California Approves Mandatory Vaccines For Kids

California Approves Mandatory Vaccines For Kids

California lawmakers pushed aside parental protests, and passed a measure that would do away with personal beliefs and religious exemptions and require all public schooled children to get vaccinations.

Scientist Using Syringe Sucking Vaccine, Gloves

WND reported that SB277 comes in response to recent measles outbreaks at Disneyland that left dozens ill. The Assembly Health Committee gave the nod to the bill, 12-6 with one abstaining, and it now heads to the full Assembly for a vote. Passage there likely brings the bill into law.

Under the bill, students with some health issues that prevent them from safely receiving the vaccinations can still attend public school, the Associated Press said. But others must be homeschooled.

“SB277 is about freedom,” said Sen. Richard Pan, a Sacramento Democrat who helped author the bill, AP said. “Freedom from deadly, crippling contagions that are now preventable through the science of vaccination.”

Opponents, however, say the bill goes too far, using what they perceive are faulty and skewed health-emergency reasons.

Gov. Jerry Brown already indicated he would sign the measure which would make California the third state, behind West Virginia and Mississippi, to do away with personal beliefs and religious exemptions for vaccinations.

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