Brutal Black-on-White Beating Of Man With Confederate Flag Sticker (Graphic Video)

Brutal Black-on-White Beating Of Man With Confederate Flag Sticker (Graphic Video)

Watch as six black men knock out one white man, then take turns hitting his white friend, all because they had a confederate flag sticker on their truck.  This happened around 2 am on November 1st in a hotel parking lot in Salt Lake City. 

The police are calling this a hate crime and are seeking the public’s help on catching these men.  This video contains graphic content.


Breitbart Reports:

On November 2 video surfaced depicting a beating in which six black men knocked one white man out, then took turns hitting his white friend–apparently because they had a Confederate flag sticker on their truck.

The incident occurred on Sunday in Salt Lake City.

According to Fox 13, Kelly Leeper and a friend had driven in from Wyoming for a Garth Brooks concert. When they looked out of their hotel window in the early morning hours of Sunday, they saw a group of six black men standing around his friend’s pickup truck. Leeper and his friend came down to ascertain what was going on because the two men had “thousands of dollars of welding equipment in the back of the truck.”

There was also a magnetic Confederate flag decal stuck to the side of the truck.

When Leeper and his friend approached the truck, the black men told him to move his truck out of their parking space, then appeared to sucker punch Leeper’s friend so hard that he collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Leeper was stuck in the position of defending himself as all six men appeared to take turns hitting him.


Photo:  Bing


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