British Jihadi Fighter: ‘I Would Be More Than Honoured To Partake In An Execution Of An American Hostage As A Brother Did With James Foley’


A man calling himself Abu Anwar Al-Brittani called Foley murder ‘a blessed act’ and hopes for the ‘honor’ of killing the next American hostage.

Abu Anwar Al-Brittani appeared via video link from an unknown location thought to be in north Syria, and was joined in video by another British militant called Abu Bakr Al-Brittani. Abu Bakr said he would return to fight in Britain if he ever left Islamic State.


A ISIS fighter calling himself Abu Anwar Al-Brittani (right) told CNN that he considered James Foley’s murder a ‘blessed act’. He was joined in the video by fellow British militant

A chilling warning underlines the threat ISIS poses to security of Western nations.

In a chilling statement, Abu Bakr threatened to return to Britain and wage jihad there if he is ever unable to stay with ISIS, which rebranded as the Islamic State after declaring itself a Caliphate.

 Asked what would happen if the U.S. defeated the Islamic State, Abu Bakr said: ‘If there’s no other chance than to come back…then I’ll have to do that…I’m ready to take that step to come back if your armies, if your countries don’t stop attacking us [ISIS].’

 When asked what he felt about the Muslim Council of Britain condemning Foley’s murder, Abu Anwar told Shubert that he considers those working for the organisation traitors to the Islamic faith.

‘The Muslim Council of Britain, they are apostates, they are not Muslims. They have always fought against Islam with the British government,’ he said.

 ‘They’ve tried to stop young men going to Afghanistan, Iraq, Sria and they work in these so-called anti-extremism projects. They are not Muslims,’ he added.

And this:

When asked who his desire to execute extended to, Abu Anwar replied: ‘Whether it be on someone like James Foley, or a soldier of Bashar [al-Assad], or a soldier of America, my hands are ready to do this blessed act.’

About 500 people linked to Britain have joined the ranks of ISIS — the militant group that has declared an Islamic state in Syria and Iraq — in the past several years, according to the UK’s Home Office. Roughly half have now returned to Britain, prompting fears that these radicalized recruits are preparing to wage jihad against targets in the West.


An estimated 500 British Muslims have traveled to fight alongside ISIS (pictured) 


Speaking to CNN’s Atika Shubert (left) British militant Abu Anwar Al-Brittani (right on screen) said he would be ‘more than honoured’ to partake in an execution like that of American journalist James Foley

It is a clear sign that footage of Foley’s brutal death is being used to further radicalize jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq, Abu Anwar said he now also hopes to be ‘given the chance’ to execute Westerners.

Photos courtesy of Mail Online


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