BREAKING: Amish Of America Endorse Trump For President – Hillary Campaign Staff Resigning! UPDATE


COLUMBUS, OH (AP) — History was made today in Columbus, Ohio when more than 3 million Amish poured into the city to see the American Amish Brotherhood (AAB), an organization which acts as an informal governing body for the Amish community, endorse Donald Trump for president.

UPDATE October 27, 2016 @11am: It appears the news site that released the story is not a reliable news source. They source the Associated Press (AP), but I cannot confirm this with the AP directly.

That being said, Breitbart wrote an exclusive story in July saying that the Amish PAC endorsed Trump and launched billboards in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.


That number represents a significant portion of the total Amish population, which the United States Census Bureau says numbers more than 20 million men and women nationwide all pledging their vote to Trump for President. With the full force of the Amish community behind him, Donald Trump is now mathematically guaranteed to win the presidency in November.

The organization typically meets once a year and the meetings usually consist of about 300 Amish leaders who meet to discuss the challenges, such as urban sprawl, that face the community. This year, however, the organization wanted as many people in attendance as possible so they can effectively instruct all Amish men and women of legal voting age to cast their vote for the flamboyant Republican nominee.

The Amish, who are direct descendants of the protestant reformation sect known as the Anabaptists, have typically stayed out of politics in the past. As a general rule, they don’t vote, serve in the military, or engage in any other displays of patriotism. This year, however, the AAB has said that it is imperative that they get involved in the democratic process.

“Over the past eight years, the Democratic Party has launched a systematic assault on biblical virtues,” said AAB chairman Menno Simons. “We have seen more and more Christians being persecuted for their faith; we have seen the state defile the institution of marriage. Now, they want to put a woman in the nation’s highest leadership role in direct violation of 1 Timothy 2:12. We need to stop this assault and take a stand for biblical principles. Donald Trump has shown in both action and deed that he is committed to restoring this country to the Lord’s way.”

According to statistician Nate Silver of the website, there are no possible scenarios in which Hillary Clinton can win with Donald Trump carrying the Amish vote.

“The Amish have their highest numbers in perennial swing states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa,” Silver noted. “They also have strong numbers in reliably Democratic states like Michigan, Illinois, and New York, meaning that Hillary will lose those states as well. There is also a sizable community in Florida which, while not as large as it is in the Midwest, is still large enough to turn Florida for Trump. Over the next two weeks, you can expect Hillary to enter into a state of freefall in all of my predictive models.”



  1. “Not a reliable news source” and “cannot confirm this with the AP directly”? The number cited (3 million) is 10 TIMES the total Amish population! In regard to the quote from Menno Simons…yea, it appears he was the the namesake for the Mennonites and died in 1561.

    Look, we all make mistakes and this article is obviously not remotely factually correct. You really should take this down completely or at least remove all of the content of the article and only put the update making it clear that’s you made an mistake and the information is not true. With the latter, at least you wouldn’t lose the clicks as this getting shared on social media.

    • I understand fact checking for the benefit of an author, especially if its way out there. But just in case you are a leftist troll out for a stroll on conservatively right media…….
      Here are a couple of facts you can check. Fulton County, Bryan County, in Georgia have already pulled voting machines after voter fraud was found. People have gone back to verify their votes after voting for Donald Trump, and found their vote was flipped to hillary clinton. This is not the only state reporting these issues, it has been lamely tried to be put off on the voters. One person from the voters office in Bryan County said “the voters need to double check their votes before pressing enter”…. Sad, but true.

  2. Not tied to this story, but Monday at early turnout voting here in Atlanta, the reporter strongly noted the parking lot as being full of trump support stickers on ALL the vehicles…… since then two counties including the one this reporter is in have reported voter fraud. And I mean, votes for Trump being flipped to votes for hillary………..


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