Breaking! Congress Admits CIA Moving To Ban Free Speech In America (Video)


As the left are feeling the sting of Donald Trump’s historic win, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made some chilling remarks about her views on the need for the government to control the internet.  She spoke at a joint press conference with outgoing president Barack Obama on his farewell tour in Germany, and slammed ‘anti-islamisation’ protestors, who she accused of hijacking the German spirit for liberty.

Calling the surge of interest in right-wing politics a “wave” that “engulfs us,” Ms. Merkel noted the sentiment “seems to come from the United States,” but in an oblique reference to President-Elect Donald Trump said it was an issue she was dealing with in Europe, too.

In the aftermath, Obama is now spearheading the ardent assault on so-called “fake news.”

Obama made clear his desire to limit news reports by populist media at a press conference in Lima, Peru, on November 20th, 2016 where he also defended the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“If, generally, we’ve got elections that aren’t focused on issues and are full of fake news and false information and distractions, then the issue is not going to be what’s happening from the outside; the issue is going to be what are we doing for ourselves from the inside,” he claimed. “The good news is that’s something that we have control over.

Alex Jones breaks down the total absurdity of the king and queen of fake news, Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton, declaring an all out attack on what they deem to be fake news, Info Wars reports.

Despite Williams losing his job with NBC’s Nightly News last year for spreading fake news and Clinton being caught lying about an attack on a Bosnia trip – not to mention voting for a war that killed thousands that was based on fake news – they continue to push forward in their attempt to shut down the alternative press that is rapidly growing and pushing out the faltering mainstream media.

As the EU demands censorship of fake news, Reddit, Facebook and others have begun blocking Infowars and other alternative media.

It is now alarmingly evident that there truly is a war on for your mind.

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