Chelsea Handler Calls For General Mattis To Lead A COUP To Overthrow Trump

Chelsea Handler Calls For General Mattis To Lead A COUP To Overthrow Trump

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Can you imagine the audacity of a second-rate Hollywood actress telling General James Mattis that if he did not lead a coup against President Trump that his name would go down ‘negatively in history?’

Do these liberal snowflakes really think that Generals Mattis and Kelly would lead a coup against their Commander in Chief just because Hillary lost, apparently so.

Chelsea Handler called for a military coup against President Trump on Twitter on Friday.

The Netflix host, who has been outspoken against the President suggested he be removed by the military… as if Generals Mattis and Kelly would turn on their Commander in Chief.

“To all the generals surrounding our idiot-in-chief…the longer U wait to remove him, the longer UR name will appear negatively in history,” she wrote.

One Twitter user pleaded with Handler to think about what she was asking for.

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“Man, Chelsea. Do you think before you tweet? You really want the military to overthrow the President? Think about that for a moment.”

Others called what she said dangerous.

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But some supported Handler, Fox News reported. One fan wrote, “agree. But what we have in the WH is also misguided and dangerous. At this point who do we trust? (rhetorical question)”

Handler also posted a picture on Instagram on Thursday wearing a T-shirt that read, “Sorry about our president” in all different languages.

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The photo was accompanied with the caption, “The shirt I wear now when I travel. Thanks to whomever sent it to me.”

Handler is not the first comedian to call for a coup against President Trump.

Sarah Silverman called for one a couple of weeks after Trump took office, when she tweeted this all-caps message.

After the inevitable backlash, Silverman took a day to calm down and ultimately walked back that sentiment with this more measured follow-up.

Funny how she acknowledges that she is a snowflake – only a liberal would wear that title with pride.

It’s rather amusing watching these liberals try to use Twitter against President Trump. Inevitably, the only ones they end up hurting are themselves.