Chelsea Handler Calls for ‘Organized Revolt Against’ Trump’s Border Enforcement

Chelsea Handler Calls for ‘Organized Revolt Against’ Trump’s Border Enforcement

Chelsea Handler took to Twitter and warned her followers Monday that America will end up like Nazi Germany without an “organized movement to revolt against” the Trump administration’s border policies.

“Can someone please DM who knows of an organized movement to revolt against this latest trump abomination at the border? We need to stop everything and march until this Trump policy ends. We are going to end up like Germany in WWII. We have to all stand up and do something,” Handler wrote on Twitter.

The notoriously anti-Trump host of the cancelled Netflix series Chelsea appeared to find her mark overnight, hitching her wagon to the George Soros-funded ultra-left’s materializing June 30 protest march in Washington, DC, Breitbart reports.

The march, run in conjunction with the ACLU and cheap-labor advocates the National Domestic Workers, Alliance, claims on its website that, “Trump and his administration have been systematically criminalizing immigration and immigrants, from revoking Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to ramping up intimidating ICE tactics.”

Handler’s appeal adds to the litany of left-leaning celebrities who expressed outrage over reports of children being “separated” from their parents at the border despite there being no policy change on family separation. Children of parents facing criminal charges are prohibited by law to be held in pre-trial detention with adults. The only change in policy is a “zero tolerance” guidance from the Department of Justice ensuring aliens are charged when they enter the country illegally, a crime, but the issue has exploded into the public sphere with the promotion of a fake and misleading images of children in custody, and audio recordings of small children crying.

Handler is also not the first prominent figure to make a holocaust allusion in reference to child migrants being housed separately from adults facing criminal charges. Ex-National Security Agency chief turned NeverTrump activist Gen. Michael Hayden chose the same analogy Sunday.

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