BREAKING: Terrorist PLOWED DOWN People In England – Authorities On HIGH ALERT After What’s Found Near Vehicle (Video)


ISLINGTON, UK  — At this time it remains uncertain whether or not this was a repeat of the recent Westminster terror attack that left scores injured and a handful dead in London.

What is certain is that a car plowed through a row of pedestrians leaving at least 4 are confirmed injured.

Reports indicate that bodies were littering the street in the wake of the rampage.

The car appears to have been stopped or crashed into a wall disabling it.

Some suspects then escaped on foot.

One has been apprehended.

Police were quick to say that they were not treating this as a terror attack, but this has been said time and time again in the past.

UPDATE: Unconfirmed reports of gunfire and stabbing.


Reports coming in that a very large knife has been abandoned and recovered on the scene. Not yet confirmed.

Most local reports are rather limited on the details:

Police and a helicopter rushed to the area to deal with the incident.

Images from the scene show pedestrians laying on the ground.

The incident took place outside the Old Queen’s Head pub.

A driver is believed to have been arrested in relation to the incident.

Police do not believe the incident was terror related.


In what may be a copycat terrorist assault to last week’s deadly car attack on Westminster Bridge which left 5 people (including the assailant) dead and dozens injured, moments ago reports hit that a car has rammed into pedestrians on Essex Road in the Islington area of London which is reportedly on lockdown.

Police have shut down the surrounding roads and a team of officers are sweeping the area for the remaining suspects.  The complexion, race, and name of the suspect remain unknown.  At this time a helicopter is on scene providing aerial support.

Moments ago, we reported that a large explosion rocked the tiny English island.  We do not suspect these events to be related. We await further details and will update you as necessary.

H/T Americas Freedom Fighters 



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