Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-Dallas have isolated a patient confirmed to have tested positive for Ebola.  The symptoms and travel history of the patient is the reason for the “strict isolation” status while the patient is under observation.


The Centers for Disease Control have been mobilized and are dispatching teams to Dallas, TX.

Zachary Thompson, the director of the Dallas County Health & Human Services, says the Center for Disease Control is mobilizing because the patient tested positive for the virus.

However, he said Dallas County is ready if the patient’s results come back positive.

“This is not Africa,” Thompson said. “We have a great infrastructure to deal with an outbreak.”

The virus that has infected nearly 10,000 people in West Africa and killed over 3,000 so far this year may now be in America. Over the past month several patients have been admitted to U.S. hospitals in California, New York, and Georgia reporting symptoms similar to Ebola but test results in all cases have thus far shown negative for the virus.

The CDC is preparing guidelines for hospitals around the country with instructions on how to identify suspected cases, testing recommendations, and quarantine procedures. Earlier this year, in anticipation of a potential pandemic, the U.S. government distributed Ebola Bio Detection kits to National Guard units in all 50 states. In September the State Department ordered 160,000 protective HAZMAT suits for aid workers in Africa and other regions that may eventually see infections.

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