BREAKING NEWS About Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner – You WON’T Believe This!


Celebrities are always in the news, but usually in the entertainment section, not featured on political issues.

Last week, Kid Rock announced his intent to run for the U.S. Senate in Michigan, and while Democrats are laughing at the notion, the rock star said it is not a PR stunt.

Kid Rock, whose legal name is Robert James Ritchie, who has not filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) yet, made the announcement last week on Twitter.

He wrote on Twitter –

” I have had a ton of emails and texts asking me if this website is real … The answer is an absolute YES .”

Expect the media to be baffled yet again.

Olympic gold medalist and transgender activist Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn, is considering a run for the Senate. Jenner plans to run as a Republican and made the announcement to radio host John Catsimatidis on the “Cats Roundtable” radio show on 970 AM.

During the interview Jenner said, “I have considered it,” said Jenner. “I like the political side of it. If there’s one thing — I work very closely with the American Unity Fund — that their sole purpose, their mission statement is to get the Republican party to do a better job with all LGBT issues.”

“Over the next six months or so I’ve got to figure out where I can do a better job. Can I do a better job from the outside? Working the perimeter of the political scene?” she told Catsimatidis. “Or, are you better off from the inside. And we are in the process of determining that. And yeah, I would look for a senatorial run.”

ABC News reports Jenner, 67, a Republican, has been outspoken about her support for the GOP and the challenges the party has with reaching out to the LGBTQ community. In the summer of 2016 Jenner attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where she spoke at an event supporting LGBT rights. She told ABC’s “The View” last week that she has been meeting with members of the Trump administration to talk about LGBTQ issues. On Sunday, she said she’s meeting with United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

Jenner was an avid supporter of President Trump until the administration made the decision to reverse decisions regarding public school bathrooms for transgender students made under the Obama regime.

If Jenner decides to run in 2018, she faces incumbent Democratic Senator from California Diane Feinstein, 84, who will be up for re-election – although Feinstein has not announced her candidacy.


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