BREAKING: State Dept. Releases Phone Transcript Of Hillary Admitting She Knew Benghazi Was Planned Attack

State Dept.

“Benghazi matters.  Not just because Americans were murdered. Not just because terrorists attacked a U.S. consulate. But because the White House and the State Department have engaged in misdirection at the highest levels to cover up whatever happened there,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, wrote in U.S. News.


The Gateway Pundit reports   Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed an “awful” internet video for the deaths of four Americans in the terror attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi.

Hillary made the comments just three days after the assault on the compound that killed Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

Hillary lied—
The State Department released a phone transcript this week that proves Hillary Clinton knew the Benghazi massacre was a planned attack and not a protest.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents this week.
BizPac Review reported:

The conservative political watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained a transcript of telephone call between the then-secretary of state and then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil.

“We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film,” Clinton told Kandil. “It was a planned attack – not a protest.”

Kandil agreed.

“You’re not kidding. Based on the information we saw today we believe that group that claimed responsibility for this is affiliated with al-Qaida.”^tfw

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  1. Previously leaked, butt; STILL At-LARGE because Jack shit happens (to Queen HELL and pseudonymous DingleBarry -0) ! Meanwhile Chaffetz CLINT Call a FRAU’D A FRAUD (N0T MsDirection !)

  2. So, now what happens to this murdering DEMON, and her ‘STAND DOWN’ murderer, who’s just another Satan worker – knowing that ‘OUR MEN’ fought with everything they had “thinking” ~ “WE WERE COMING for THEM!~”

    I’ve often wondered, at what point did each one of our men realize that America wasn’t coming and that the fake-satanic leader had turned his back on them and walked away?? That haunts me to this day.. How could he be so evil?? And, how could we have let him get by with it???

  3. On newspunch they have found thru wickileaks letters from this dr Fauci to hrc flat out disgusting. Also, sheriff Richard macks latest out from constitutional sheriffs is very telling of him. He’s upset because Disneyland shut down. Really! He just totally outed himself with this one. As far as I’m concerned.

  4. Hillary the kunt with a capital C lied our great men died, she must be arrested for Treason & Obama too for covering up the killing so it could get re elected!

  5. This is not surprising. I believe Obama and Killary were in on the planning of the murders. She refused to provide adequate protection when requested. And, she wasn’t available to take the ambassador’s calls during the attack. She knew the attack was planned and supported it for some reason. Gun running???

  6. The men were sent to Benghazi and they repeatedly cried for help as the Embassy or whatever it was, was hopelessly inadequately prepared for Security. The reason Biden or Kerry I forget which traitor, let the cat out the bag where they were to the ISIS terrorists, and their calls for help were ignored. Miltary were near by ready to assist, and Obama ordered them to stand down. Those 4 men were tortured for 8 hours before dying. Hillary slept and Obama enjoyed a game of Golf

  7. This is what subterranean ultra liberal jerks do,they don’t care about the lives of those Ambassadors and Special Forces Operators who serve America.The hildabeast is the prime example of don’t do as I do>> do as I say??
    Now I want to see President Trump prosecute her to the fullest extent of the LAW.Let these liberal elitist’s who flush away the lives of American hero’s see that they too can be prosecuted and go to jail


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