Hillary Clinton Defends Al Franken: ‘He Doesn’t Need to Resign, He Apologized (Audio)

When it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct, Hillary Clinton sees a clear difference between Democrats and Republicans.

LaVar Ball Belittles Trump’s Role in Release of Son, 2 Other UCLA Players From China

In an interview with ESPN, instead of thanking President Trump, LaVar Ball attacked him.

Flashback: Al Franken Joked About Photographing Unconscious Lesley Stahl in ‘Various Positions’

This is a pattern of behavior which is not suitable for a U.S. senator.

Hidden Camera Tells Story of How Veteran Died After Calling for Help, Gasping for Air (Video)

The video shows the decorated World War II veteran calling for help six times before he goes unconscious while gasping for air.

“TICK TOCK” Sean Hannity Warns “Monday Starts What Will Become an Avalanche” – Sets Twitter Ablaze

Fox News host Sean Hannity tweeted a warning to his millions of Twitter followers Friday evening and Twitter exploded in anticipation of his "tick...

NSA Whistle Blowers William Binney and Kirk Weibe Expose Little Known Crime Against World Population (Video)

William Binnie and Kirk Weibe, NSA whistle-blowers, are sending out surveys to 'Targeted Individuals' around the world. Binnie is collecting evidence and then will...

Kellogg Foundation Delivers a Dose of Leftism with Your Cereal – Gave Big to Soros and Clinton Organizations

The Kellogg Foundation has deep ties and associations with George Soros and the Clintons.

Fmr. Clinton Aide Blasts Gillibrand as ‘Hypocrite’ for Saying Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned Over Lewinsky Scandal

Philippe Reines, a former aide to Hillary Clinton, pushed back against Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.) for saying that President Bill Clinton should have resigned during the...

Climate Alarmists Warn of Coming ‘Mass Extinction Event’: Don’t Worry, They’re Always Wrong

Thousands of scientists issued a dire and terrifying "second notice" warning mankind that we will destroy the planet unless we take "urgent" action, "Soon...

Judicial Watch Discovers NEW Classified Hillary Clinton Emails Showing More Pay-To-Play

The emails clearly reveal that Hillary Clinton used her position to enrich the Clinton Foundation.

‘I’ve Carried It for So Long’: Leeann Tweeden Speaks Openly About Franken Accusations (Video)

Shocking: "He came at me and before I even knew it, he put his hand on the back of my head and came towards me..."

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Nothing like taking advantage of a tragedy to mislead the public...

DNC Fraud Suit Attorney Seeks PROTECTION Order After 3 Attorneys Associated With Wasserman Found DEAD (Video)

People associated with Hillary and Bill Clinton have been dropping dead of unusual and bizarre circumstances. Some were beaten to death in an apparent...

Trump Told EMP Attack To Be Used To Stop The Election (Video)

President Obama delivered an address in May to the National Response Coordination Center in Washington to warn Americans who are not preparing for a...


Law enforcement bulletin obtained by Fox News warned of ISIS urging jihad attacks on US soil. This threat is very real, and should be taken...