BREAKING: Democrats Just Introduced TERRIFYING New Law That Puts EVERY American In DANGER


Democrats just introduced legislation that would make it easy for Muslim immigrants to come to the United States. This move comes less than one month after the radical Islamic terrorist attacks in San Bernardino. 


Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., specifically stated in his amendment that “the United States must not bar individuals from entering into the United States based on their religion, as such action would be contrary to the fundamental principles on which this nation was founded.”

The Washington Free Beacon was told by a congressional source that “This amendment will establish the progressive goal of creating a right to global migration, their solution to global income inequality.”

“The amendment is intended to be a response to Trump’s statement and thus the category of immigration at the heart of it is clearly immigration from the Muslim world.”

If this ludicrous amendment is passed, this will only weaken our nation’s security and only make it easier for jihad terrorists to get into our country. But this is how liberals think. It is seriously mind boggling, not to mention it ticks me off.

Here’s the thing. These Democrats are more concerned about their so-called “equality” than they are about the safety of Americans. Look, these people AREN’T equal. We are Americans. They aren’t. If you or I went to their cesspool of a country we would have absolutely no rights. We wouldn’t be equal to these Allah worshiping scumbags. In fact, we would be vulnerable to having our heads cut off just for being Americans.

Obama is forcing us to take THOUSANDS of people into our country that openly say they HATE Americans.

Look, our lawmakers need to admit that there are MASSIVE flaws in our immigration process. Muslim terrorists enter our country virtually un-screened because the system we have in place DOESN’T WORK!

There is no room for political correctness when it comes to the safety of the American citizens.

It is the sworn duty of the government to keep us safe, at any cost! That is why we fight wars. And we WIN because we are the most powerful country in the world.

Jimmy Carter put a halt to immigration to keep Americans safe. Obama has the same power but refuses to do a damn thing because he is a Muslim. He wants America to crumble. He hates everything about our great country and if you don’t agree, then you are delusional.

In light of the recent terrorist attack in California by Muslim jihadist savages one would think that our government would take extra measures to keep us safe. Unfortunately, they appear to be more concerned about the welfare of Muslims than they are all of us Americans.

Roughly 180 United States cities nationwide will receive a minimum of 10,000 “Syrian refugees,” who are mostly neither Syrian nor refugees, and are not “properly vetted.” The 10,000 number is misleading, as it excludes an additional eight people each refugee is allowed to bring, translating this number to 90,000.  

Here is a LIST of the cities Obama has slated to receive the immigrants that are MOSTLY single, young males.

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