples and all sorts of stuff like that.

    lastly, slavery did exist in africa before white people came, but the overwhelming majority was indentured servitude: meaning they worked a certain amount of days, then were given days off to farm for themselves, they were given land, pay, etc.
    then the europeans, the worst being the dutch, came and introduced CHATTEL slavery – the slavery we are most familiar with in the united states. it was dehumanizing.
    we are all products of our environments. when black people are given shitty neighborhoods to live in, libraries are replaced with liquor stores, school systems aren’t good and teachers don’t care about your success, and you’re living in poverty, then what do you expect? white people lived in cities back during the industrial revolution. when black people wanted a piece of the pie and began moving into the cities, white people decided they weren’t going to live amongst the blacks and created suburbs just outside the cities. then the cities were left to rot.

    are you trying to say that slavery wasn’t wrong? are you trying to say that the genocide and near extinction of native americans wasn’t wrong? what are you all trying to say?
    she’s right.

  25. Some people posting here are racist themselves not realist. She should not get fired because she is telling the truth. As a professor she should not attack and group all white college students because I don’t like when we are grouped by some. The truth hurts and make some people defensive immature ignorant trouble makers just like all rioters no matter their color

  26. After reading all of these comments it sounds to me like black people are still slaves pretty much . White folks are living rent free up in alot of black people’s heads . To me that is kinda funny actually because not one person alive today was a slave …..oh but there is also things that aren’t fair though – I forgot about that . Black people are the only people that suffer from unfairness . brbrbrbrbrbr <—— in case you dont know what that is that is me hitting my kips back and forth with my finger in response to the craziness of all the whiny black folks with their Harvard ghetto degrees in history that was taught over a game of craps at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr Dr and Main St in downtown anywhere . Lulz . I'm going to call it black crack history .

  27. Historical trauma is a real psychological ailment that effects most Native Americans and Black people today. The atrocities of the past are still felt today and won’t be healed until people accept responsibility for the actions of their ancestors and try to understand the connections the present has to the past. The first step is admitting there is a problem.

    • Yep, and the problem is within the people buying this “historical trauma” crap. SMH, I have seen it all now, PT Barnum was right, there’s a sucker born every minute. Do any of you sitting through the professors that teach this crap ever stop to think that they are full of it? Do you not ever question what you are being told?

  28. Yes Rick you completely misread me. In Islam, as I was once a Muslim, the Qu’ran outlaws enslavement of Muslims by other Muslims. Those black slaves on north Africa are Muslims, as are the people who enslave them. This is totally illegal under Muslim law, yet this situation persists. And if my ancestors did enslave All Sharptons it is known that it was not the same type of enslavement your ancestors opposed upon MINE & AL SHARPTONS relatives. When you try and equivocate slavery in other societies you just contribute to the problem. You don’t live there you line in America, so stop trying to redirect anger toward the history of this establishment. That fact that white people can go through life and pay no attention to the ills they cause in America, and since you like to put things in a global perspective, around the world for that matter,that is the true problem at the sort of racial tension. That one color of people can always ignore or divert the attention from the pain they inflict on another race of people. And that is the problem. Nobody should forget where they came from. You will be doomed to repeat history if you do not learn it. As I stated before no man should pay for the sins of his father, but he should be aware of his father’s sins so he does not commit them himself and can be a better man than the one he came from. When you try to devalue your father’s signs by making them collateral to the sins of other man whom you do not come from, you are contributing to the problem

    • The Atlantic slave trade was dominated by JEWS, NOT White Christians! They outright owned every single slave ship, ran the auctions, and the slaves were initially purchased from other Negroes in Africa with JEWISH capital! I’m constantly amazed at how many idiots base their entire concept of slavery on the movie “Roots”, which, just like the constant stream of Holohoax movies originating from JEWISH owned Hollywood, was directed and produced exclusively by JEWS in order to deliberately demonize Whites and weaponize Blacks!

      The following quote is self-explanatory! It was written in 1912 by the Communist Jew, Israel Cohen, taken from his book; “ A Racial Program For The Twentieth Century”, and entered into the Congressional Record on June 17, 1957, volume 103, page 8559:

      * “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the COMMUNIST PARTY. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”* ~ Israel Cohen 

      So, as you see, the “complex relationship” between Blacks and Jews, whereby the Jews pretend to be motivated by a wholesome sense of altruism, is actually one of cold calculated manipulation and exploitation!

      It’s no coincidence that Carl Marx, the author of the Communist Manifesto, was a Jew, as were all the leaders and financiers of the Bolshevik Revolution whereby the Communists conquered Russia in 1917, which ultimately resulted in the systematic extermination of more than 60 Million innocent White Christians.

      It’s also obviously no coincidence that the war that’s constantly being waged against the Second Amendment has been led, without exception, by the likes of Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Etc., all of whom are Israeli Dual Citizens who occupy influential political positions within “our” government, and their obedient negro slaves are none too happy to enthusiastically join the mindless gun control chorus.

      The Negroes have literally been programmed to blame Whites for all the injustices of the world, and have likewise been “disabused” of any personal responsibility and/or accountability for circumstances brought about by their own ineptitude.

      The last thing the Jews want is for Gentiles to unite for the common good of all mankind (which is more than likely to spontaneously occur without the deliberate interference of the self-chosen) because they know it would inevitably result in the end of their Jewish-Supremacist genocidal communistic world domination agenda.

      • You make a compelling point however, Marcus Garvey spoke on the fact that the communist at the time in the early 20th century, Cohen and Lenin specifically, were attempting to influence the black population in america to join communism solely to overthrow the democratic power of the united states. The statements you read are written with such aim and intent. I do not doubt the Jews were and are behind and on control of much of what and has gone on since the the first rostchild clan 2 and a half centuries back, it would be foolish to deny the role western Anglo Saxon chritian imirrialistic and racist ideals, practices, and ways of life have played into the disenfranchisement of African people. Are the Jews solely responsible for the wealth of nations such as Britian, Spain, and Portugal? Maybe France and everything west of Germany the Jews are all intertwined in despite document persecution for centuries, but this ones on the white people not the azikhankans who are what you call the “Jews”

        • On second thought though , I guess you are a slave because you carry the resentment over the past of something that not only did not happen to you but also did not happen to possibly 5 or 6 deep down the line of your family tree if not more . Stop being a pansy.

          • I don’t want anything from white people. I just ask they know history and understand how we got to today. I am for arming my people so we can stop police brutality and murder, and I am for black owned business in the community. I want blacks to spend their money with blacks so we can generate more tax money in our communities for better schools. I want black people to only be amongst black people. And whoever is opposed to this will be offed because they are opposed to wholescale development. And for those who harp of skin color and cannot see a man such as you Sean, you will be offed as well.

    • Translation – what RyO is trying to say is , carry the shame of your ANCESTORS past today . If you RyO at any point in your life can realize just how stupid that request is , that is the day you will grow up and pull the thumb out of your mouth , also considering that you yourself are not a slave . Quite a drama queen , but not a slave .

      • And in addition to that, what RyO is proposing is a slap in the face for what Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and most of all what Ruby Bridges fought and suffered for. I find that to be as horrific as the Jim Crow laws were! How evil it is to trash the suffering and works of these black pioneers, and yes they were pioneers forging a new way. There really is no end to the depravity of the human heart, regardless of color. Whites and blacks both are throwing away the very thing that our ancestors struggled so much to bring into being, that of liberty. It is a vain generation so self absorbed and spoiled from the wealth and bounty that takes it for granted, letting it slip away. It is because we have plenty that this empty headed arguing about the past even happens. If the complainers were in Nepal, they wouldn’t be having these stupid arguments, they’d be struggling to find food, water and shelter and be grateful for what they found. SMH

  29. She’s not ignorant, she’s accurate. You cannot sweep this shit under the rug. Fuck this lame ass reporter who did this stupid as story.

    • Too bad the white French and English men etc.. bought them from black men, otherwise this woman would still be running around naked in a jungle somewhere. My ancestors were white slaves as well, but you still don’t see me blaming someone who never or have owned a slave about my problems in 2015.

  30. I’m just going to go out on a limb and assume for a moment that she intentionally neglected to mention that the most FEARED US slave owner was a black man. Because the implications that being a professor and not knowing this is destructive not just to her, but our entire educational system.

  31. Yes they were. And my ancestors purchased those slaves from Muslims and African tribal leaders who are still engaged in slavery TODAY…

  32. This BU professor and Chris Rock both characterize slavery as a white Southern institution, and for a brief moment in time it was that too. But in just the decade after emancipation in the US, in one other brief moment in slavery in Africa, black African warlords enslaved as many human beings as were enslaved in the entire US over 200 years. In terms of the entire history of slavery in the world, over time, whites are responsible for but a fraction of the abhorrent practice. Most slavery has been practiced by non-white peoples. So hers and Rocks ancestors make them to blame as well. Read any objective anthropological studies about slavery and you will find these assertions to be true. Any professor, including this one, should know these are the facts about slavery. So on top of everything, she’s not qualified.

  33. It amazes me how people get totally out of shape from the most trivial of things. Once we all Repent and submit to The Most High, we will all realize that we need to get therapy.

  34. It’s the truth, just never heard it said that way… Research Christianity, American, European history and how many times are you going to see where any country’s gave up their land as a gift to the Caucasian. Get over it and get a life.

  35. I have never and will never own slaves. None of my white ancestors owned slaves, as a matter of fact one of them WAS a slave. White people do not owe anyone anything, because we are not the ones that committed any of the crimes that any of you are talking about. I am perfectly innocent of any wrong doing…and I am so sick and tired of being told how evil I am because of something I cannot control. MY SKIN COLOR. I am aghast at the comments I see on this page, and I am distressed that I get lumped in with this lot. I feel like black people should just live in the now, deal with the issues they have now, and be glad that at least they were born in America. I guess you could move to Africa, and see how that works out for you, but I doubt you’d like it much there either.

  36. Her argument is invalid.

    Blacks owned slaves from opposing tribes and constantly massacred other tribes.

    BOOM HEADSHOT. Later libtard, feminist, new world order puppet moron bitch.

  37. People people – I am reading a bunch of people bitch about shit that never came close to being in their lifetime ….What some may not realize ….. 1. you are asking for white people to care about the problems black people go through while being cynical against white people despising them for the past . 2. Life is hard for all , complaining makes things worse. 3. Violence is never a resolution . 4. If you truly want peace then you have to be willing to provide what you are asking for as well – meaning if you want white people to be sensitive to your struggles then you also need to be sensitive toward theirs as well . ( that thought might stammer many black folks because honestly with the attitudes I have seen they for some reason think that they are the only ones with challenges which is as ridiculous as one can be but hey , that is all related to upbringing to be quite honest ) .

    When I was in my early teens I of course knew about slavery . I heard stories and to be honest I thought how in the hell can any person own another person . To me that is psycho . It is evil most definitely . When I was around black people because I thought these things myself of how horrible slavery was I had a tendancy to not be able to look at black people in the eyes . I felt guilty . Nothing really every changed with that for years growing up too . When I hit my mid 20s though crap hit the fan in my life . Got a divorce . 5 family members passed away including my mother and father and mid 20s to early 30s is way too early to be losing parents and family . I had just got out of the military and I felt like with all 5 people dying that I was in a war back at home .

    Anyway my point was life was EXTREMELY hard for me . I had to work 2 jobs to maintain while being absolutely shattered over losing family . Tough was not even the word ….more like what I was walking through was impossible …I did not complain though . I just grieved . I worked my way through it and eventually some sun came out figuratively speaking . Well once I hit my late 30s I started hearing about all this racial shit breaking out everywhere and to be honest all I heard was how black people are tired of dealing with racism . I thought , wow , I have seen and heard so many black people talking shit and being aggressive towards white people that were just downright hateful . As time went on throughout these years I noticed it is always the same old thing . Injustice for black people , life isnt fair for black people , we should all feel guilty while you are calling us white devils because our ancestors apparently did some bs. More guilt . More enslaved guilt for me because of my damn ancestors .

    So after years of this guilt fest , I see what happens today . I am now to the point that I dont care though anymore . To me black people are like the ex that just bitched bitched bitched until I didn’t care . I realized why the hell do I feel guilty toward black people ? I not only did not have a slave but I also think having a slave is screwed up . I own a business and I would most definitely hire a black person …I am not racist , but yet I am now . I am racist toward those that manipulate with guilt to get more and more as if their life has been any more harder than mine which I doubt . I am not racist toward black people that are mature responsible individuals . I respect them the same as I respect myself for pushing through some heavy tornados in my life . To sum it up , I don’t think that any black people give a shit about my struggles , they just care about how life has been hard for them . In all honesty , it is hard to want to be around or even pay respects to such selfish people . Therefore now when I see complaints , it is like looking at your ex and saying ” you know what ? That used to work – it doesn’t anymore though ” . We are just people here on this round rock and trying to gain footing in society by speaking out white devil and all that crap is by far just going to make me laugh at this point because I know it’s nature and it is a punishment for what ancestors did a long time ago . It is equivalent to mentally beating the hell out of someone for what your ex had done to you . Who would stick around for that ? I know there probably is not one black person that would .

    I think you are asking for way too much and using all the wrong ways to get it . Oh also it is hard to respect the complaints when I see all the crime and such happen . Rioting – you most definitely lost my respect as a person regardless of color if you support people literally ruining people’s lives by burning down their businesses and killing people because a black person died at the hands of police . To me , in all of that , the people that should be cared for deeply is the victims of the rioting . They were honestly the ones that were totally innocent in all of this . I disagree with some of the police situations and think some of them should go to jail for life or at least 20 years for manslaughter but you lost all respect from me if you rioted , support rioting or hate white people calling them white devils . There are many white people that have fought for this country to allow your tongue to speak freely and there are many black people that use that tongue to raise their kids to hate white people as well . It is a cancer . One that I shrug my shoulders at and just sorta smile and walk away from the whole disgusting character of the complainer . Many people feel this way . Not many have described it because it is hard to describe but it is the very reason why some white people are racist . They are just sick of it all since ….again…we never owned slaves and none of you were ever a slave . Seems like a bunch of unneccesary bitching if you ask me. I’m willing to bet you would be the same way if the tables were turned and it was white people that were enslaved by blacks during the 1800’s and the segregation that followed . You are a person , not a slave ….so stop enslaving yourself with resentment . Heck , we even died to free you . Dont hear much about that ever but many white people died to stand for your cause . There is your reparations. Human lives.

    • I was raised in a stable good home mother was a college graduate and I have also attended university, so have my siblings. My brother just graduated from an ivy league school adn he still is considered just another black man. What really pisses me off about your posts is that you assume that only poor ignorant black people are affected by racism. and careers are stagnat because of the color of their skin. That is why assuming makes an ass out of people. As a family we have all been affected and I have NEVER lived in the hood. I dont want anybody to give me anything but what I do want is for nigger not to be sprayed on my property or pulled over because I looked suspicious in my nice car with my kids in the back or for my sons grade to drop and his white teacher to be ok with that or if my son defends himself for him not to be looked as an angry child or questioned about his home life. These posts upset me because you dont want to admit the truth. I can, some black people are poor, some are not trying to better themselves, some live off the system. However, what upsets me is that white people act like they dont have dead beat citizens, serial killers, molesters, rapist, drug dealer, etc Every race does and if you think the past does not affect the future you are not only ignorant but blind and people like you are the reason that the world is stuck. If you are so sure that the past does not affect the present paint yourself brown and be me for a day Trade places with me buddy.

      • BuzzyBea, who exactly argued that white folk don’t have thugs amongst them? Part of the problem here is that there is a whole lot of assuming going on that has no basis in fact.

  38. Too bad the white French and English men etc.. bought them from black men,
    otherwise this woman would still be running around naked in a jungle somewhere.

  39. I can’t believe I wasted an entire hour reading these comments. The hatred and anger from both sides of the field is ridiculous: Coloreds versus Caucasians. At the end of the day, the past CANNOT be changed. It happened – what’s left in our hands is what we do today and tomorrow. If this ancestral discontent follows down the generational pipeline Dr. King’s “Dream” will remain only a dream.

    People, people, people…cut this mess out. American racial hatred is no softer than Hitler’s vehemence. And then for you to claim a Christ (God in human form) who did not see race (outward appearance) but pitied the hearts of humanity (inward appearance). I would rather be an agent for change than to be salesperson rallying for more tactical offenses.

    This professor’s statements are as damning as what the media has turned into a fire storm in Georgia – a principal using the terms “you people” and “all the black people”. For the Caucasian administrator to say that has been noted as racist and worthy of termination yet a colored woman on the university level is covered by “truth”.


    I will leave this post because I’m sure many will shred my views expressed. I’m sure to be called every “nigger lover” or possibly an “Uncle Tom”. What ever you choose do these 2 things:

    1. Thoughtfully reflect

    2. Call me “MISTER” what ever you choose.

  40. The reason why we’re even having this conversation is due to the evidence of a putrid European lineage. For centuries whites have rejoiced in their domination of the world. They have a say in everything and the last word to boot. They have stolen all of the world’s knowledge and riches and claimed it for themselves. They marveled at their own image heralded above all others; snickered but admired when the indigenous attempted to emulate them. Still, White America had to contend with the boisterous and edge-cutting critiques of white civilization such as James Baldwin, Stokley Carmichael, Malcolm X, KRS One, Immortal Technique, Louis Farrakhan, Rev. William Wright and you get the point. Whites have everything and yet they are not satisfied until every hued face is appreciative of their…..”contributions” to the world. Only the worthy among them would be the mouth piece of reason speaking plainly of the ill gotten gains white people have enjoyed at the expense of other peoples. Those be the John Browns, Tim Wise, George Garlands and so on. Whites who are reluctant to face the truth about their sinister past will always sound like Sean Hanity, Bill O’Riley, Mike Savage, Joyce Kaufman Rich Stevens, Rush Limbaugh and more of the same, white christian conservatives who cannot deal with a narrative in contrast to their own. As for this whole immigration thing….no white person in this country has the right to call anyone an illegal alien as they all came over here — illegally!!!! America, like every other Pampas movement on the planet is an ugly white stain – a cesspool of “sameness breeding” which needs to be thoroughly integrated. Spread the love the wealth and the seed. We’ll all one day be hued indeed!

  41. This lady is so right and the hellafied majority of a genocidal US colonialists stay in friggin denial. Iron denial. Oh – you had to work an extra job? You got tie-wurd and frustwated about all the mean people. Discrimination against stupid crackers in denial is not RACISM. Who captured you and took you away from your homeland? Who imposed a regime of unrelenting centuries long terror on your ancestors? Who made you speak another language? Who made you work sun up to sun down for zero money? Who stole your religion? Who changed your name? Where was white reconstruction jim crow hell? Oh – there wasn’t any. NONE of that has happened to a single put-upon caucasoid, and yet here we’re supposed to sympathize about all the vicious RACISM you suffer. Bullocks. Your demand to change the definitions of words like “racism” to suit your personal discomfort and score points for your deluded idea that none of the previously mentioned trauma matters at all. So what? When you start calling somebody giving you the finger as functional equivalent of “Racism” then you are fully and functionally in total denial, not only about 1. Race and 2. Your ungodly levels of privilege 3. Linguistics.

    So, to whit, if you want anyone except a bunch of milquetoast racist dweebs to have any sympathy for your so-called problems and issues, you best stop nationalistically aggrandizing your special predicament and come down to earth where the rest of the non-privileged, non-anglo, non-denialists live.

  42. “While I respect Ms. Grundy’s freedom of speech, if she does not resign, I look forward to the news that she has been fired.”

    In what way does this respect her freedom of speech?

    Twitter is the best way to be provocative in public and it forces people to summarize the truth, for better or worse. But, the “worse” just means it is the best way to let morons take what you say without context and do their own thing with it. Speaking as a white male student at BU, I’d love to take her class.

  43. She as an Ethical person should stop allowing herself to be supported by the system she believes was born of land thieves, and slave owners. This Racist should resign. If she does not resign she should be fired.

  44. Seems to me a compassionate, empathetic, well educated person might recognize our history of human ignorances for what they are/were…ignorance.

    Wouldn’t it be really cool if some/many Americans and other free people were willing to recognize and accept that mankind, aka the human species, is constantly evolving, learning from our ignorance and taking affirmative steps to correct the ignorances some or many humans embrace?

    Sadly, slavery and racism are human ignorances that many humans once embraced and encouraged.

    Sadly, today there are Americans who obviously prefer to focus on the ignorance/mistakes of our human past, causing continued resentment, pain and mistrust, and in my opinion placing obstacles for healing now and in our future.


    • Wow, Avery Jarhman, ur annoying outlook/ perspectives was read really shady. What are you afraid of, not being challenged negatively Hum??? Her name is Professor Saida Grundy if that is who you were referring to.
      Know also that some evolve in good ways while others change for the worse, that’s fact.” Affirmative steps,” regarding racism are insignificant today in the US as most black people do not see it.” Once embraced.” Is a joke, where have you been, planet clueless? Racism is still embraced and encouraged, both covertly and overtly. Have you heard of institutional racism, unless you don’t watch the news? I rarely do, yet I know that. So in my view, you stated that to deliberately p… Black people off or you are really clueless.

      You also stated, “Sadly, today there are Americans who obviously prefer to focus on the ignorance/mistakes of our human past, causing continued resentment, pain and mistrust, and in my opinion placing obstacles for healing now and in our future.” I am sure you are talking about Black Americans right? So state it. Furthermore, the words “Our mistakes; “I’m sure refers to whites right? Really thou, I feel like I am addressing a baby, How can you be so ignorant? I mean, your last sentence said it all.
      Please get some basic knowledge and know what you are talking about. I’ll give you some info for free, slavery is still in continuance; particularly involving Black people in the prison systems. Now go do your research and find that out for yourself.

  45. I’m emigrating to the US from South Africa in January next year and was so hopeful that I was leaving this race card bs behind.
    Ms Grundy can come over here – every company has to have a BBBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) certificate and African women are the most sought after in management positions as they shoot the score straight up. The better the certificate score, the more contracts your company gets. No, I can’t explain why.

  46. The fact is that she is an idiot. She is supposedly a scholar and in academia, but clearly doesn’t know her history. The fact is that the vast majority of white people at any time in American history owned exactly ZERO slaves. The vast majority of white settlers going out west never killed a single Native American. Some did, sure. The point is that economic exploitation (of which slavery is the most onerous kind) has always been perpetrated, in any meaningful way, by the richest stratus in any society. She does a disservice to MLK by seeking to *widen* the gap of understanding between races.

  47. Rather than “celebrate MLK Day why not bring Dr. King’s teachings into the work that we do today. He certainly didn’t shy away from challenging racism, as this young professor is obviously committed to doing. But he also embraced his allies and even his opponents. In his Letter from a Birmingham Jail he offers us a way to take principled stands while recognizing everyones potential to change. So let’s not start the dialogue based on who is or isn’t problematic. Challenging, yes. In a culture permeated with the ignorance of popular culture we all suffer from varying degrees of ignorance. But Dr. King embraced all in a spirit of love, even those he had to challenge. Bringing a little bit of the ‘beloved’ community onto todays college campus can go a long way toward everyones learning and everyones healing.

    • Like I keep saying, white dudes who leave stupid comments just do their research first and stop talking off their heads. So easy for folks like you to talk first and learn after lol. Won’t you lot ever want to learn anything about whats real. You – Spock, sound like every other white dude or many of them. Expecting Blacks to hand out the olive branch first. SHHHH! You and the likes of you wish. The olive branch has been handed out for over 300 years so if you want to be of any help. Tell ur people, those that are racist, to do their part in peace instead of always expecting Blacks to do it and stop being lazy about that.

  48. Wow what a bunch of BULLSHIT!! they walk down the streets to be “free” and all that shit, now they got their “freedom” now they want to victimize white people. since when does tolerance become too much?? because this bitch is insane. fucking hell we white people just need to kill these cockroaches. one thing I can say for white people We DECLARE war, the other races do not, they sit idly until the numbers get bigger and bully…shame she needs therapy


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