New Law Would Give Illegal Immigrants The Right To Vote And Collect Government Benefits

New Law Would Give Illegal Immigrants The Right To Vote And Collect Government Benefits

Over the past few weeks, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have flooded the southern border of the United States. So much so that border patrol agents are overwhelmed to the point where security along the Rio Grande river has become virtually non-existent.


Instead of making arrests, detaining and deporting those who cross into America illegally, immigration agents were instructed not to refuse them entry and, are reportedly mixing baby food and changing diapers for children left displaced by parents who’ve abandoned them in the hopes their kids would find greener pastures in the U.S.

Many insiders at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have even spoken up anonymously and suggested that the entire situation has been orchestrated by the Obama administration in an effort to increase their voter base ahead of the upcoming national elections this year and in 2016. That allegation may have seemed ridiculous to supporters of amnesty legislation and immigration reform, who argue that allowing immigrants into America is a humanitarian issue.

This is not just speculation.  A new legislative proposal from Democratic Senator Guestavo Rivera of New York has proven that opponents of lax border policies have a legitimate concern as it relates to weakening the Conservative and Libertarian voter block, as well as the burden of more government spending to accommodate the influx of people requiring assistance.

If the bill is passed, the new law would give illegal immigrants the right to not only vote in local and state elections, but they’d also enjoy many of the taxpayer funded benefits available to American citizens.

Welcome to Obama’s America.


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