Bowe Bergdahl Attorney: ‘Trump Should Be Sued For What He Said’ [Video]

Bowe Bergdahl Attorney: ‘Trump Should Be Sued For What He Said’ [Video]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump put political correctness aside and said what we all have been thinking about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl calling him a “dirty, rotten traitor.” Trump went so far as to pantomime the soldier’s execution.


WND reported that Trump was speaking at a town hall in New Hampshire on Wednesday and referenced the controversial prisoner exchange, which critics say allowed dangerous Taliban commanders to go back into the field, and called Bergdahl a “dirty, rotten traitor.” Trump also seemed to pantomime Bergdahl’s execution while speaking of his release, NBC News reported.

Bergdahl’s attorney, Eugene Fidell, wasn’t happy with the references, saying Trump’s display threatened his client’s right to a fair trial.

Fidell also said in a statement Trump ought to be sued for defamation and said his client, facing a preliminary hearing in the military justice system, is in no position to defend himself from the presidential candidate’s remarks.

“Nor, as a practical matter, is [Bergdahl] in a position, for the moment, to bring the defamation lawsuit Mr. Trump richly deserves,” Fidell said, NBC News reported.

Fidell slammed Trump’s remarks as “unfounded” and reminded Bergdahl’s not been charged with treason.

“[Trump’s comments] directly threaten my client’s right to a fair trail,” he said. “Mr. Trump must stop vilifying this young man who suffered five years of brutal captivity at the hands of the Taliban and deserves to be judged on the basis of evidence rather than slander from someone who has never worn our country’s uniform.”

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Apparently, Mr. Fidell is not aware of the investigation that found his client Bowe Bergdalh guilty of desertion.

The U.S. military announced in March that it has charged Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with one count of desertion and one count of misbehavior before the enemy by endangering his unit. Army officials said they were referring the case to a preliminary hearing.

The preliminary hearing in the desertion case against Bergdahl, known as an Article 32 under the Code of Military Justice, was originally set for July 8, but has been delayed until September 17, 2015, at the request of his legal team.

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