Can Obama really be this stupid?


On Thursday, at 1:05 PM. the present occupant of the White House issued the following statement to the press:

“This morning I signed an executive order that authorizes sanctions on individuals and entities responsible for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, or for stealing the assets of the Ukrainian people.

According to my guidance, the State Department has also put in place restrictions on the travel of certain individuals and officials.  These decisions continue our efforts to impose a cost on Russia and those responsible for the situation in Crimea.  And they also give us the flexibility to adjust our response going forward based on Russia’s actions.”

Now read the fine print. He has declared a national emergency, something he has been foaming at the mouth to do. Watch out citizens, wait for that other proverbial shoe to drop.

Rev JC



  1. Before long, Obama will bring a couple of million of the people from Ukraine to live in the states and of course they do not have to work for the tax payers will furnish everything to them. It will not cost Obama nothing. Of course he will bring the 3 million he said from Syria also. So, they is fighting in their countries, we can not bring 3 million people from each country that has a conflict, very shortly during the current administration with all the illegals, syrians, Ukraines and everybody so he can impress them, the Americans will be the minority, With all these people and Blacks never being wrong and being mistreated, White people do not have a prayer. I hope that all the Whities that voted for him are satisfied, it will just as bad or worse if Hillary is elected next. Obama and Hillary are accessory to murder, I am talking about the 4 killed in the embassy.

  2. How does what is going on in the Ukraine a national emergency to the US? What am I missing? I agree with Bobby Strock that it would be disastrous if Hillary were elected. Her past work history is an example of her future deeds
    . Time for her to step out of the political light and go sit in the dark somewhere.

  3. When George Bush was still Pres, he signed off on a small company (formally) located in Indiana, that made ALL the “Smart bomb” magnets,
    moving ALL of this highly classified technology OVER to China.
    It is ALREADY long GONE, folks!


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