Jason Chaffetz Drops Bombshell on AG Sessions: ‘He is Part of The Deep State’ and Must Go! (Video)

When will Sessions prosecute the Clinton's and Deep State criminals…

George Washington’s Church Says Plaque Honoring First President Must Come Down (Video)

Cultural terrorism comes to Christ Church in Alexandria

Secretary of Defense General Mattis Visits the Demilitarized Zone to Deliver a Stern Message (Video)

Secretary of Defense General Mattis does not mince words and North Korea better heed his message.

Check it Out! 8 Border Wall Designs Are Now Lined Up And Ready to be Tested (Video)

Each of the prototypes were specifically designed to impede digging, climbing and to withstand breaches.

Hillary Claims She Didn’t Know About the Dossier – But Posted 8 Tweets Related to Dossier Before Election

Plausible deniability won’t protect Hillary Clinton this time - her tweets are proof she knew about the fake dossier!

Trump Admin. Settles With Tea Party Groups Targeted By Obama IRS for Unfair, Extreme Scrutiny (Video)

The attorney handling the Tea Party suit said “It’s a great day for the First Amendment and the promise of a fair and impartial Trump government.”

Actor Corey Feldman’s Life is in Danger For Wanting to Expose Hollywood’s ‘Pedophile Ring’ (Video)

If you think that sexual harassment against female actresses in Hollywood is bad, you might be shocked, or ignorant, to learn that sexual abuse...

Former Secret Service agent on Hillary, DNC-Russian Dossier: Monstrous Scandal of the Century (Video)

Barack Obama was briefed on fake Russian information that came from the FBI.

FEC Complaint Filed Against Hillary Clinton for America and DNC For Failure to Disclose

The depth and scope of the corruption and criminality of the Democrat Party is truly mindboggling.

WATCH: Illegals Jump Over Obama’s Border Fence as MSNBC Reports on Trump Wall! (Video)

Just as MSNBC was doing a report on President Donald Trump's proposed border wall three people jumped the existing fence while the camera was...

NFL TANKS as Fans Bail: TV Execs Suggest Canceling Ten ‘Thursday Night Football’ Games

Network executives are scrambling to solve the growing problem of crashing ratings.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims that Miami could be under water in the next century.

James Woods Destroys Gutter ‘Comedian’ Michelle Wolf in Epic Tweetstorm

Most people who watched Michelle Wolf's performance at the White House Correspondents’ dinner  were taken-back by Wolf's brutal attack on White House Press Secretary Sarah...

How The Obama Admin Used Millions In Taxpayer Funds On Soros’ Political Activities (Video)

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton reveals how Obama used millions of taxpayer dollars to fund Soros' Left-wing political activities...

Here Are The Names Of The 34 Senators Who Pledge To Keep Iran Deal Alive In Congress

Barack Obama overcame  ferocious opposition and clinched enough support in Congress to all but ensure he can implement a landmark nuclear deal with Iran,...