Chelsea Handler Claims Her ‘Armed Guards’ Don’t Have Semi-Auto Weapons — Twitter Destroys Her

Chelsea Handler Claims Her ‘Armed Guards’ Don’t Have Semi-Auto Weapons — Twitter Destroys Her

Chelsea Handler illustrated the ignorance of the anti-gun Left when she claimed during a gun control debate on Twitter that her armed security guards don’t carry any semi-automatic weapons. She also stated her guards do not use the guns to kill children.

Well, I’ll concede that her armed guards probably aren’t killing children, neither are the tens of millions of legal gun owners in this country that she and the Left are calling on to forego their Second Amendment rights.

After a Twitter user named California Laura called hypocrite Handler out for pushing gun control while being flanked by armed guards others chimed in to educate Handler about what constitutes as a semi-automatic gun – they also pointed out how ignorant she is and suggested she educate herself before opening her mouth.

California Laura tweeted, in part, “Get rid of your armed guards and then you can talk to the Middle Class about [feeling] safe.”

Handler responded, “My armed guards aren’t killing children and don’t have semi-automatic weapons.”

I’m sure by now Handler has confirmed that her armed guards do in fact carry semi-automatic guns. I am also sure that an apology is not forthcoming.

Breitbart reports:

In other words, Handler is intimating that her armed protectors do not use Glock, Heckler & Koch, Kimber, Ruger, Sig Sauer, or Smith & Wesson pistols, all of which are immensely popular for concealed carry and many of which are staples in law enforcement. It also means they are not carrying AR-15-style rifles.

Ultimately, this means Handler’s “armed guards” would be carrying revolvers, bolt action rifles, and/or pump shotguns.

Semi-automatic firearms have steadily come under fire by gun control advocates since last year’s Las Vegas mass shooting. The calls for some type of legislation against them only got louder following the February Parkland school shooting.

However, a specific type of firearm is not the common factor in mass public attacks. Gun-free zones are the common factor.


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