CBS Camera Cuts Away From Texas Tech Locker Room When They Start Praying (Video)


Following a 61-51 victory over Michigan State in the NCAA Final Four on Saturday, CBS cameras followed Texas Tech’s players into the locker room as the Red Raiders were celebrating. While the announcers filled time talking about the game, the camera was taking in the jovial players and focused on coach Chris Beard when he entered the room.

The cameras in the locker room is an exciting time following the win of a big game, but when Beard made his way to the center of the room and began leading the team in prayer, CBS immediately cut away to the game’s announcers.


Twitter was quick to take notice:

BlazeTV host Steve Deace tweeted: “CBS literally cuts away from Texas Tech locker room minute team starts a prayer after winning in the #FinalFour, and then cut back as soon as they were done. I’m sure that was a coincidence.”

Bronx, New York firefighter Eddie Brown tweeted: “Texas Tech goes to Final game of final four. Follow coach Chris Beard down tunnel. Cut – can’t have moment of prayer on CBS”

CBS has yet to offer an explanation as to why they chose to cut away during Texas Tech’s team prayer, and they probably won’t, it’s not like the mainstream media will call them out on it. They may suffer some backlash from the fans, but CBS won’t care.

Breitbart News noted: “This is not the first time a network has decided to cut away during a moment of prayer, or religious speech at a sporting event. In October of  2015, ESPN cut away from Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney after he thanked ‘the good Lord’ during a post game interview.”