Chalk This TV Ad Up to Visualizing How Out-of-Control Chain Migration Has Been (Video)


NumbersUSA launched a national TV ad campaign to help Americans visualize just how out of control Chain Migration has been.

What this illustrates is that once the government chooses an immigrant, via diversity lottery, H-1B visa, or illegal alien amnesty, all subsequent nominations for entry in the migration chain are made by immigrants.

Using an animated chalk board, the 30-second ad shows how an amnesty for just one illegal border crosser or visa overstayer can lead to hundreds of distant relatives and in-laws lining up with the chance that they sooner or later can also get a lifetime U.S. work permit and path to U.S. citizenship.

Take a look here:

While Congress debates yet another amnesty, NumbersUSA wants this chalkboard image to stick in Americans’ minds, reminding them that, as long as Congress maintains Chain Migration categories, amnesties are never limited to the people receiving them or to just their nuclear family of spouse and minor children, instead opening the way for vast networks of extended family and in-laws.

When you look at that giant spiderweb of potential Chain Migration in the ad, keep in mind that not one of those Chain Migration recipients is screened for skills, education or how they might affect local communities and American workers.

The American people through their government are only involved in picking the first immigrant who may be chosen because Congress decides to give them an amnesty, or give them refuge or pick them for some exceptional skill. All the rest in that network are chosen by the first immigrant and by the chains of immigrants to follow.

Our Chain Migration system operates basically as if you invite one person to be a guest in your house and then tell that guest that he/she is in charge of all future guests — to YOUR house.


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