BREAKING: Utah lawmaker moves to disarm BLM and IRS, saying ‘They’re not paramilitary units’


The Washington Times reported that Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah, rightly concerned about the armed agents that surrounded Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s property, introduced a bill to cut funding for any “paramilitary units” that work for the Bureau of Land Management, the Internal Revenue Service and other federal regulatory agencies.


Rep. Chris Stewart  was quoted as saying “There are lots of people who are really concerned when the BLM shows up with its own SWAT team,” he said on the House floor on Tuesday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. “They’re regulatory agencies. They’re not paramilitary units, and I think that concerns a lot of us.”

His bill comes in context of recent BLM actions against Mr. Bundy: ‘The federal agents armed themselves and surrounded his property, tasered his son, closed down road access to the ranch and even shot a couple of his prize bulls. The reasons? Mr. Bundy hadn’t paid his grazing fees to the federal government, but rather fought the matter in court.’


Militia from all over the nation are still at the ranch supporting Mr. Bundy in his standoff with the BLM — and for that, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid labeled them “domestic terrorists,” various media reported yet few are reporting that Harry Reid and his son Rory’s association with the Chinese firm that wants part of the land for solar energy expansion includes a plan by China’s ENN Energy Group to build what would be America’s largest solar energy complex, the site chosen with the guidance of Reid’s son, Rory, is in Laughlin, Nev. Laughlin is in Clark County, where Bundy’s ranch is.

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  1. THE BUNDY’S BLOOD WILL BE ON ALL HANDS THAT CHASE OFF THE MALITIA the jack booted thugs are not going to give up so easily next time


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