BUSTED! Harry Reid Owns 93 Acres Next to Bundy Ranch


Reports are surfacing that parcels held by an entity, Reid Bunkerville, LLC, which is partially owned by the Nevada Senator are in close proximity to the Bundy ranch, and Harry Reid professes that he is running the Bundy cattle off of public land because it’s the right thing to do, evidence indicates that Dirty Harry might have a personal interest in seeing that the Bundy’s join the other 52 ranchers they’ve run out of business.


They total 93.33 acres in size.:

Reid Bunkerville L L C Dst-901 # 002-26-301-002

Reid Bunkerville L L C Dst-800 #002-26-301-004

Reid Bunkerville L L C Dst-800 #002-26-301-005

Reid Bunkerville L L C Dst-800 #002-26-701-001


Source: Before It’s News



  1. He probably ran off other ranchers in order to aquire that land very cheap. Time to find out who they are and give them their land back immediately . This is wrong and unethical. . BSP

  2. First, I hate Harry Reid. I’ve looked into those records. They do not connect him with the LLC. The records show 2 officers and according to internet records, they don’t exist. That’s interesting but, in order to connect dirty harry directly to Bundy Ranch, you have to first connect him directly to the LLC.

  3. Ok so now what ? So sick of the evidence with NO action taking place. If it were anyone else it would be dealt with immediately !

  4. I am so sick of the lies secrecy and sneaky outright stealing and illegal actions of our elected and appointed, so called, Officials, That I think its WAY past time that something HAS to be done…And we all know that the Elected, Appointed ELETE are NOT going to police themselves SOMEONE HONEST HAS TO DO IT;;;;Is there anyone out there ???You will be much loved and Respected, maybe not by the so called press ,But by the rest of us.

  5. I can’t stand Reid, but this is completely false. Although the LLC mentioned does own property in Bunkerville, it is not on the same road and nowhere close to the Bundy Ranch. The LLC’s property is in and immediately near the actual city.


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