Dick’s Sporting Goods To Destroy All Unsold Firearms Pulled From Shelves After Parkland Shooting

Dick’s Sporting Goods will demolish all their ‘assault-style rifles’ and then deliver them to a salvage company to be recycled.

More California Cities Joining Trump’s Fight Against State’s Illegal Immigration Policies (Video)

More local governments in California are joining President Trump to fight the states illegal sanctuary city laws…

GOP Rep Meadows: If Rosenstein Doesn’t Turn Over Docs, We Will Move To Impeach Him (Video)

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is about to be impeached...

DNC Vice Chairwoman Echos The Call To ‘Repeal The 2nd Amendment’ – Twitter Destroys Her

Perhaps Twitter is not the best place to announce that you want to repeal the Second Amendment... Molon Labe.

Rep. Debbie Dingell To Introduce National Gun Confiscation Legislation

Dingell believes the ability to seize firearms from citizens is crucial for public safety...

School Shootings Prompt More Teachers to Start Carrying Guns (Video)

These teachers refuse to be victims, they are getting their concealed carry permits so they can protect their school children.

FL School Shooting Survivor: Media Pushing Gun Control, But Not Listening to Conservative Side (Video)

The mainstream media is politicizing this tragedy to push their gun control agenda.

BREAKING: Thousands of New Strzok-Page Text Messages Reference “SECRET SOCIETY” Within DOJ, FBI Plotting Against Trump (Video)

We are now learning that there may have been a “SECRET SOCIETY” of people within the DOJ and FBI working against Trump.

Illegal Alien Uber Driver Charged With Four Rapes in Sanctuary State of California (Video)

This happened because California grants illegal aliens drivers licenses and protects them in sanctuary cities.

DUMB! Chelsea Clinton Claims ‘Math Helps Show How Voter ID Laws Are Discriminating at Polls’

The Democrats know that if strict voter ID laws are passed there is a good chance they will never win an election again.

LEAKED MEMO: DACA Recipients Are ‘Critical’ to Democrats’ ‘Future Electoral Success’

A leaked memo reveals why the Democrats have been fighting so hard on behalf of the Dreamers - they are a “critical component of...

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Ret. Marine Col. Calls Out NFL Anthem Protesters: ‘They’re Spitting on the Graves of Our Fallen’

"14 of my wonderful Marines returned home with the American Flag draped across their lifeless bodies."

POS Defaces Veterans’ Memorials In Advance Of Memorial Day [Flashback}

Anthony Burrus, a 27-year-old Henderson thought to be a Black Lives Matter activist, has been charged with criminal mischief in the first degree and...

How the Obama Regime Framed Schaeffer Cox

On January 8, 2012, US District Judge Robert Bryan sentenced 27-year-old Francis “Schaeffer” Cox to almost 26 years in prison, in most part for...

TGI Friday’s Kicked Police Officers Out Of Their Restaurant… Now They’re Paying A HUGE Price

A police officer, whether in uniform or not, is legally allowed to carry their gun at all times, something this restaurant manager was not...