Breitbart Editor and GOP Consultant Attack Each Other Over Trump


Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow and GOP consultant Rick Wilson go head-to-head on CNN Friday evening during a discussion of Republican presidential contenders Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, with Wilson comparing Breitbart’s coverage of Trump to the Soviet propaganda outlet Pravda.


Breitbart reported: 

After Trump, the business and television personality leading the Republican field, finished a press conference, host Kate Bolduan–sitting in for Erin Burnett on CNN’s OutFront–sought comment from Wilson and Marlow, especially regarding Trump’s attacks on Bush, the former Governor of Florida.

The two men, before addressing each other, established a stark contrast with the other’sview. Wilson defended Bush on several questions and, unprompted, said: “I don’t work for Jeb Bush, and I’m not here to advocate specifically for him.” All the while, he threw a few bombs at Trump. “Every one of these pressers this guy does is a dumpster fire… most of the things that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth have almost no relationship to the truth under any circumstances. He just makes it up.” He wrapped up with a comparison of Trump’s talking point on forcefully taking Iraq’s oil to a “drunk dad at the local corner bar talking smack.”

While harsh, none of these insults quite matched the intensity of Wilson calling Trump “a giant, epic, douche canoe” on Don Lemon’s CNN program Monday.

Marlow, appearing in-studio, argued that Trump landed some “good lines” against Bush on the issues of big-money political donors, the Iraq war, and the Iran nuclear deal–all “point[s] of weakness with the grassroots.” He said of the Iraq issue, Bush is “extremely vulnerable,” because “I don’t even know what Jeb believes yet, and I follow this stuff for a living.”

Marlow concluded by mentioning that Trump will be formulating his immigration policy alongside Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL). He said of grassroots conservatives who make up the lion’s share of Breitbart readership, “These people are simpatico with one man in Washington, and that is Jeff Sessions. They are doing a victory dance hearing Donald is teaming with him.”

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