New U.S. Passport Requirement Takes Effect: Child Sex Offenders Will Now be Clearly Identified as Such

On Wednesday, the State Department notified Congress that a new U.S. passport requirement has now taken effect.  The new law requires American registered child...

Twitter Buried #DNCLeak, #PodestaEmails Tweets in Last Two Months of Campaign

Twitter censored tweets to protect Hillary Clinton…

WH Chief of Staff John Kelly Calls for Special Counsel on Hillary Russian Crimes (Video)

John Kelly Calls for Special Prosecutor into Hillary's Uranium One & Fake Dossier....

TRUMP CANCELS Diversity Lottery Program – NY Killer Sponsored 23 PEOPLE Since Coming to US! (Video)

BREAKING: President Donald Trump cancels Diversity Lottery Program

Tech Giants and Section 230 are the Biggest Threat To Our First Amendment Free Speech

Former Facebook employees admitted they were instructed to remove positive conservative news stories that were trending to reduce reach.

President Trump RIPS Chuck Schumer After Latest Islamic Terrorist Attack

Crying Chuck Schumer wept for migrants in January... is he crying for the Americans that were murdered.

Japanese News Reports at Least 200 Have Been Killed at North Korea Nuclear Test Site

Collapse at North Korea nuclear test site 'leaves 200 dead'

House Speaker Paul Ryan Ignoring National Reciprocity for 43rd Consecutive Week

President Donald Trump’s conviction is that “concealed carry is a right, not a privilege.”

NFL TANKS AGAIN: Fans Bail on ‘Monday Night Football’ As Ratings for Chiefs-Broncos Crash

If NFL players continue to knell during the National Anthem - Americans will continue to boycott the games.

Pathetic: Hillary Clinton Says She Will Be Dressing as the ‘President’ for Halloween (Video)

Hillary Clinton is still lamenting about not being the President of the United States so rather than dress as a witch for Halloween, she...

Tucker Carlson Responds to “Snarling Legal Threat” From Tony Podesta’s Lawyer (Video)

Tucker Carlson responds to threatening letter from Tony Podesta’s lawyer.

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Ret. Marine Col. Calls Out NFL Anthem Protesters: ‘They’re Spitting on the Graves of Our Fallen’

"14 of my wonderful Marines returned home with the American Flag draped across their lifeless bodies."

POS Defaces Veterans’ Memorials In Advance Of Memorial Day [Flashback}

Anthony Burrus, a 27-year-old Henderson thought to be a Black Lives Matter activist, has been charged with criminal mischief in the first degree and...

How the Obama Regime Framed Schaeffer Cox

On January 8, 2012, US District Judge Robert Bryan sentenced 27-year-old Francis “Schaeffer” Cox to almost 26 years in prison, in most part for...

TGI Friday’s Kicked Police Officers Out Of Their Restaurant… Now They’re Paying A HUGE Price

A police officer, whether in uniform or not, is legally allowed to carry their gun at all times, something this restaurant manager was not...