BREAKING: Multiple TERROR ATTACKS In London England – Dozens Of Casualties (Videos)


There are multiple terror attacks underway right now in London. Terror broke out on London bridge as a van ploughed into pedestrians including a police officer ‘with more stabbed’ as shots fired and wounded treated in the streets.

London Bridge has been placed on lock-down after a van reportedly ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians. Several men reportedly jumped out of the van and began viciously stabbing people.

Gunshots have been fired.

The Sun UK reports that armed police are at the scene while people have been seen fleeing the central London landmark near Borough Market amid reports that an officer has been “seriously injured”.

Eye witnesses confirm that several bodies are “strewn on the ground” and people are receiving CPR after being stabbed with “12 inch long knives” while a bomb squad has arrived on the scene.

Casualties were seen being taken away from Tito’s restaurant on London Bridge Street with blood on the steps of the eatery.

In horrifying footage taken from the scene, police can be heard shouting “clear the area, now” while screaming people can be seen running in fear for their lives.

One terrified woman said she was at a restaurant and police swarmed on the area.

She said police were firing weapons. “We had to run,” “There was loads of shooting.”

Officers were seen dragging startled diners and revellers out of restaurants and bars and telling them to run.

A witness named Martin said: “There’s been about eight of them stabbed. I ran up to see if they were all right but people were already with them. I was bloody terrified

“I thought is that real? If we had of been on the other side of the road, it could have been us.”

A number of trains stations have been closed in the capital including London Bridge, Waterloo East, London Charing Cross and London Cannon Street.

The bridge has been closed in both directions while armed police investigate the “major incident”.

Witnesses at the scene reported seeing a white van drive into a number of pedestrians just before 10.30pm on Saturday evening.

Authorities are warning people to avoid the area and the station has been shut.

Evening Standard UK reports that footage from the scene showed police vehicles surrounding the bridge while pedestrians are ordered to clear the area as quickly as possible.

Will Heaven, who was in an Uber passing London Bridge minutes after the incident, told Sky News: “It was about 10 past 10. I was in the back of an Uber cab driving south over London Bridge.

“Suddenly on the left hand side on the bridge there was somebody down on the pavement with a small crowd around them, clearly concerned. I thought someone had collapsed.

“We drove a little further over the bridge. There was another person in the road itself. The penny dropped that something quite serious was happening.

“The traffic came to a standstill. The Uber driver said something bad is happening here. We could hear sirens coming.

“A driver of a black cab said there has been a terrorist attack. They saw there were numerous people in the road. A second cab driver said there has been a series of stabbings”.

Holly Jones, a BBC reporter at the bridge when the incident happened, said a van had swerved off the road into a crowd of pedestrians.

“A white van driver came speeding – probably about 50mph – veered of the road into the crowds of people who were walking along the pavement,” she told BBC News.

“He swerved right round me and then hit about five or six people. He hit about two people in front of me and then three behind.

This is a developing story- we will keep you updated.

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