BREAKING… Interpol expresses disbelief at lax security as MORE suspect passports are examined


Someone needs to explain how at least two passengers boarded missing Boeing 777 with stolen passports, and Interpol expresses disbelief at lax security as MORE suspect passports are examined. Interpol has criticized Thailand’s lax airport security after it was revealed that at least two passengers boarded the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH307 with stolen passports.

The possibility of two more stolen passports used on the same flight is now being investigated as it emerges that at no point were the identities of the passengers checked against its lost and stolen database.

Highlights of the plane crash to date:

  • Authorities say pair are believed to have traveled on stolen passports
  • Interpol said its database with information about them wasn’t checked
  • The tickets they used were bought through a Chinese airline
  • Search team find what they believe is part of a door and an airplane tail
  • Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday
  • Vietnamese Navy detected an emergency signal 153 miles out to sea
  • Flight MH370 declared missing nearly 90 minutes after it was due to land
  • Malaysian Transport Minister: ‘No crash site has been found’
  • 227 passengers and 12 crew were from 14 different countries
  • They included Malaysia, China, U.S., France, Canada and Australia
  • Three Americans, including two toddlers, feared dead
  • IBM employee Philip Wood, 51, identified as sole adult American on board
  • A Texas-based tech firm also says 20 of its employees were aboard
  • Vietnamese air force spot two oil slicks suspected to be from wreckage

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