Breaking! C.I.A. Admits to Fake Vaccine Program; Intentional Spreading of Polio Among Children


C I A Vaccine program

Perhaps the first known use of germ warfare by the U.S. Government was during the Indian wars, during which time the U.S. Government would visit hospitals where patients infected with such death causing illnesses as small pox lay around, infecting everything they came into contact with. Government officials would collect infected bed wear, such as blankets, and then visit the Native American Indians and hand the blankets out as “gifts.” The Indian populations would then catch the disease from their “gifts that kept on giving” and eventually die in mass.

It seems that with the U.S. Government and hidden germ warfare, not much has changed in the past few hundred years. A shocking admission has just come out of Washington that the C.I.A. has had a hand in deliberately seeing to the spread Polio in Pakistan, by setting systems in place to urge parents away from having their children inoculated in provinces where Taliban and Al Qaeda supporters were known to exist in large quantity.

Also, the C.I.A. has finally admitted to using “fake vaccine” services in order to collect D.N.A. on Americans and foreigners abroad (yes, that was a main theme to the former television series ‘The X Files’). The C.I.A. admitted to holding one such vaccine clinic in the area of Pakistan where former Al Qaeda head Osama Bin Laden was believed to have been in hiding. The C.I.A. used a Pakistani doctor to take D.N.A. samples from children living inside the compound to be compared to D.N.A. samples taken from one of the terrorist mastermind’s sisters living in the U.S.

The Pakistani people, and others around the world, do not trust American vaccination workers. They believe it is America’s way of making their children sterile so that they cannot reproduce. In the past two years, 56 vaccine clinic workers and police sent to protect them, have been murdered in Pakistan, because of the Pakistanis beliefs that the C.I.A. is doing more harm than good via the vaccines. As it turns out, they may have been right.



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