Bowe the Deserter is a Traitor: The Proof is in the Video (WATCH) Why is he Crying?


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was not a prisoner … he is a traitor, and a deserter, who sought the Taliban out, and walked freely into their hands. Ask yourself this, why is Bergdahl crying in this video, could it be that he did not want to return home? I do not believe he is suffering from stockholm syndrome as the media wants us to believe, nor do I believe he was beaten; he looks very healthy in the video and shows no signs of discomfort which would be visible were he beaten.

Pay close attention to Bergdahl’s facial expressions and the reassuring gestures of the man talking to him; watch the body language. Watch how the man comforts Bergdahl, and even pats his chest as if Bergdahl is saying he cannot do this, or does not want to leave.  

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What do you think, why is Bergdahl crying, and why is he being consoled?



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                               He is crying …                                           He is being consoled…

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 These men are talking to Bergdahl in a relaxed, and friendly manner. Why does the video quickly cut away from this scene? Perhaps to hide their camaraderie?






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