California state Senator Proposes Health Care for Illegals


The senator of California proposed a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to purchase health insurance. I am sitting here shaking my head… There’s a reason why illegal aliens weren’t added to the ACA . It’s because they are illegal and they do not belong here therefore they should not have our benefits. This is just adding to our problem, just like businesses hiring illegal aliens to work. It’s a catch 22. If they are not insured they will flood our hospitals and because they cannot be denied our programs have to foot the bill. Its funny how that works, the government prevents medical providers from discriminating so the hospitals dare not to ask for proof of citizenship in fear of a lawsuit, but if you get caught employing one you will go to jail. This is what I call an oxymoron.




  1. some way they get food stamps and other government handouts , doesn’t surprise me….that is why we don’t live in California anymore. It’s so sad to watch my home state turn out this way.

    • I think it’s time for my family to leave California. What example is this for my children to learn by, that lie, cheat and steal to get to California and you can have everything HANDED to you while my wife and I work 40+ hours a week and do not get the same or even equal treatment. This Senator needs to be removed from office. It’s for WE THE PEOPLE, NOT WE THE ILLEGALS.

  2. Government has perfected the art of division. Deciding common sense from desire, pitting them against one another, provides government with all sorts of room for slight-of-hand legislation, not to mention the power to do whatever will promote their agenda. The concept is old: Matthew 12:25-26.

  3. you….have…got…to….be…kidding me! Are they serious NO we the tax payers pay enough so that mr. and mrs. Mexican can live happy on the pubic dough. and we are going to give them health insurance too? fuck no we do enough for them and they don’t do jack for us so hell no!!


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