Boy Scouts of America Bans ‘Water Gun Fights’


The Boy Scouts of America released their approved activities list for its members, and ‘water gun fights’ are strictly prohibited.

The Boy Scouts of America’s National Shooting Manual clarified the rule, which says “For water balloons, use small, biodegradable balloons, and fill them no larger than a ping pong ball. […] Water guns and rubber band guns must only be used to shoot at targets, and eye protection must be worn,” the Washington Times reported. 


The response was negative comments like these:

“This makes BSA look ridiculous and has little if any impact on safety,” said Gary Holeiwnski.

“Sometimes I just have to laugh out loud at how idiotic some things in our society have become. We can’t squirt each other with water guns because it is a ‘simulated’ gun. I can’t believe BSA is so worried about the PC police that it has a policy like this,” added Gary USMC.

“Yes, let’s carry every policy to the absurd extreme. That will certainly help scouts shed that geeky image,” added another.

Members of the Boy Scouts salute during

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  1. Geeky Image? Listen cupcake, most of the scouts I work with are far more outdoors savvy and independent. Compared to most of these gamer kids in school into drugs and acting out have never spent a night outdoors, never hiked a trail and don’t have any independent skills and wouldn’t last a day without their cellphones or in situation requiring some outdoor skills. So call them geeks if you like but they are far more independent than most kids. BTW, its the insurance companies restricting these activities for money reasons not BSA PC ones.


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