Burglar Busted: Stopped To Check Facebook On Victim’s Computer And Forgot To Log Out


Stupid is as stupid does … Nicholas Wig, 26, robbed the home of James Wood in South St. Paul, Minnesota, on June 19 stealing cash, credit cards and a watch.

Nicholas might have gotten away had he not stopped to check his Facebook on a computer in the home before fleeing, but forgot to log out.

Mr Wood was able to track Nicholas down using his profile information.

Wig has a prior second-degree burglary conviction and pending drug charges, and could be facing 10 years in prison.


Here Nicolas is seen in a selfie from his Facebook page, concealing his face with a bandanna

When the owner, James Wood, arrived home and found his place had been ransacked, he reported it to police, CBS reported.

Missing was cash, credit cards and a watch, but he found a pair of jeans, a belt and some Nike tennis shoes.

When Mr Wood noticed a Facebook page on his computer he didn’t recognize he realized it must have been his would be thief. Wood’s posted the picture on Facebook announcing Wig was a thief and shared his phone number, asking for anyone with information to call him.

He did not expect to get a text from Wig himself in the evening… stupidest thief ever wanted to meet and when he showed up wearing Wood’s watch, the police arrested him.


Good outcome: Homeowner James Wood said that if Wig didn’t leave his Facebook open, police would probably never have found him

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