BOYCOTT: This Popular Show On ABC Just Trashed Trump And His Supporters

BOYCOTT: This Popular Show On ABC Just Trashed Trump And His Supporters

ABC’s liberal hard left series Black-ish premiered their third mid-season with a post-election episode that hurled insult after insult at President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters.

The show refers to Trump as the devil, Trump supporters as racists, and even goes so far as to question if Dr. Ben Carson is really black.


Advertised as “the election through the eyes of ‘Blackish,’” the episode depicted Trump’s presidential victory as giving way to white men everywhere bullying and screaming at those who are not like them, Sassy Liberty at AFF reported.

In one scene, a white high school student refuses to listen to his foreign-born teacher — and then leads the room in a “ship her back” chant.

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Lucy, played by Catherine Reitman, who is white, reveals she voted for Trump and chaos breaks loose.

“Can someone explain how 53 percent of white women voted for the orange p—y grabber?” Wanda Sykes’ character Daphne asks. “Lucy, I mean, as a resident white woman, if there was ever a cue for you to talk, it would be now.”

The majority of the episode takes place in a conference room, where one character revealed she voted for Trump. After facing harsh backlash from everyone else in the room, she said, “At least I know what he says is on his mind.”

Responses from the other characters on the show ranged from, “He’s the devil,” to “A vote for Trump is a vote for racism.” When the discussion turned to outgoing President Barack Obama, the series gave him the same big wet, admiring kiss the media and celebrities have been bestowing for weeks, continuing their love affair with all things left and liberal.

One character gushes that Obama was “the coolest president we ever had,” to which the main character, Andre responds, “He could have punched a baby” and not lost a vote. At least that was a true statement…..unfortunately! It’s a sad day when a man who had such an amazing opportunity to do so much for so many with the platform he had been given, instead chose to divide and pander to his own ego.

Many viewers took to Twitter to express their outrage, viewing the show as simply racist.  White people weren’t the only ones offended by the show either.  Outrage also came from many in the black community when the show chose to question Dr. Ben Carson’s race.  The condescending liberal bias was overwhelmingly obvious to some.  After spending a half hour spewing racial hatred and bigotry setting race relations back even further, is it any wonder America is so divided?

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