Carson: ‘Trump Immediately Jumped On Bandwagon Against Me Rather Than Find The Truth’ (Video)


Ben Carson criticized Donald Trump for ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ to criticize him over perceived inconsistencies in his life story.


Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” while discussing the media vetting his past, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said his rival Donald Trump jumped on the bandwagon rather than “waiting and finding out what the truth is.”

Stephanopoulos brought up a recent WSJ report raising questions about an anecdote in Carson’s book involving a test from a professor and a photo in the school paper.

Carson said he found the article and simply got the name of the course wrong, which is why there weren’t records of it.

As for Trump, Stephanopoulos brought up how quickly Trump pounced to criticize him for the inconsistencies, calling West Point “one of many lies” and predicting the beginning of the end of his campaign.

Ben Carson has exonerated a variety of new outlets for their “biased” reporting of late, the retired neurosurgeon did have something to thank them for — campaign donations.

Stephanopoulos asked, “It’s not just the press who’ve raised the questions about it. As you know, Donald Trump has put out a series of tweets about you this week saying the story about ROTC and West Point was one of many lies by Ben Carson. He says this is the beginning of the end of your campaign. What ’s your response?”

Carson said, “Well, it’s been proven that it wasn’t a lie. And none of the things are lies. But, you know, what does it say about people who immediately jump on the bandwagon if they hear something bad? Rather than waiting and finding out what the truth is.”

Stephanopoulos asked, “What does it say?”

Carson said, “About people? Well, let me put it this way. I would not be anxious to have a commander-in-chief who acted that way.”

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