Bowe Bergdahl Found During California Pot Farm Raid, Obama Orders His Release [Video]


Bowe the deserter Bergdahl was found at a pot farm raid and claims he was just ‘visiting old friends’, who happen to be pot farm growers. 


Why was Bergdahl permitted a personal leave when in March, he was charged with desertion and abandoning his post. His actions caused the death of 6 Americans who were sent to search for him when it was a known fact that he deserted. He should be under military arrest not walking the streets a free man.  

Berdahl’s platoon mates were interviewed by the military immediately following the incident. In that investigation, they all stated emphatically that Bowe had deserted.

Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon leader, Sgt. Evan Buetow describes how he learned that Bergdahl had abandoned his post to actively seek out the Taliban. 


Know this, Obama traded 5 high level Taliban, knowing that Bergdahl had deserted. 


Military authorities were notified, and after calls “all the way up to the Pentagon,” he was turned over a military escort who came to Ukiah to get him.

The AVA reported that Bergdahl had arrived last Friday at the remote property 7 miles northeast of central Redwood Valley, and was scheduled to return to the East Coast on Wednesday.


He was not arrested. At the Pentagon’s request, the combat veteran was transported by the Sheriff’s Department to Santa Rosa where he was met by an Army major who was to accompany Bergdahl to his duty station near Washington.

Van Patten said Bergdahl was detained, but ultimately was “determined not to be connected to the operation, at least there was no evidence to suggest he was involved.”

President Barack Obama Gives a Statement Regarding The Release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl by The Taliban

Fox News reported that when Bergdahl encountered the law enforcement team, Van Patten said he identified himself while the sheriff’s office reached out to the Department of Defense. The agency confirmed Bergdahl was on leave, and asked for their assistance in getting him back.

Sheriff’s office personnel later drove Bergdahl “to a halfway point,” where he met up with army representatives.

An Army spokeswoman, Cynthia O. Smith, confirmed to Fox News that Bergdahl was picked up in California.

“U.S. Army North was contacted by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office on July 21 regarding an incident within their jurisdiction in which SGT Bowe Bergdahl was present,” Smith said.

“SGT Bergdahl was on authorized leave in California at that time. He was not arrested and has returned to his duty station at Fort Sam Houston. He has not been charged with any crime involving his time on leave,” she added.


Van Patten said the marijuana eradication team discovered 180 mature plants being grown outdoors, and added that it would not be out of the question for someone in the house to not be aware of the plants.

At least one person was arrested in the raid, but Van Patten said at least one person other than Bergdahl was also not arrested. He added that it is “not unusual” for people found in similar situations to be released.

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