Obama Knew For Years About VA’s Secret Wait Lists And Did Nothing


It should come as no shock that the Obama administration knew about allegations of secret waiting lists at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as early as 2010 and they did nothing about it.

The current VA scandal involving secret waiting lists that led to preventable veteran deaths at the Phoenix VA Medical Center claimed the scalp of Obama-appointed former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, who resigned at the end of last month. Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that President Obama only found about the VA wait-list scandal from watching the news., The Daily Caller has learned.


The Obama administration knew that an internal VA investigation into secret “paper” waiting lists was conducted in 2010 under Shinseki yet acted surprised when the whistleblowers came forward.

We conducted this review to determine the validity of an allegation that senior officials in Veterans Integrated Service Network 20 (VISN) instructed employees at the Portland VA Medical Center to use unauthorized wait lists to hide access and scheduling problems,” according to an August 17, 2010 VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) report entitled “Review of Alleged Use of Unauthorized Wait Lists at the Portland VA Medical Center,” which was obtained by TheDC.


Obama with Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki

The report was based on an OIG review conducted in Portland, Oregon between March and June 2010. The facility, like all VA medical centers, was prohibited from keeping paper waiting lists separate from the official electronic waiting-list system.

Once again the Obama administration tries to side step responsibility via plausible deniability, and once again we see Obama lying about his involvement in yet another scandal.

How many scandals does Obama and his administration have to commit before the appropriate action is taken?


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  1. Obama knew about the VA before he became President. He was told about the problem again just before swearing in as President and he was briefed about again after he was in office. He just choose to ignore it and do nothing. That is just more proof that he does not care for America and its people that in fact he is trying to destroy us. Impeach Obama!


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